Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Smith

This past weekend was Chris's man retreat where he and his friends go off in the woods and pretend like they are homeless camping.  Since it was my Mom's birthday Monday I decided to take the kids over there and spend the weekend with them.  We left Friday after Cody got up from his morning nap.  My theory or hope was that he would be awake and content for a little while in the car (ha!) then sleep the rest of the way (ha ha!) and we'd get there in time for him to want to nurse again (yeah right!).  That was definitely not the case and we had a major complication on the drive over.  Thankfully and miraculously we all made it there in one piece.

We had a great time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.  When we first got there mom got out our old authentic Swiss dress to try on Sarah.  She was hoping it would be a good Heidi costume for Sarah this Halloween but it was already looking a bit too small.  So Sarah, who deemed it her "Princess dress", looked adorable playing in it the rest of the day.
(I'm going to find a picture of me in this outfit later and scan it in so we'll have a who wore it best post coming soon.)

It was a nice visit with a lot of time for the kids to just hang around and play.  
 Cody's favorite toy this trip was a sticky bird kosh ball type thing that mom bought.  It was disguisting to touch but he thought it was great.  We'd give it a good smack and there was a light up flashy thing inside and Cody's eyes would just light up as he dove for it.
 Cody also got a new girlfriend.  Her name is Vickie Sue.  Like all little boys do to show little girls that they like them, he pulled her hair and stole her paci.  She didn't seem to mind.

Sunday Mom gave Cody his Watermelon outfit that she bought either before he was born or shortly there after.  I don't remember.  But it was absolutely adorable!  He just looked so handsome in it.  I found it quite distracting at church because I kept looking at him going, "oh my gosh he looks so cute!"  I know not everyone is a fan of smocking on little boys, though I'm not sure why not, but I am and it was adorable!  Though it was badly mislabled as a 9 month outfit.  Cody is only 7 months old and he's on the small side and it was already a little snug.  Thankfully my mom is so craft that she was able to move the buttons so he'll be able to wear it all summer.  And I love it so much he may wear it once a week until I can get it buttoned anymore!

 It was a very warm weekend so Monday after mom got home from the gym we took the kids to the mall to play on the little indoor play area equipment.  It's a big fish the kids can climb in and slide down.

Yes, Sarah was there too, but all the picture of her turned out blurry!  She just moves at lightening speed.  

It was a wonderful trip visiting my parents.  Sarah had a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa and they seemed to love seeing how much both of the kids have grown.  They didn't even complain about how much Cody 2 in the morning....every night.  =)  I have such awesome parents!

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