Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Officer West and Zeus

I took the kids to story hour at the library yesterday because the special guest speaker was the K9 officers of the Millington Police Department.  I thought Sarah would be excited to pet the police puppy.  But as the question and answer session went longer and longer I realized Sarah didn't really care about the officer, she was more interested in her friend Jacob.  She kept making googly eyes at him, poking him, smiling at him.  I knew what she was doing.  It was the same thing I use to do to Chris when I was an immature teen that wanted his attention.  Not cool Sarah.  You're too young for that!

But I enjoyed listening to the officer.  Zeus, the narcotic dog that was there, was born and trained in the Netherlands, and originally worked for the Air Force.  Fun fact I learned, Zeus costs the tax payer nothing.  Nothing!  Officer West explained that drug dealers actually pay for Zeus.  Whenever money is seized it goes into an account used to pay for drug enforcement.  So that was neat.

Sarah enjoyed petting Zeus and thanked him for his service after she was done.  My favorite thing is that Zeus has his own badge.  Look how cute that is!

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