Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Zoo Party

Saturday was a big party day for us.  Sarah has 2 girl friends and they both had parties then.  We attended one at the Zoo in the morning and then a we were fortunate enough to be invited to the small family party of the other friend in the evening.  These were the first girl parties Sarah has been to and she did not do well with the gift giving.  I don't know if it was the age or just the fact they were toys she was actually interested in but she about had a melt down in both cases.  Oh well, being 2 is tough.

However, we had a great time at the zoo in the morning.  Of course, we always have a great time at the zoo and definitely get our money's worth out of the membership so just brace yourself for multiple posts of pictures from the zoo this summer.

One thing I'm super excited about is this new "Giraffe Feeding Experience" the zoo has put in.  They basically built a nice deck on the backside of the giraffe pen and it's $5 to get some lettuce and go on the deck and feed it to the animals.  It opens at 10 am and we were walking by at 9 so it wasn't open yet, but this little guy was already waiting for some patrons.  So I climbed up on the hand washing station to get a nice unobstructed picture of him.  Sarah and I both love giraffes so next time we go to the zoo we plan on being the first in line to feed them when they are nice and hungry.  I'm so excited to pet a giraffe!

Then it was off to the party.  We met in the Northwest passage underwater viewing area because it's air conditioned.  And there the girls enjoyed some party hats and cup cakes.

As you know, Sarah has an egg allergy so it's a little worrisome when cake and cupcakes are involved. Sarah loves the idea of cake.  She talks about it all the time.  But she has developed a way of being able to enjoy the birthday party experience without ending up sick.  She just eats the icing off the cupcakes.  She doesn't even take one bite.  She licks all the icing off, and then hands me the cake.  I don't know if it's because she knows she allergic or just because she's a genius and had quickly deciphered what the best part is.  But since it's a special occasion, I don't mind the straight shot of sugar she's ingesting.

Cody is quite the handsome party guest don't you think!  At first we were a little confused because Chris was told that he and Cody weren't invited to the party.  But it's a 45 minute drive to the zoo so if one of us is going...we're all going.  Luckily the host told Chris the next day that his information was bad and that of course the boys were invited. 

Good thing too because who'd want to miss seeing these great looking guys!

Party animal

Apparently it was Bear Awareness Week, or so a sign said, so in the nice air conditioned Polar Bear area there were a bunch of tables with different pelts and information and volunteers to talk to you about it.  I have no idea what I was supposed to learn but I did hand Chris the camera and say, "here take a picture of me feeding Cody to the Polar bear!"

 This is what happens when you don't behave!

 What polar bear got your leg?

The party activity was face painting.  Sarah's friend was a pro at it and went first and sat still.  I think that helped because this was Sarah's first time and I was worried that she was going to flip out.  But since she saw her friend do it she sat nice and still and let the lady paint a flower on her cheek.

It was a nice treat for the party guests and Sarah enjoyed it.  She was quite upset with me that evening in the tub when I washed it off.  

This day at the zoo was one of the Members Preview days for the annual Birds and Bees exhibit which means it wasn't crowded and you got a free feeder stick.  We've taken Sarah into the exhibit every summer since she was born.  This year was the first year she got to hold the stick herself and try to chase down her own birds.

It was Cody's first time in the bird exhibit.  He loved watching them dart around the area and reached longingly towards the birds when Chris would manage to coax one onto his stick.

Everyone had a great time.  But I really enjoyed looking through the pictures when I got home and comparing them to pictures of previous years.  I can't believe how much Sarah has grown and how old she looks to me now.  Be sure to click on the collage to make it larger.

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  1. When my kids were little we always played a game before the parties.

    Me: Whose party is it?
    Kids: Jacobs!
    Me: Who gets to open presents?
    Kids: Jacob!
    Me: Who gets the first piece of cake?
    Kids: Jacob!
    Me: Who gets to have fun?
    Kids: We all do!

    I know it's corny but it helped the kids understand before the party that this was not their day but that it would still be fun.