Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Girl Time

Back in December Sarah saw that I had my toes painted red.  She loved my red toes and wanted me to paint her toes.  But after I got the first toe done she flipped out and didn't let me paint the rest of them.  What was funny was then she walked around so proud of her red toe and showing it off to everyone.  She even declared that her red toe was "hot" and then she would proceed to blow on it.

Since then I have asked Sarah several times if she would like for me to paint her toes and every time she screams, "noooooo!"  So last week when I was about to get out the polish and paint my toes I asked her if she wanted me to do hers.    A few minutes later she came over and asked, "What are you doing mommy?"  "I'm painting my nails Sarah."  "Ooooohhhhh.  You've got sparkly toes.  I want sparkly toes."  "You want me to paint your nails."  "Yes!"  And she proceeded to take all my little bottles of nail polish out of the bag I keep them in.  She lined them all up.  Counted them.  Named their colors.  And then she chose blue.  "I want blue toes mommy!"  I tried hard to talk her into one of the pinks.  Not because I didn't like the blue, I obviously do since I bought it.  But I learned that unless you put the base coat down it'll stain your nails.  And when I tried to put the base coat on her she flipped out because it wasn't the blue paint.  (This week when we were changing the colors I couldn't get all the blue off.  blarg!)
Color is OPI: Swimsuit Nailed It!

After we got done painting her nails she still wanted to play with the polish.  She picked out some sparkly bubble gum glitter pink polish I had (OPI, A Sparkle Yule Love) and wanted me to put that on her nails.  Of course, that meant that I needed it on my nails too she informed me.  "You do it mommy. You put it on your nails!"  "Ooooohhhh, look we've got sparkly fingers!"
I'm actually not a fan of having color on my nails and it drove me nuts the rest of the day.  Before I went to bed I felt guilty but I took paint off.  The next morning Sarah was sitting on the couch and I saw her color was gone too.  I asked, "Sarah, what happened to your sparkly nails?"  Sarah: "I ate it."  "You what?!?  Like you put it in your mouth?"  "Yes, I put it in my mouth and I ate it."  Needless to say after that discovery that may be the last time I paint her fingernails for a while.  

"What do you mean I can't eat my fingernail polish!"

It was the first time we've gotten to enjoy a little girl bonding and I loved it!  She screams bloody murder when I try to fix her hair.  ("Don't touch my hair mommy!")  And refuses to wear hair bows any more (any other mom's have a suggestion on that one).  And will only occasionally let me put head bands on her.  So if nail polish is the only girly thing we get to bond over.  I'll take it.  Plus it gives me a person to blame my nail polish addiction on.  "Oh these 3 new bottles of nail polish?  Well, I wanted this one, and Sarah wanted that one.  Then she saw this other one she liked and she just couldn't decide and Cody was getting cranky so I figured we should just go ahead and get both so we could hurry up and get Cody home."  See, it's perfect.


  1. Oh how I loved this post!!! So sweet, and so funny. She ate it Mommy! I love it!! And great pictures too!