Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Schwartz's vs The Magic Kingdom

Riding the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom

By the third day of Disney Sarah was ready.  After getting dressed and trying on her very own pair of ears she said multiple times as the rest of us were getting ready, "I want to go to disney world!"  Since we had stayed the night at the Polynesian resort we were able to ride the Monorail into the Magic Kingdom in the morning and we made it in time to see the cute welcome song and dance they put on.  Sarah loved it!  A train comes pulling into the station and all the characters get out.  When she saw Mickey she started waving and shouting, "Hi Mickey!  Hi!"

I had a loose plan for the Magic Kingdom.  I mostly wanted to get all the kiddie rides done in the morning so we could spend the afternoon catching some shows and trying to stay in the air conditioning.  I really tried to mentally prepare myself for the ridiculous lines and crowds we were going to face going at the height of their season.  So I was REALLY shocked at how lucky we were.  This was probably one of the best trips to the MK I've had.  We walked on or had less than a 20 minute wait for almost every ride we did in the morning.  

The first thing we did was head to what's left of old Fantasy Land (they are building a new one) to get a fast pass for the new Dumbo ride and go ahead and ride Peter Pan's Flight.  That ride normally has a 90 minute wait, we walked on in under 10!

Then we crossed over and were able to walk right onto It's A Small World.  I know this isn't a great picture.  It's hard to take pictures when you are sitting right next to Sarah in a small boat.  I couldn't really get far enough way.  But she was mesmorized by the dancing dolls.  When we got off the line was short enough we could have walked around and done it again, but once is about all I can take.  

 After that we walked over to the Royal Carrousel and again we waited less than 10 minutes.  I think we got on right after the ride that was currently going ended.  Great timing!
Grandma "Yehaw!"

Sarah enjoying the ride.

Next it was over to the Winnie-the-Pooh ride.  Apparently as part of the New Fantasy land they have revamped the waiting line.  Now it has all kinds of cute things for the kids to play with.  There is a whole garden with interactive games for the kids to enjoy while their adults stay in the line cue.  This was about the only time I wish the wait had been longer.  We had less than a 10 minute wait so we boogied past the garden.  But she did get to walk through Pooh's house and take a second to check out Eeyore's gloomy place.

 We actually rode Pooh's ride twice.  The first time through it was just so much for her to take in when we got off we saw that we could literally walk right on and ride it again so we did that.  She loved it!  She was so into it.  Look how far forward she's leaning.

They have built 2 brand new Dumbo rides.  One carrosel is just for fast pass riders and the other is for stand by.  Before we headed over to Dumbo I split off to get our next fast passes so we could ride Space Mountain.  As they were waiting for me they saw Dumbo stand by had a 10 minute wait so Grandma and Cam went ahead through that line.  Grandma said they loop you through the big top tent and as they went that way Sarah got upset because it was further from Dumbo.  She was much happier when they came out and she saw she was in fact still in line to ride.

Then we switched riders and went through the Fast Pass carrousel.  I love all the new bright colors of Fantasy Land.  They are redoing the kids area to be a Circus theme.  They even have a new spray park zone that was already up and running.  But I really didn't want to tote around a wet child so we just skirted past that without Sarah noticing. 

After Dumbo it was time for a moment of truth.  I was so excited when I check the height requirements online and measured Sarah to discover that she was just barely tall enough to ride Goofy's Barnstormer.  It's the kiddie coaster but it has some good speed, turns, and hills.  It's quite fun!  I figured I'd get Sarah on it once and she'd scream the whole time.  I was thrilled when that was not the case.  I rode with her the first time and she loved it!  She giggled and laughed the whole time and even put her hands up as we went up the hill and kept them up on the way down until they slung us around a corner.  She thought it was great.  When we got off there was still less than a 10 minute wait so we got in line and did it again.  This time I rode in front so I could try to take pictures.  I pretty much almost dropped my camera so this is the only good one I got.  But it was just great.  This was probably the highlight of the trip of me.  Seeing her really enjoy a good rollercoaster.  That's my girl!

Then Cam and I waited with Sarah while Grandma and Aunt Sarah went to use their fast pass for Space Mountain.  While we were waiting a street artist came by.  He had a broom and a dustpan full of water and was "painting" a Mickey face on the street.  Sarah watched him and he was nice enough to let Sarah help him paint Mickey's eyes on.

 Then he let her keep playing while another cast member that was with him went to find out where Rapunzel was in the MK so that Sarah could meet her.  I know it's hard to tell in this picture but if you look on the ground you can see an the Mickey Face.  Sarah's standing on his cheek and coloring in his ear.

After everyone (except Sarah) rode Space Mountain we took a break from the heat and watched the Carrousel of Progress.  A nice moving theater that is air conditioned.  Ahhh.  Sarah was looking a little tired so I considered seeing if we could stay on for another 20 minute go around so she could take a nap but decided against it.  So instead we hopped off and went over to Buzz Lightyear's ride and had about a 20 minute wait.  It's another shooting game but instead of being parked in front of various screens for a minute you continuously ride through and push a button to shoot your laser at targets.  There's a spin control that allows you to swivel and aim at different targets.  Sarah rode with Cam and me and was in charge of the spin control.  I thought at one point I was going to be sick.  While we were on the ride it got jammed up or something because we came to a stop for what must have been 5 minutes.  But the guns were still working so everyone went to town shooting.  While I was the big winner on the Toy Story ride I was a total loser on this one.  I can't remember what my score was exactly but I know that EVERYONE else beat me.  Cam got 300,000 something, Mom got 100,000 something, I got 80,000something.  Terrible.  Just terrible!

It sure was getting hot and lunch was nearing but we had some more time to kill and Sarah really wanted to meet Rapunzel so we went over to the Storybook Princesses Place so she could meet them.  We had probably a 45 minute wait for this but it's all inside so we just sat down on the carpet and scooted our way down.
Quick group shot in front of the Castle.

The Princesses there this day were Cinderella, Belle, and Rapunzel.  Well, I knew we were just about to see Cinderella so I was a little worried this would make going to the castle a little anti-climatic for Sarah so I had Mom boogie in first and to tell Cinderella that Sarah was about to go have lunch at the Royal Table and ask her to ask Sarah to come have lunch with her.
 Cinderella inviting Sarah to come have lunch in the castle with her. 

We met Belle and then Sarah got to meet Rapunzel.  She was so excited.  She asked her where Pascal was and they had a nice chat about that.  

As excited as Sarah was to met Rapunzel, I think someone else was even more excited.
 Cam has been talking about geeking out over meeting Rapunzel ever since we decided to go on this trip.  She told Rapunzel this was her first time to see the castle and Rapunzel was very excited for Cam.  She said Cam must feel just like she did the first time she left the tower.  Cam's response was, "yeah, but with out all the singing."  To which Rapunzel offered to break out into song with Cam and while I would have paid good money to see that happen Cam just laughed and turned it down.

From there we headed straight to the castle since Cinderella had invited us personally to go have lunch there.  I was so excited that my mom offered to take me to Cinderella's Royal Table for my birthday lunch.  We got lucky to even get a reservation on such short notice and it was a great time slot.  Our lunch was a 2, just when the heat was finally getting to us.  So we planned to sit and eat for as long as humanly possible.  And we did.  I think we killed 2 hours enjoying our lunch and the air conditioning.  When you first check in they take you to meet Cinderella and have a picture taken with her before being escorted upstairs.  Then we got seated, drinks, and looked over the menu.  All of the food choices looked awesome but our server recommended Major Domo's short ribs and it was a great choice.  Everyone but the vegetarian had that and they were yummy!  

Then the trumpets play and princesses are announced and begin to circulate through the tables.  We had a very exciting and special surprise.  The 2 princesses that Sarah really wanted to meet were Rapunzel and Ariel.  When I booked the lunch I was told Jasmine would be there not Ariel.  So when they were introducing the Princesses we were thrilled to hear it would be Ariel!  That saved us from having to go hunting after lunch for her.  =)

I think Snow White was one of my favorites.  She looked so cute and was so sweet to Sarah.  Look at the big hug she's got Sarah in.  All of the ladies were so great with Sarah really.
Ariel colored with Sarah for a few minutes while the chatted.
Princess Aurora made the rounds and stopped by to give Sarah some hugs and of course an autograph.

Then Belle came by.  After just seeing Belle over at Storybook Princesses it was nice to see Belle in her everyday clothes.  Plus this Belle was way cuter.  I've never seen Belle in her blue dress before so this was nice.  We figure she has to wear her blue dress because the yellow one is huge and probably too big to fit through the tables.

When I booked the lunch they asked if I was celebrating anything, and since I told them it was my birthday they brought me out a cupcake.  Sarah helped me blow out the candle before she helped herself to a spoon full of my icing.
Then it was back out into the heat.  We headed over to the Haunted Mansion which has also just redone it's waiting area.  It has a long of neat things to look at and cool interactive things to play with.  This was our longest wait for an attraction, I think we waited 40 minutes or so and Sarah did a great job since there was so much stuff to play with and look at.
They've changed so much about the ride it was almost completely brand new to me.  So that was fun.  They've changed the ghosts that follow you home and it's super cute.

Afterwards we had some time to kill while we waited to for our fast passes to ride Big Thunder Railroad and it was hot so we headed to the Hall of Presidents.  It's a nicely done Animatronic show that takes you through some history highlights and then the big reveal at the end is all the presidents and it goes through and introduces each one and they nod or wave or whatever.  It's really pretty cool.  Apparently, unless you are two.  Here's the conversation I had with Sarah while they were introducing the presidents.

Sarah: Mommy!  Those are robots.
Me: (surprised) No honey, those are the presidents.
Sarah: Mommy. (with a look like, seriously).  They. are. robots.

That just blew my mind hole.  I mean, really, a 2 year old looks down there and isn't fooled.  Oh well.  At least she still believes in Mickey Mouse.  I'd hate to have that kid who is trying to pull the people's stuffed heads off.

So then while Grandma and Aunt Sarah rode Big Thunder I took Sarah window shopping for tiaras.  

We didn't get one but had a good time trying them all on.

Afterwards our good luck continued on wait times for rides.  We walked right on to Pirates of the Carribean.  Sarah liked that ride.  She watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates every now and then so when asked "What's the pirate password" she'll answer, "Yo ho ho!".  And she holds up her crooked index finger and says, "Arrrrrr!"  

Then we walked right onto the Jungle Cruise and had the best guide in a while.  He was a hoot.  He had a lot of good and cheesy jokes and did some things I'd never seen before like drove the boat with his feet.  As we were getting off that ride there was a huge line so we got there at just the right time.  Then we walked right over and got straight onto Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride where we got spit on by a camel.  Awesome. 

After that the only must do's were meet Tinkerbell then grab a spot for the Electric Parade and fireworks.

Over in Pixie Hollow we met Vidia, the fastest flying fairy.  Sarah only has one Tinkerbell cartoon on the DVR and Vidia is kinda mean in it so I'm not sure if she is actually Tinkerbell's friend in other movies but it was fun because this Vidia taught Sarah how to stand with spunk.  She told her to put her hands on her lip stick her chin out and purse her lips.

She tried to explain it to me but I clearly didn't get it.  But look at Sarah working it with her Pixie attitude.  Such a hoot!

Then we met Tinkerbell and Sarah asked her for some pixie dust.  If you ask Tinkerbell for pixie dust she has some in a jar on the table and she'll sprinkle it on you.  Sarah loved it.  Even now if you ask her if she met Tinkerbell she'll tell you about how Tink put sparkles on her arms.

After that it was time to wait and wait and wait on the hard warm concert for the Electric Parade.  We were lucky and actually got a spot to sit down and even better it was behind a family that had 2 little girls (3 and 1) so Sarah was able to pass the time playing with them.  They were very nice and shared their glow necklaces with Sarah.  She enjoyed the parade but I'll never do it again.  To me, it's just a bit of a waste of time.  Sorry.  It's crowded and hot, and you have to literally get to a spot at least an hour in advance and then fight to hold that spot while others crowd in on top of you.  No thanks.  I've done it once and that's good enough.

After the parade we waited for the fireworks and Sarah was just exhausted.  I knew this day was going to be long and hard.  She didn't even care to watch the fireworks she just laid her head on my shoulder and told me that she wanted to go home and see Daddy.  She fell asleep in her stroller before we got out of the circle in front of the castle.

It was a long and wonderful trip.  She did a great job and we only had a few tiny melt downs.  I know she won't remember it, but she'll always have these pictures and I'll always have these memories.  It was so great to see her expressions as she met the characters and really seeing how much she loved the roller coaster was just fantastic.  I'm so glad that I have such wonderful family and friends who made this happen.  I love my Aunt Sarah and am glad she got to enjoy seeing Sarah in the park.  It was awesome that my mom and friend Cam were able to come.  I don't think the trip would have been as much fun without both of them.  They are both hilarious.  And I'm really thankful for my family who stayed back home.  Chris is such a great husband to encourage me to go and he took off Monday to stay home with Cody and then Tuesday after I got home to help with the kids while I recouped.  And most importantly thanks to Grandma Schwartz who watched Cody 3 days in a row so Chris could go to work.

It was an awesome trip, and I think I'm good on my Disney fix until Cody is 3.  But by then I'll probably be itching to spend some time in the happiest place on Earth again.


  1. Thanks for the trip report. My 4 year old is telling me she is going to ask to ask Tink for pixie dust this year and I didn't know she actually has some!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trips! I have a one year old, but I'm not brave enough to take her yet. I'm a complete Disney freak, as well, and I've been dying for a trip!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We actually took Sarah when she was 1. http://schwartztastic.blogspot.com/2010/12/schwartzs-vs-happiest-place-on-earth.html I think she was a bit young for it, but it was still a blast. However, 2.5 is the perfect age. She was old enough to enjoy it and handle the long day in the park and she actually remembers more of that trip then I realize. To this day she still talks about all the people she met.