Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Celebrate Munford 5K (2012)

I've been running again.  I started C25K about 4 months ago (I think).  I wasn't too hard core about it and with vacations in June and July I took off a few weeks and missed some runs here and there.  Plus with the blistering heat, some days I just sissyed out and didn't want to run.  But in early July I had finished C25K and was running 3 miles consistently.  Then I took 2 weeks off for my birthday vacation and came back and realized I needed an organized 5K to motivate me to get out there and push through the heat.  I needed a goal.  My friend Travis runs the Celebrate Munford race every year so I thought I'd give that a try.  It was two weeks away when I signed up.  Just enough time to get me back up to running 30 minutes and maybe enough time to work on a new PR (personal record).  

Training for this race was a little weird for me.  I registered on Sunday, August 5th.  I made the mistake of looking at last year's results and saw that the winner of my age group ran it in 32:47.  And that got me thinking, I run that on a regular basis at the Y.  My PR from my first 5K back after I had Sarah was a 30:49.  So that meant that if I ran my PR time I could win my age group (if I ran last year).   And that got me really excited.  I am by no means a fast runner.  I will NEVER win a race.  But a small local one like this where there aren't too many people and they are all just casual runners like me--maybe, just maybe, I could beat them.  So Monday when I went out for my run I was moving along and my regular clip and the whole time I was thinking, "If I can just come in at 30 I could maybe win my age group.  Chris would be so proud of me."  And I thought that for a mile and a half.  Then all of a sudden at about the 1.7 mark on my Garmin, I quit.  I quit!  I have never quit on a run since I started this whole C25K thing EVER.  I always push through my goals.  If I say I'm going out to run 3 miles, then I go out and run 3 miles.  I've run in the 100+ heat at noon.  I'm not a quitter.  So I felt totally defeated when I quit for no reason.  I think the stress and pressure I was putting on myself to win my age group when I know I am by no means someone who will ever win just did me in and when my pace dropped I gave up.

So Wednesday Travis ran with me and showed me the out and back route he takes at the Y.  We ran 3 miles together.  It wasn't an amazing pace, I think I was pushing an 11-12 minute per mile pace.  Then Friday I ran that same out and back course, just as slow as I ran it on Wednesday.  I was definitely NOT going to get a PR at the Munford 5k.

Last Monday I headed out to run the loop at the Y.  I thought I needed to really make a good push and set myself up for a good week.  I figured I'd run hard on Monday, do an easy 2 on Wednesday, work on some sprints on Thursday, rest on Friday and rock the Munford on Saturday.  So when I headed out for my run on Monday the weather was nice and I killed it.  I ran 5K in 31:05, 2 minutes faster than I was running 3 miles the week before.  That was my best time on a training run I think since I got the Garmin.  I was pumped and ready for the Munford run.  Wednesday my sciatica was flaring up so I took the day off from running.  I just went to yoga.  Then Thursday I did a mile sprinting for a minute then recovering for 90 seconds just to work on that final push to the end of a race.

Friday night we went to go pick up my race pack.  Sarah enjoyed going through the swag bag.
She thought the rockin' "cool neck wrap" was pretty awesome.  We had a good time trying it on.

Race morning.  BLUH!  I woke up feel like total poop.  Then even though Munford is literally right across the street from our house I somehow managed to get lost trying to find the race.  Thankfully, I called my friend Jen who was leading the YogaLifeWay warm up before the race.  She hadn't gotten there yet so she pulled over and told me where to find her so I could follow her to the right park.  Then I ran a little warm up lap with Travis and he gave me a pep talk and showed me the lay of the course.  It was at that point that he warned me, "the race is a little hilly."  Holy cow!  He was not kidding.  The loop at the Y is completely flat.  Anytime I hit hills it's a rough battle since I don't practice on them.  He pointed out the last down hill coming in the home stretch and told me to ride it down because there was one last up hill before the finishers shoot.  By the end of the race, I'm not sure if I ever found that last downhill to ride in.  I'm pretty sure the last mile was all up hill.  ;-)

Alright, time for the real race recap if you're still reading this.  We got to the start line and Travis told me to go head and line up in front with all the fast runners.  He said it was better to do that then get stuck behind people who were going to be walking from the get go.  The race started with a pretty big down hill so I shot out from the go and was booking it down the hill.  I wanted to get away from the crowd as quick as possible and then let the real runners go around me.  I don't get in the way and I figure they are better at zigging and zagging the start of a race.  So that's what I did.  And I pushed hard for that first mile and when I hit the lap button it said, 8 something for my time. That was my fastest mile ever but I burned too much too fast and I was already getting tired and those hills were killing me.  When I swung through the first water break I swallowed wrong and the water went down the wrong pipe and I hacked and coughed for about a quarter of a mile before I was breathing easy again.  Mile 2 was a long stretch on a super hilly road.  A jogging stroller passed me.  I always hate that.  But on this stretch I finally passed some kid that was running and walking.  When I hit the lap button I knew my pace had slowed considerably but my lap time was a little under 10 minutes so when I saw the water kids I made a decision I was not proud of.  I grabbed a cup of water from the first kid and walked while I drank until the last kid.  I feel like a total loser for walking but I just didn't want a repeat of the first water break.

3rd mile I was feeling tired but ready to push through.  I didn't bother pressing the lap button I'm not sure what my time was on that mile but with rounded and estimating it was a little less than 10.  Coming down the last quarter mile there was a guy who was done that was yelling at everyone.  He looked at me and told me to drop my shoulders and relax my arms.  So I tried.  Just ahead of the 3 mile mark my friend Ian, was there cheering for me.  I'm sure I looked like death but he said it was right there so I kept on pushing.  As I turned to come into the final stretch Chris and the kids were there cheering for me.  I heard Sarah yell, "there's Mommy!  She's running!"
Chris snapped this terrible picture of me.  I never realized how fat I looked when I run.  I need to work on that. 

I saw that clock and I just was so relieved and excited at the same time.  My goal was to push really hard and finish this in 30 minutes.  I even had a 30 written on my arm so that I could see it when I was running to remind me to push.
There I am crossing the finish line.  A new PR!  I completed my goal of finishing in 30 minutes.  (To be precise, my garmin said 3.13 miles in 29:35 just for the record.)  When I saw that I was so pumped!  (See arm in air!)  As I wheezed like a fat kid and turned my card into the box, I was heart broken to see that there were already 4 cards in there.  This was not last year's race.  All the ladies that won my age group did it in 26 something.  (And next year when I'm in the next bracket they all did it in 24 something.)  

All in all, it was a good race I guess.  I'm not too thrilled with it.  I got a new PR and I beat my time goal and I pushed.  But I wasn't as fast as I should have been on the hills and I wasn't consistent with my pace.  And then there was the dreaded walk through the water stop.  I know that even if I didn't walk that I wouldn't have placed.  But I enjoyed running the local race so I'll train better for it next year and work on some hill training.

Now it's time to start training for the St. Jude Half.


  1. Aw, it's so upsetting to have such a hefty goal of placing and then coming in 4th with no medal! Sooo close! Way to smash your PR, though! I love your drive. I had to lol at you hacking up water.. Poor girl!

    1. Oh if only I had come in 4th. I actually came in 5th in my age group and 109 over all. I think I like the bigger races better where there is no chance of me coming in anywhere near the top. I was so proud of being what 29th I think in our age group back in 2010. Oh well. I just want to be a winner like you Bek. ;-)

  2. You did GREAT! Now if your ready I can show you some of the speed work I do. I gotta warn you: Kate has given me some really crazy stuff. But I can tell it works. I got work to do. 6 guys and 1 woman that were older than me finished ahead of me. Proud of ya!

  3. Congratulations on your PR! Don't be so hard on yourself. FWIW, I always walk through water stops. Never did master the running-while-drinking thing. See you at the St. Jude race! Hopefully the 100+ days are over for you guys.

    1. Are you doing the half or the full in December?

    2. The half was filled, so I registered for the full. We'll see. Last year I registered and didn't even go pick up my tshirt, much less run it.

  4. You are too hard on yourself, you are awesome!!! And just for the record, you absolutely DO NOT resemble anything anywhere close to FAT in your picture!