Monday, August 6, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Conversations with My 2 Year Old

After leaving Costco and loading up the car:
Sarah: What are we doing next guys?
Chris: laughing
Me: Well, we're going to another store.
Sarah: Oh!  (very excited) That sounds FUN!

Do you think she heard a lot of "this is what we're doing next" and "it'll be fun" while we were at Disney?

This past Friday we were driving home from the gym.  One turn away from our street Sarah starts freaking out throwing a huge fit and crying, screaming, "I don't want want to go home!  I want to go to Chick-fil-a!"  (parenting fail #1...clearly we go there too often).  After much fighting she concedes to come in the house.  After even more fighting she has agreed to eat a strawberry sandwich for lunch.   Over lunch I'm letting her know what's happening today:

Me: Sarah, your friend Julie is coming over tonight to play with you while mommy and daddy go out.
Sarah: Oh!  Cool!
Me: Do you remember Julie?
Sarah: Yes!  I like her!  Her my friend.  Her listen to me.  (and in a snarky voice) Her'll take me to Chick-fil-a.
Me: Julie doesn't have a car, so, good luck with that.

Sunday over lunch, we asked Sarah what she did and learned in nursery.

Me: What did you learn today in nursery?
Sarah: We talked about family.
Me: Oh that's nice.  Did you color a picture?
Sarah: Yes.  I drew a picture of you mommy.  I drew you mad.
Me: What! You drew me mad?
Sarah: Yes, you mad because I pee pee in my panties.

Whomp whomp!  Parent Fail.


  1. Holy cow I just laughed so hard I snorted!

  2. She is so entertaining...but then I think it is you that is entertaining!