Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Sophie's Goodbye

Sophie was the 3rd cat we adopted, but really she was our first, last, and only pet.  She was one of a kind and the perfect addition to our family.  We adopted her around Easter in 2003.   I was an RA so I had my own room and I smuggled her into the dorm where she lived with me during the spring semester before it was just too hard to hide her anymore so she went to live with Chris.  I'd leave my door unlocked so my residents could go and play with her while I was in class.  Her favorite thing to do was hide under the bed and wait for someone to sit on it.  Then she's start super kitty attacking their ankles.  She also loved to run around the room in the evening during what we called her "crazy kitty time".  

When she moved in with Chris she became his little companion and was so small she could sit on his shoulder.  They use to play fetch.  Chris would shoot a toy suction cup arrow down the hall and she'd run and retrieve it and bring it back to him.  

I know Sophie had a bad rep and we have plenty of stories when she was less than hospitable to guests and hosts.  But she truly was a great cat with a sweet disposition.  She was just right for our family.  She wasn't an in your face kind of pet.  But she wanted to be in the same room as us.  She endured whenever I was in the mood to smother her.

But really only ever wanted to cuddle in the winter.

Sophie was great with our kids.  I mean she was just great.  I honestly think the only reason why our kids learned to crawl and pull up to stand was because of her.  Sarah and Cody both loved to crawl after her.  She never hissed or bit either of them.  Even when Cody recently started pulling out big hand fulls of her hair whenever she came near.  She use to play with them.  Cody thought it was hilarious when he'd pull up to stand and Sophie would play smack at him.  He would fall down laughing and then pop up to see her again.  She never hissed.  It was always in good fun, like their own little game.  

This was just last Monday.  She let Sarah play dr with her for 15 minutes before she had enough and walked off.  She was so patient.  

Sorry, I don't know how to turn it.  But here's Sophie and Cody playing.

She was a great kitty.  We loved her so much.  But Sophie was sick.  And she wasn't getting better.  She had periods of remission where she was eating and doing good.  We even had about 2 years without her showing any signs of being sick.  In April 2012 she had a relapse.  After running every test we could the Vet still couldn't tell us definitively what was wrong.  We started her back on medication and watched as ate less and less and lost more and more weight.  But she was still pleasant.  She still loved to sit and watch tv with us and sleep curled up on the corner of our bed.  She never became lethargic or changed her disposition, so it was hard to know how sick she was.  But Sunday she was done fighting.  She was tired and done so while I was out of town and Chris was at his parents' house for dinner she curled up on the kitchen floor and went to sleep.  Chris buried her alone since I was gone and then he called me.

We miss her terribly.  The house seems empty knowing that she's not just in one of her favorite places sleeping.  We won't get another pet.  Losing her is too heart breaking.  We loved her dearly.  And while I'm sad she's gone, I'm glad she didn't suffer.  I'm glad she gave up and went peacefully instead of us having to watch her suffer and then make that horrible decision to do what was best.  I'm not sure I could have made that call.  We had 9 wonderful years with her full of great memories.  We loved Sophie and took good care of her.  She will be missed.  

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