Monday, August 13, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Singing in the Rain

We were sitting at the table having spaghetti for dinner (this is important because it explains why Sarah's dressed the way she is) when it started to thunder.
Sarah: Hey!  What's that?
Me: It's thunder.
Sarah: Oh! It's going to rain.  Hey, we have to get our jackets and go outside and it will rain on our heads.
Me: Ok (sarcastically), are you done with your dinner.
Sarah: Yes.

So I looked at Chris and told him to let her out on the deck.  It wasn't raining yet and we weren't done eating so I figured it would entertain her for a few minutes.  Chris opened the backdoor and she ran out, then he opened the window so we could talk to her.  She ran around for a few minutes until it started to rain, then she was banging on the door to get back in.

By that point we were done eating and it was sprinkling.  I hate messes.  Seriously HATE messes, so I think Chris about fell out when I said, "Come on Sarah, let's head outside."  She said, "Ok.  But we need jackets."  I looked at the coat rack and there weren't any that would fit Sarah, so I grabbed the knit hat she likes to wear around and asked her if that would work.

(Ok, remember I said we were having spaghetti for dinner, and I hate messes.  So this is how she still eats spaghetti and then she gets straight in the bath tub.  It's just easier for me then scrubbing out red tomato sauce stains.)

She thought the hat was an acceptable substitute for a jacket and headed straight out to play in the rain.
I stayed safely on the front porch for a while and watched.  Then Chris and Cody came out and we were trying to explain to Sarah from the porch how to jump in puddles and it wasn't really working.  So again, to Chris's complete and total shock, I bit the bullet and ran out into the rain with Sarah.

It was really pouring by then and we got soaked to the bone.  But we laughed and jumped and danced and chased.  We splashed in puddles and swung around.  There were a couple of slips and falls but everyone popped up unharmed.  

I wasn't out there for too long before the boys decided they didn't want the girls to have all the fun.

So then we chased Daddy and Cody around.  Cody thought it was hilarious.  He was giggling the whole time Chris was running around holding him.  

Eventually I bailed on the fun.  Cause someone has to document it.  Right, and Chris was holding Cody so it only made sense for me to stand on the covered porch while the rain was coming down the hardest.  =)
Chris show Sarah how to kick up water.

This was the first time Sarah's ever gotten to play in the rain.  Do you think she liked it?

Then we laid some towels down and shuffled to the bathroom for the kids to get straight into the tub. 

Classic Childhood Experiences:
Play in the rain as a family--check.


  1.! The pic of Chris and Cody may be my fav pic ever, like EVER!

    I don't think you get to check it off though. Sarah had way too much fun. She'll be patiently waiting the next rainy day. She'd get along so well with my kids.

  2. Your the best mom ever! Fun!!

  3. This is so sweet, I love it!!! The picture of Chris and Cody is great.