Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Schwartz's vs "Saturday, in the Park"

I was super lucky to score Chris an amazing Father's Day present this year.  He is a huge 80s music fan and the group Chicago was playing at the Memphis Botanical Garden's Live in the Garden concert series Saturday night.  It's a great venue and a cool concert series.  Most people buy lawn tickets and bring chairs and picnics.  Hard core picnics.  We saw people with serious off road wagons they were pulling in with coolers full of things.  Then there's a section of expensive table seats.  And in front of that is a section of even more expensive VIP tables.

Thursday, while Chris was helping out at Girls Camp, Draper's Catering of Memphis posted a contest on Facebook to win some tickets to the concert.   I had been struggling to figure out what I could get Chris for Father's Day this year so this was perfect!  The contest was the first 4 people to post a picture from an event that Draper's catered would win a pair of lawn tickets.  Then the best picture posted would win a pair of VIP tickets.  Draper's catered our wedding reception 8 years ago.  Our pictures from the reception are mostly snap shots so I knew I had no chance of winning those VIP tickets, but I really wanted win the lawn tickets by posting first.  I was at Chick-fila with the kids when the contest went up so I scooped them up, rushed home, turned on Sesame Street for them and started digging through the wedding memento box looking for a picture that had the cake, food, or a server in it (per contest rules).

Being from the pre-digital age, this was the best I could find.  So I quickly scanned it in, posted it, and apologized for the poor quality.  It was the best I had.  But hey, it's got the cake, in the background you can see the buffet table with the beautiful ice sculpture Drapers made, and Russell Hubbard the lead server at the reception.  Then I waited.  From my end, it looked like I was the first to post, but I know from an auction site I follow on FB you can't always trust what you see because some people have different privacy settings where others can't see their posts.  Finally around 9 pm on Friday night Draper's Catering  announced the winners.  I could not believe it when they said I won!  I won the VIP passes for Chris for Father's Day!  I think they must have taken pity on my poor pre-digital entry.  

Katherine and Ryan Draper showing off their All Access Passes

The concert was amazing!  The whole experience was just so freaking cool!  I think that's the best way to describe it.  And Chris loved it!  He had a huge smile the whole time.  I was just awe stuck and felt like a celebrity living the life of luxury.  First we got waved through the closed parking lot to the close reserved Encore parking area with our pass.  Then we entered through the special VIP gate and received our wrist bands and were shown to our table about 50 feet from the stage.  

Our amazing hosts Cathy and Gary Draper
We chatted with the owners of Draper's Catering.  These are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  If you live in the Memphis area and ever need any catering done you have got to check out Draper's!  It's absolutely the best!  The people are all so wonderful, nice, and detail oriented and the food is absolutely amazing.  Oh, and speaking of the food with our VIP wristbands we were allowed in the party tent catered by Drapers of course.  It was so good!  Look at that spread!  I'm not ashamed to admit I filled up and devoured two plates of this yummy goodness.  There were the best chicken wings I've ever had, sausage, cheese, fruit, fruit, and more fruit, two different types of yummy dips with breads and chips to go with it, and build your own bar-b-que nachos with pork or chicken.  Then there were cookies for desert.  Yum!  And look at the amazing fruit carvings.  I didn't catch the name of the artist but his work was beautiful and the freshly carved fruit smelled great.  He was sitting on the porch of the tent carving a few other things so it was neat to see him work.

As we enjoyed our meal we chatted with a few of the other guests at the table.  We met a great woman and photographer, Dorothy, who owns PBD studios.  As we were laughing and talking I was admiring her camera and put together that she's the woman who always takes the amazing pictures of various Draper's events.  I was lamenting that Chris and I were so excited to get out for such a great date that we both ran out of the house (Cody was crying when we were leaving) and in the rush neither of us remembered our cell phones.  It wasn't wanting to check in with the sitter that we were upset about, I was upset we wouldn't have any pictures to blog.  Ha!  So Dorothy was nice enough to snap a picture of Chris and me.  I borrowed the rest of the pictures from her FB page.  I hope she doesn't mind!

The concert was fantastic!  They put on a great show and even though I only really knew about 3 or 4 of their songs which I air mic sung along proudly to, the rest were so good I was tapping my foot and nodding my head to the beat.  I was impressed with how large the band was.  They had 3 horn players, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 2 percussionists, and a keyboard player.  By far, my favorite was the trombone player who seemed intent on making the trombone seem sexy.  That man was pelvic thrusting to every horn slide.  It was hilarious!  

We had a wonderful time.  I'm so grateful that we got the opportunity to go.  Chris loved every minute of it.  I think he enjoyed his Father's Day gift.

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  1. Hey, I cut that fruit! And the guy who did they super cool melons was amazing to watch.