Monday, May 21, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 8 Months

Cody you are now 8 months old.  Here's how you've grown and changed this month:

* This was the longest month of your life.  I didn't fell like you were ever going to get to 8 months but here we are.  Go team Schwartz!
* You had a weight check 2 weeks ago but I didn't write it down.  I do remember they said you were up from the 5th percentile to the 10th percentile.  So that's good news!
* About a week and a half ago daddy and I decided to take you off your antacid medication.  Most babies are weaned off at 6 months but you were still taking 1 over the counter prevacid every morning. We made this decision for a few reasons.  One, prevacid is basically on a nation wide backorder.  We've been having a harder and harder time getting our hands on it.  So when we went in for your check up Dr. Catherine gave us the script to switch you to Nexium and up the dosage.  We dropped off the script but Kroger said it would take 4 days for them to get it in.  After those 4 days they called and said they could not order the dosage you needed so they kept looking around.  3 days later the finally found a small independent pharmacy that could get in the script for you.  By that point you'd been off your meds for a week.  We didn't see an increase in vomiting and your eating habits didn't change.  So we decided to give this a try.  Unless you start projectile vomiting again we're going to wait until your 9 month check up before we discuss if you need to be put back on the medicine again.  We're hoping you've out grown your battle with GERD.
* We're still fighting the good fight with nursing and it seems that we are only having to supplement with 1 formula bottle a day.  That's pretty good little man!
* Just last weekend daddy and I decided to cut out your 10:30 "dream feed".  I was a little worried but you're doing a good job and don't seem to miss it.
* You love real food and eye ball everything we eat.  You LOVE goldfish cookies.  But you also had one of the triangles of Sarah's grilled cheese the other day and did a good job with it.  However, if we give you canned carrots (one of Sarah's favorites) you still choke on it no matter how small we cut them up for you.
* Dr. Catherine said your top gums were swollen so we should see those teeth sometime soon.  But I don't see anything.
* You have really mastered the seal scoot or swim crawl whatever you want to call it.  You are fast and have gotten to Sophie's food a few times before I've realized that you scooted out of the room!  
* You pull up and rock on your knees a lot but haven't taken the leap yet to start knee crawling.  However the other day you were alternating legs and arms as you scooted across the floor so I think you're getting closer.
* You love to jump and bounce on people's laps when we hold you standing but you aren't making any attempt to pull up and stand on your own.
* You still love to laugh and smile.  You love it when Sarah and I sing to you.  

We love you bunches and bunches big boy.

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