Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Schwartz's vs the Bowels of Hell

Hello y'all!  I'm in hell.  See, when you decide to have kids you think of all the cute stuff they do.  They crawl and babble.   And you think cute.  I want that.  And so you have one.  And you think having a newborn is hard.  Especially if they are like Cody and you are constantly trying to figure out why are they crying this time.  How come they don't eat.  Why can't I just get some sleep.  But then they grow out of that.  And they want you to play with them.  And they talk to you.  And they bring you books and ask to sit in your lap and want you to read to them and sing to them.  And they tell you they love you and they give you hugs and kisses.  And you think awww...this is so great.  This is why I had kids.

Then you start potty training.  And this, my friends, this is what you should fear the moment you pee on that stick and you see 2 pink lines.  This is what hell is.  Don't worry about labor.  It's not that hard and your body is wired to make you forget how painful it is.  But cleaning poop out of panties and swimsuits and watching your kid go to the corner of the room and push a giant turd out into her princess panties even though we just sat on the potty 2 minutes ago.  This is where you find out if you were meant for this stuff, but unfortunetly by this point it's too late.  There is a strict no return policy on kids.

It's a good thing we had Cody before I started potty training Sarah.  Because had I known all this...she surely would have been an only child.

Truth be told, she's actually doing a pretty good job.  We've been going commando at home since Thursday and we've only had one pee pee accident which she did in fact pinch off and finish on the toilet.  She's wearing pull ups to bed and is still waking up wet but she drinks a lot all day long so its going to be a while before she wakes up dry.  However, the minute we have to put panties on her or a pull up, she poops.  And more specifically she poops when we go swimming which is really aggravating and I make her go home so that she learns there's a consequence for her action.

So I know I have more people out here who read my blog then ever comment but I'm BEGGING YOU PEOPLE!  What are your potty training tips for getting them to POOP in the POTTY!

Obligatory picture to prove I haven't killed her yet.  Thank goodness she so stinkin' adorable.  She actually told me, "Mommy, go get the camera and take a picture of mommy and Sarah."

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 8 Months

Cody you are now 8 months old.  Here's how you've grown and changed this month:

* This was the longest month of your life.  I didn't fell like you were ever going to get to 8 months but here we are.  Go team Schwartz!
* You had a weight check 2 weeks ago but I didn't write it down.  I do remember they said you were up from the 5th percentile to the 10th percentile.  So that's good news!
* About a week and a half ago daddy and I decided to take you off your antacid medication.  Most babies are weaned off at 6 months but you were still taking 1 over the counter prevacid every morning. We made this decision for a few reasons.  One, prevacid is basically on a nation wide backorder.  We've been having a harder and harder time getting our hands on it.  So when we went in for your check up Dr. Catherine gave us the script to switch you to Nexium and up the dosage.  We dropped off the script but Kroger said it would take 4 days for them to get it in.  After those 4 days they called and said they could not order the dosage you needed so they kept looking around.  3 days later the finally found a small independent pharmacy that could get in the script for you.  By that point you'd been off your meds for a week.  We didn't see an increase in vomiting and your eating habits didn't change.  So we decided to give this a try.  Unless you start projectile vomiting again we're going to wait until your 9 month check up before we discuss if you need to be put back on the medicine again.  We're hoping you've out grown your battle with GERD.
* We're still fighting the good fight with nursing and it seems that we are only having to supplement with 1 formula bottle a day.  That's pretty good little man!
* Just last weekend daddy and I decided to cut out your 10:30 "dream feed".  I was a little worried but you're doing a good job and don't seem to miss it.
* You love real food and eye ball everything we eat.  You LOVE goldfish cookies.  But you also had one of the triangles of Sarah's grilled cheese the other day and did a good job with it.  However, if we give you canned carrots (one of Sarah's favorites) you still choke on it no matter how small we cut them up for you.
* Dr. Catherine said your top gums were swollen so we should see those teeth sometime soon.  But I don't see anything.
* You have really mastered the seal scoot or swim crawl whatever you want to call it.  You are fast and have gotten to Sophie's food a few times before I've realized that you scooted out of the room!  
* You pull up and rock on your knees a lot but haven't taken the leap yet to start knee crawling.  However the other day you were alternating legs and arms as you scooted across the floor so I think you're getting closer.
* You love to jump and bounce on people's laps when we hold you standing but you aren't making any attempt to pull up and stand on your own.
* You still love to laugh and smile.  You love it when Sarah and I sing to you.  

We love you bunches and bunches big boy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Zoo Party

Saturday was a big party day for us.  Sarah has 2 girl friends and they both had parties then.  We attended one at the Zoo in the morning and then a we were fortunate enough to be invited to the small family party of the other friend in the evening.  These were the first girl parties Sarah has been to and she did not do well with the gift giving.  I don't know if it was the age or just the fact they were toys she was actually interested in but she about had a melt down in both cases.  Oh well, being 2 is tough.

However, we had a great time at the zoo in the morning.  Of course, we always have a great time at the zoo and definitely get our money's worth out of the membership so just brace yourself for multiple posts of pictures from the zoo this summer.

One thing I'm super excited about is this new "Giraffe Feeding Experience" the zoo has put in.  They basically built a nice deck on the backside of the giraffe pen and it's $5 to get some lettuce and go on the deck and feed it to the animals.  It opens at 10 am and we were walking by at 9 so it wasn't open yet, but this little guy was already waiting for some patrons.  So I climbed up on the hand washing station to get a nice unobstructed picture of him.  Sarah and I both love giraffes so next time we go to the zoo we plan on being the first in line to feed them when they are nice and hungry.  I'm so excited to pet a giraffe!

Then it was off to the party.  We met in the Northwest passage underwater viewing area because it's air conditioned.  And there the girls enjoyed some party hats and cup cakes.

As you know, Sarah has an egg allergy so it's a little worrisome when cake and cupcakes are involved. Sarah loves the idea of cake.  She talks about it all the time.  But she has developed a way of being able to enjoy the birthday party experience without ending up sick.  She just eats the icing off the cupcakes.  She doesn't even take one bite.  She licks all the icing off, and then hands me the cake.  I don't know if it's because she knows she allergic or just because she's a genius and had quickly deciphered what the best part is.  But since it's a special occasion, I don't mind the straight shot of sugar she's ingesting.

Cody is quite the handsome party guest don't you think!  At first we were a little confused because Chris was told that he and Cody weren't invited to the party.  But it's a 45 minute drive to the zoo so if one of us is going...we're all going.  Luckily the host told Chris the next day that his information was bad and that of course the boys were invited. 

Good thing too because who'd want to miss seeing these great looking guys!

Party animal

Apparently it was Bear Awareness Week, or so a sign said, so in the nice air conditioned Polar Bear area there were a bunch of tables with different pelts and information and volunteers to talk to you about it.  I have no idea what I was supposed to learn but I did hand Chris the camera and say, "here take a picture of me feeding Cody to the Polar bear!"

 This is what happens when you don't behave!

 What polar bear got your leg?

The party activity was face painting.  Sarah's friend was a pro at it and went first and sat still.  I think that helped because this was Sarah's first time and I was worried that she was going to flip out.  But since she saw her friend do it she sat nice and still and let the lady paint a flower on her cheek.

It was a nice treat for the party guests and Sarah enjoyed it.  She was quite upset with me that evening in the tub when I washed it off.  

This day at the zoo was one of the Members Preview days for the annual Birds and Bees exhibit which means it wasn't crowded and you got a free feeder stick.  We've taken Sarah into the exhibit every summer since she was born.  This year was the first year she got to hold the stick herself and try to chase down her own birds.

It was Cody's first time in the bird exhibit.  He loved watching them dart around the area and reached longingly towards the birds when Chris would manage to coax one onto his stick.

Everyone had a great time.  But I really enjoyed looking through the pictures when I got home and comparing them to pictures of previous years.  I can't believe how much Sarah has grown and how old she looks to me now.  Be sure to click on the collage to make it larger.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Schwartz's vs The Second Child Trials

Sometimes it's hard being the 2nd child.  While I worked really hard not to compare Sarah to other kids, with Cody I just can't seem to stop myself.  It seems like every time I open my mouth I'm comparing him to Sarah.  When Sarah was a baby I let her dictate the schedule changes.  Poor Cody, he just has to suck it up and get on board with the routine that Sarah and I have become quite accustomed to.  And oh how I've failed in the picture taking arena.

But every now and then being the 2nd child comes with some definite perks.  Like snack time leftovers.

Never in a million years when Sarah was 7 months old would I have given her chocolate goldfish cookies.  Nope.  Wouldn't have done it.  Period.  But Sarah's now 2.5 years old and so her snack yesterday was Smores Goldfish Cookies.  She didn't care for the chocolate ones.  So today at lunch to keep him happy in the high chair I plopped them on his tray.  I think he liked them!

Oh, and look who's working on using a sippy cup.

And what would a post be without Sarah.  She was a little jealous that I was snapping pictures of Cody and started saying, "take a picture of me!"  Well since she normally doesn't want me to take her picture I just couldn't pass that up!

Man I love Kid 1 and Kid 2.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Taking a Walk

We love to take walks around the neighborhood.  Chris and I have done it since I was pregnant with Sarah.  Then when she was born we'd push her around in the stroller.  Recently when I asked Sarah if she wanted to take a walk she said, "Yes!  I push baby Belle!"  And she grabbed her stroller and headed out to the garage for us to take a walk.  Now, almost every afternoon if the weather is nice she pushes Belle, or Minnie Mouse and I push Cody. 
Her favorite thing to do is walk down to the cove at the top of our street to throw rocks into the pond.
 But today, we convinced her to walk down to the end of the street to see the "monster truck" that was parked down there.  It seems like they are going to do some repair work on our road.  She had a great time sitting on it and pretending to drive the machine.

Even Mommy liked to pretend to drive the heavy equipment.

Poor Cody and Daddy, they didn't get a turn.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day in the Schwartz house is pretty much cursed.  I know a lot of people who have a great and cute tradition of taking a picture with their kids on mother's day.  Man, I wish we had that.  But every year it just doesn't seem to work out for us.  My first mother's day Chris spent at the house doing flood repair.  My second mother's day was the day referred to as the "Mother's Day Massacre" when Chris cut Sarah's hair.  And this mother's day Cody was passed out and Sarah was in full on tantrum mode so a picture after church while we were still all cute was just not an option.

But it was a great mother's day.  Chris picked out some adorable cards that perfectly fit the kids.  He traced Cody's hand on the one from him.  Then he helped Sarah sign her name on her card and let her draw me a heart.  Chris surprised me with a spa package.  He's done this before, and he always gets annoyed with me because it takes me MONTHS to schedule it.  (And by moths it may have taken me 11 months last time he gave this to me for me to go.)  In my mind, once I go it's gone and I'll have nothing to look forward to.  But it's a very nice treat and I'm looking forward to the massage, facial, lunch, manicure, and pedicure and not to mention being away from the kids!

In nursery the kids made me some art.  This was a huge break through for Sarah.  Last time they did handprint art she cried and wouldn't let them put paint on her because it would make her messy.  Sis. O'Brien had to go get Chris to come and tell Sarah it was ok in order to do it.  This time they were very proud of her because she was excited to do it.  She lined up with the other kids and kept asking when it was her turn.

Today when she brought me the picture she just beamed with pride as she told me about it.  "They made my hand blue and then the put it right there.  See!  Right there.  It's a flower.  It's a blue flower.  It's blue, and red, and green!  See Mommy!"

I think that right there is about the best present ever.  That and hearing Sarah tell me over and over today, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Smith

This past weekend was Chris's man retreat where he and his friends go off in the woods and pretend like they are homeless camping.  Since it was my Mom's birthday Monday I decided to take the kids over there and spend the weekend with them.  We left Friday after Cody got up from his morning nap.  My theory or hope was that he would be awake and content for a little while in the car (ha!) then sleep the rest of the way (ha ha!) and we'd get there in time for him to want to nurse again (yeah right!).  That was definitely not the case and we had a major complication on the drive over.  Thankfully and miraculously we all made it there in one piece.

We had a great time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.  When we first got there mom got out our old authentic Swiss dress to try on Sarah.  She was hoping it would be a good Heidi costume for Sarah this Halloween but it was already looking a bit too small.  So Sarah, who deemed it her "Princess dress", looked adorable playing in it the rest of the day.
(I'm going to find a picture of me in this outfit later and scan it in so we'll have a who wore it best post coming soon.)

It was a nice visit with a lot of time for the kids to just hang around and play.  
 Cody's favorite toy this trip was a sticky bird kosh ball type thing that mom bought.  It was disguisting to touch but he thought it was great.  We'd give it a good smack and there was a light up flashy thing inside and Cody's eyes would just light up as he dove for it.
 Cody also got a new girlfriend.  Her name is Vickie Sue.  Like all little boys do to show little girls that they like them, he pulled her hair and stole her paci.  She didn't seem to mind.

Sunday Mom gave Cody his Watermelon outfit that she bought either before he was born or shortly there after.  I don't remember.  But it was absolutely adorable!  He just looked so handsome in it.  I found it quite distracting at church because I kept looking at him going, "oh my gosh he looks so cute!"  I know not everyone is a fan of smocking on little boys, though I'm not sure why not, but I am and it was adorable!  Though it was badly mislabled as a 9 month outfit.  Cody is only 7 months old and he's on the small side and it was already a little snug.  Thankfully my mom is so craft that she was able to move the buttons so he'll be able to wear it all summer.  And I love it so much he may wear it once a week until I can get it buttoned anymore!

 It was a very warm weekend so Monday after mom got home from the gym we took the kids to the mall to play on the little indoor play area equipment.  It's a big fish the kids can climb in and slide down.

Yes, Sarah was there too, but all the picture of her turned out blurry!  She just moves at lightening speed.  

It was a wonderful trip visiting my parents.  Sarah had a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa and they seemed to love seeing how much both of the kids have grown.  They didn't even complain about how much Cody 2 in the morning....every night.  =)  I have such awesome parents!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Girl Time

Back in December Sarah saw that I had my toes painted red.  She loved my red toes and wanted me to paint her toes.  But after I got the first toe done she flipped out and didn't let me paint the rest of them.  What was funny was then she walked around so proud of her red toe and showing it off to everyone.  She even declared that her red toe was "hot" and then she would proceed to blow on it.

Since then I have asked Sarah several times if she would like for me to paint her toes and every time she screams, "noooooo!"  So last week when I was about to get out the polish and paint my toes I asked her if she wanted me to do hers.    A few minutes later she came over and asked, "What are you doing mommy?"  "I'm painting my nails Sarah."  "Ooooohhhhh.  You've got sparkly toes.  I want sparkly toes."  "You want me to paint your nails."  "Yes!"  And she proceeded to take all my little bottles of nail polish out of the bag I keep them in.  She lined them all up.  Counted them.  Named their colors.  And then she chose blue.  "I want blue toes mommy!"  I tried hard to talk her into one of the pinks.  Not because I didn't like the blue, I obviously do since I bought it.  But I learned that unless you put the base coat down it'll stain your nails.  And when I tried to put the base coat on her she flipped out because it wasn't the blue paint.  (This week when we were changing the colors I couldn't get all the blue off.  blarg!)
Color is OPI: Swimsuit Nailed It!

After we got done painting her nails she still wanted to play with the polish.  She picked out some sparkly bubble gum glitter pink polish I had (OPI, A Sparkle Yule Love) and wanted me to put that on her nails.  Of course, that meant that I needed it on my nails too she informed me.  "You do it mommy. You put it on your nails!"  "Ooooohhhh, look we've got sparkly fingers!"
I'm actually not a fan of having color on my nails and it drove me nuts the rest of the day.  Before I went to bed I felt guilty but I took paint off.  The next morning Sarah was sitting on the couch and I saw her color was gone too.  I asked, "Sarah, what happened to your sparkly nails?"  Sarah: "I ate it."  "You what?!?  Like you put it in your mouth?"  "Yes, I put it in my mouth and I ate it."  Needless to say after that discovery that may be the last time I paint her fingernails for a while.  

"What do you mean I can't eat my fingernail polish!"

It was the first time we've gotten to enjoy a little girl bonding and I loved it!  She screams bloody murder when I try to fix her hair.  ("Don't touch my hair mommy!")  And refuses to wear hair bows any more (any other mom's have a suggestion on that one).  And will only occasionally let me put head bands on her.  So if nail polish is the only girly thing we get to bond over.  I'll take it.  Plus it gives me a person to blame my nail polish addiction on.  "Oh these 3 new bottles of nail polish?  Well, I wanted this one, and Sarah wanted that one.  Then she saw this other one she liked and she just couldn't decide and Cody was getting cranky so I figured we should just go ahead and get both so we could hurry up and get Cody home."  See, it's perfect.