Monday, June 25, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 9 Months Old

Cody, you are 9 months old now.  Here's how you've grown.

* You didn't take a nap today and are currently climbing up my leg right now so this will probably be an inaccurate and slightly skewed interpretation of your month's accomplishments. 
* You have 2 bottom teeth and 3.5 top teeth.  The 3 top teeth all cut at the same time but this last one was behind.  It busted through the gums a few days ago but isn't completely down yet.  (Hence the half tooth count.)
* You have an interesting mix of maneuvers that get you around.  Your main mode of transportation is the belly scoot/seal slide still, but you have been mixing in some knee crawling and a one footed tripod thing.  However, we do see more attempts at knee crawling so I'm sure by next month's report the seal scoot will be a thing of the past.
* You are pulling up to stand.
* You are a climber.  We have to keep you away from the stairs.  
* You are pretty good about experimenting with food and we're better about giving you table food at dinner time as well.  We've learned you definitely prefer meat and this month you've tried taco meat, barbque, grilled chicken, as well as potato salad and animal crackers.  You still don't seem to like canned vegetables like your sister and you turn your nose up at green beans and carrots your sister's 2 favorite veggies.
* Life is good for you as the second child.  You already recognize and know what ice cream is and get it any time we go to chickfila.  You beat the table with excitement when you see it arrive and not-very-patiently await for the spoon to head your direction.
* I think you're pretty tall for your age, but still skinny.  We're heading to the dr on Thursday to find out your official stats.
* You have a tuft of fluffy who-hair on the crown of you head.  It tickles my nose when you cuddle with me.  I love it.
* You don't really like green vegetable purees.  So you eat mostly orange things.  I think it's making you a little yellow.  
* You LOVE the cat.  You squeal with delight when she enters the room and make a b-line for her.  You pull out chunks of her hair but she's fairly patient with you.  She hasn't hissed or bit you yet but she does swat and nip at you.
* You are still terrible at naps and we just can't quite figure out a good nap time/schedule for you.  Sometimes you take a 2 hour nap in the morning most days it's just a 40 minute nap.  Some days you take a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon other days like today it's under an hour.  
* You like to be swaddled to help you calm down and relax for bedtime but you quickly unravel yourself in your sleep.
* You like to be rocked to sleep for nap time but you don't need daddy to rock you to sleep at bed time.  (This probably has more to do with mommy then you.)
* You grind your teeth right now.  It drives me NUTS!  I hate it!  It's the worse sound in the world and I can't wait for you to out grow that.
* You are beautiful.  You have the brightest blue eyes and they are alight all the time taking in the world around you.  
* You are busy busy busy and will only sit still for about 3 minutes to nurse.  So it's time to make the switch.  I think we're both finally ready.  You like the freedom that a bottle gives you at when you feel like cooperating I've seen you down 8 ounces in 10 minutes.  I hoped that you would keep your morning nursing so we could get our cuddle on, but this week you've been pushing off and away from that too.  There is just too much for you to see and do in this world to snuggle with your mommy.
* You smile at everything.  It seems like everything in your little world brings you joy.  But that's not to say you don't have your fair share of meltdowns and screaming fits.  At times they can be quite comical since you will drag yourself to the middle of the floor and then lay your head down and cry.  It seems you can be a little melodramatic too.
* You are our little buckaroo and we love you!

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