Monday, July 9, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Zip Lining

Elizabeth found a groupon for half off a 90 minute zip line tour and I'm pretty sure it's what Chris was looking forward to the most about our Gatlinburg vacation.  We saved that activity for Friday night.  And the group was so large we had to split into 2 teams.  Here's our group picture before we hit the lines.

So, funny story.  Mom is terrified of heights.  She was supposed to stay home with the grandkids so that us siblings and spouses could go with Dad.  Well, dad recently had back surgery to fix a herniated disc so his doctor did not clear him for zip lining.  Not to let the groupon go to waste mom decided she would take his place.  We had a really good time messing with her!

But she was a good sport and did a great job.  The tour guide got her pretty good when he pretended to shove her off once.  She screamed.  It's was hilarious!  The only time I think she really freaked out was on the last line.  She has 2 fears in life: heights and birds.  Well, on the line pictured above Mom and Melissa were racing and somewhere on the line a bird landed.  Mom freaked out and let go of the line and then started spinning around and wasn't able to break in time so she had a rough landing.  But it was tons of fun for everyone!

Here I am about to take off from the first platform.  I'm not going to lie.  The first tower was a little intimidating.  I'm afraid of heights in that I don't like ladders, but I can do roller coasters.  The main key to if I'll be able to handle it or not is if there is a railing or a bar.  The smallest safety measure is all I need to be ok generally.  Now, the exception is ledges.  I don't like to stand near ledges even if there is a rail.  So I knew that doing this zip line was perfectly safe.  Lots of hooks, heavy duty clips, double lines for safety.  But taking that step off was still a little nerve wracking.  And I was surprised by how fast you go on the zip line.
Here's Chris on the final line.

By the racing line I had gotten the hang of it and we were having quite a good time breaking all the rules.  I'm posing for the company's camera person here.  Break hand off the line leaning back and smiling big.  I would have bought it but it was over priced and not a great picture.  The person wasn't zoomed in enough.

I enjoyed the zip line adventure and Chris really had a good time.   Would I do it again?  Meh, probably not.  The harness is really uncomfortable and had me walking like a cowboy for a few days.  But I'm glad I went and now I can say I've done it.  

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  1. Awesome post Natalie! I actually have never been zip lining but me and my family get a gatlinburg vacation home rental every summer. I'm definitely going to give it a try this summer especially since it looks like you guys had a blast! Thank you for sharing this with us.