Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 10 Months Old

Here's how you've grown.

* You love to dance.  It's adorable.  When I sing or there is music on you bounce on your bottom and smile real big.  It's adorable.
* You are a fantastic shopping buddy.  You love to just look around as you ride in the cart.  You never complain.  It's great.  When we need to divide and conquer to get errands run your dad and I always fight over who gets to take you.
*  You are starting to do a much better job playing by yourself.  There have been a few times when we've been playing in Sarah's room and you've crawled off to your room by yourself to play with your cars.
*  Your favorite toy right now is the Little Tykes car ramp that the Friskillos gave us.  You like to drop cars down the lift and shove them down the slide.
*  You love to pull up to stand but don't cruise all that often.  When you pull up to stand now you will let go of whatever it is with one hand but haven't braved letting go with both yet.
*  You tolerate trips to the pool.  You don't seem to love it because you don't splash around or anything.  But you don't cry so I guess you don't hate it.  You just chill out sitting on someone's lap and chewing on your green rubber duck.
*  You like Daddy more than me but the only word you clearly say is "mama".  Go figure.
* You've switched completely over to bottles but don't eat any better than when you nursed.
* You still are a horrible and picky eater.  You don't seem to like any fruits of vegetables.  But you'll eat  an entire hot dog.  You also really like buffalo chicken ranch casserole, and pizza.
*  While you still have moments where you scream bloody murder for no reason, for the most part you are a really laid back little guy who is just happy to be here.

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