Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Ober Gatlinburg

Our fun activity for Friday was to head up to Ober in Gatlinburg.  Chris and I have been there once before a long time ago when we went to Gatlinburg for Christmas with the Schwartzs.  In the winter it's a ski park and we had a great time skiing.  In the summer they roll out some fair type rides such as a chair swing, a few water slide rides, a maze, a mini mini-golf course, some of those rides where the kids sit in cars and it goes around.  You know, basic kiddie type rides.  PERFECT since we have a toddler.  Even better that kids under 3 are free and can ride anything with a parent (except the chair swing) and can ride most of the rides by themselves.

So we got there and rode the carousel first since it was inside and right by where they sell the wrist bands.  Chris was hungry so he and Cody went to go get a snack while the rest of us hopped on and said, "Giddy up!"
Uncle Pete and Aunt Elizabeth

This was Sarah's first time on a Merry-go-round.  I know we waited in line to ride one at Disney but I think Sarah fell asleep so we didn't go on it.  Either way, she wouldn't have remembered it at that age.  But she had a great time on this one.  She wanted to ride next to Logan and did everything he did.  She patted her horse and told it to "giddy up horsey!"  And she kicked her feet into its sides.  She smiled the whole time and kept telling me "this is really fun!"  I love watching her reaction to new experiences.

Logan and Sarah

The main attraction is the Alpine Slide also known as a dry bobsled.  You have to ride the chair lift half way up to the scenic out look (so for about 7 minutes) to get to where they unload you if you are going to slide down.  That was the longest 7 minutes of my life.  Chris had Cody in the carrier so I rode with Sarah.  She did a great job.  She sat still and didn't cry or anything.  But the whole time I was freaking out on the inside.  I am afraid of heights but if there is a false sense of security, like a teeny tiny lap bar, then I'm fine.  So chair lifts only sort of bothers me.  But I was terrified for her safety.  I kept worrying she was going to some how slip and fall out.  Or jump out.  Or I don't know what.  So I kept talking to her the whole time and pointing things out hoping to distract me her from how high off the ground we were.  She didn't care.  She was fine.  I was the lead chair though, and I had the camera so there were no pictures of that ride up the chair lift.  Then Chris took the camera and continued up the mountain since Cody wasn't allowed on the slide so there are no pictures of me coming down the slide either.  But he did snap a nice pictures of the view and of the chair lift ride coming down. 

After lunch Chris and I switched and I held Cody and stayed at the bottom of the hill to take pictures of everyone riding.  So they loaded up onto the chair lift again.

Aunt Elizabeth and Melissa

 And I went over to the exit area to take pictures paparazzi style.  I had to tease Chris about the picture here.  I took pictures of everyone coming down and in all of them Pete, Logan, Elizabeth, and Melissa are all smiling.  Chris looks so serious!  His response was he was racing, this was serious business.  
 Pete and Logan

Everyone had a great time, but Logan was ready to go play some more mini golf so Elizabeth was nice enough to offer to take Cody so Chris, Sarah, Pete, Melissa, and I hit the chair lift one more time.

 Chris and Sarah

Melissa and Uncle Pete

After that we spent the rest of the afternoon riding the various kiddie rides and having a good time. We wore the kids out pretty good because they were both passed out in the back seat before we even got down the mountain.  
 Riding the big water slide ride.  We barely fit the weight and size requirements to all ride down together in one raft.  It was a really fast ride with lots of tight turns.  I was actually a little afraid we were going to flip over!
 Look really closely in front of me you can barely see Sarah's head.  She could ride but couldn't sit on a lap.  Her bottom had to be on the raft so she's crammed down in there super tight.  She enjoyed the slide and said, "weee" right along with us.
 Sarah rode a couple of little rides like this were you sit in a car and it goes in a circle.  What was funny is that she always chose to sit in the back of the car.  Even when the ride only had one other person on it. She'd sit in the backseat of the car she wanted.  I guess she got my back seat driver gene.
View from the parking lot on our way out.

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