Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Schwartz's vs the Giraffe Feeding Experience

I know I've mentioned recently how the zoo just put in a deck on the back of the giraffe pen where you can pay $5 to feed the giraffes.  Today the weather was just beautiful so we headed to the zoo to walk around and Chris was nice enough to indulge me and brought some cash with us so we could do it.  Sarah was so excited!  She LOVES giraffes.  When you ask her what animals she wants to see the first one she always mentions are the giraffes.  They start letting people up in small groups at 11, so we hoped in line around 10:40 and waited.  It was so worth it!
Cody waiting in line for our turn to feed the giraffes.

Sarah did such a great job waiting for her turn.  And she was so excited.  She is smiling so big her mouth is wide open.  I wish you could just zoom in and see the pure joy on her face.  

They give you 3 lettuce leaves which they break into smaller pieces.  So I think you get to feed them nine bites of food.  Sarah was a pro at it.  She was absolutely fearless.  She walked right up and held the lettuce piece out and shoved it in the giraffe's long tongue.  She didn't squeal or back away or anything when she got slobbered all over.  She was so excited.  She kept telling me that the giraffe was really hungry.  "Yook mommy!  I feed the giraffe!  I feed him leaves.  He's really really hungry!"

The zoo keep suggested we turn and hold the leaf closer to us so the giraffe would lean in more and we could get a better picture.  Watch our faces in these pictures here:

Sarah's hand looks like it's completely in the giraffe's mouth and she doesn't care!  Such a brave girl.  Then the zoo keep suggested a more daring pose for mommy.

I think I made a friend for life.

Can't wait until the next time we go to the zoo.  It'll be Chris turn to help Sarah feed the giraffe's and I'll take the pictures.


  1. You can now mark 'make-out with giraffe' from your 30 by 30 bucket list. Really though, that's pretty dang awesome! I love the pics; they totally capture the moment.

    Way to keep tradition by wearing the pink shirt to the zoo again ;)


  3. I love it!!!! You are just chock full of awesomeness I tell you! Chock full of it! :)