Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Lunch Time=Play Time

Kids play with their food.  That's normal.  Right?  Well that's good because Sarah totally plays with her food and I know I should stop her but sometimes it is just down right hilarious!  Now when I say she "plays with her food" I'm not talking about how she might push food around on her plate or build the occasional carrot tower.  I mean she totally does that too.

But no, when I say "Sarah plays with her food" I mean she plays with them like they are toys.  You'd swear if you watched her at a meal time that we must not provide her with anything else to play with.  Generally she just talks to food and has food talk to each other but today at lunch she had a long and in depth play session that had Cody and I both cracking up.

I gave her a Kraft single and I can't remember everything she did with it but I'll try to hit the highlights in a scatter brained way.

First she of course ripped a smaller piece off so she would have a baby cheese and a mommy cheese.  They talked and played for a while until Baby cheese jumped into Sarah's mouth.
Mommy cheese: Oh no!  My baby!  My baby is trapped!  We have to rescue her!

(Now mind you, she wasn't talking to me.  Her cheese was talking to HER.)

The mommy cheese then made a brave and bold move towards Sarah's mouth and I was a little worried for a second that the old cheese was about to be plucked from her mouth but thankfully she instead just pulled a new baby off the mommy.

Mommy cheese: You're back!  I was so worried!
New baby cheese: It's ok mommy!  I alright.  It was fun.
Mommy cheese: Oh, I so proud of you.  (And then wraps herself around the baby cheese in a hug.)

Then Sarah pulled off another small chunk of cheese and put the large part down and just played with the two small pieces.  They sang and danced around on the plate while she sang, "na na na na boo boo".  Before the finished with their grand finale of synchronized jumping into her mouth.

Finally she picked back up the mommy and baby cheese and gibbered for a bit.  I was feeding Cody so I didn't catch all of the act, but it ended with

Baby cheese: Ok mommy you ready?
Mommy cheese: Yes, I ready.
Baby cheese: Ok, jump!

And then the last two pieces of cheese jumped into her mouth.  That's when she asked for more carrots and proceed to stack them, count them, name them, all before she finally ate them.

Never a dull moment folks.  

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