Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Photoshop

For the past 6 weeks I've been sneaking out of the house every Tuesday evening and running up to the local community college to take a continuing education class with a friend.  We took beginners photoshop and had a blast!  I missed the beginner's photography class but I'm looking forward to taking that with another friend next time they offer it.  It was so much fun to be back in school, sort of.  The first night I rushed around the house dusting off my old briefcase and finding a notebook and pen so I could take notes.  I loved it!

Anyway, this was definitely a class for beginners and I'm not looking to ever do anything professional with it.  I really just wanted to learn how to do digital scrapbooking and make collages.  Ha!  I'm such a mom.  But it was a well taught class that had a nice flow to it.  And one of the neat important little tricks I learned was how to size down the pictures so they wouldn't take forever to load on the blog.  You're welcome.  =)  What was great was that the class came with a free copy of an old version of Photoshop.  The downside was it was the windows version so I had to use Chris's computer for all this stuff.  And he likes to take his laptop to work with him even though he doesn't use it there (I don't get it) so blogging has suffered because I blog during nap time but can't photoshop during nap time.  All this to say: I was going to make some neat before and after collages in PS but Chris has his computer today so instead you'll just have to look back and forth at the pictures to see the differences.

Class 1: Levels and Adjustments
So the first night we learned how to look at the histogram and adjust the levels to fix the exposure and also to adjust the color balance and the contrast and saturation levels.  I'm not great at messing with the colors and tend to over correct however the level tool has been a life saver.  I have been able to save a number of pictures that were too dark.  I know I just posted these but here are the before and afters.
Straight off of Camera
Photoshopped.  I lightened it with the levels and then adjusted the blue down a little and the pink up a little.

Straight off of Camera

Photoshopped.  Obviously I had to lighten it, but I also cropped it and used the clone tool to take out the orange toy.  Chris says I also should have cloned out the power chord.  Whateves.

Class 2: Burn, Dodge, Sponge, and Clone
Wow, burning and dodging takes a steady hand and some creativity and I never really figured out when I'd want to use the sponge tool but I did see other people's awesome homework assignments.  

After, I burned the area behind to get the window out.  I also adjusted the levels and the contrast.

Before, my cousin posted this picture and said she wished that person wasn't in the background.

After, I used the clone stamp to make the people disappear.  And also messed with the saturation and contrast.

Week 3: Tinting
We learned how to use the history brush to do hand tinting.  You know when a picture is black and white except for a few things.  

Week 4: Layers
This was probably my favorite class.  This week we learned how to make collages and layers.  So that's how I made the Easter cards that I posted.  We were also supposed to make a logo to show how we could use text and layers.  And from this lesson I also made some nifty facebook timeline coverphotos.
So here's the logo I made for my SIL.  

My timeline coverphoto.

Picture for SIL.

Week 5: Clipping Paths
We learned how to create and use clipping paths.  For homework he wanted us to make a picture that made sense.  He suggested adding a bird to a sky or a bee to flower.  Well, I don't take pictures of skies and birds, or bees and flowers.  So I had to use what I got.  And what I've got is lots of pictures of my family.  So I made this creation.  I put it up on FB to show my homework and it got quite the roar of a response.  So if you've made it to the end of this really long post then I guess this giggle is your reward.

Best FB comment: "I've got to say, Chris's expression almost suggests he just filled his diaper! LOL"

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  1. Where did you take the class and how much was it. I'd love to learn. Your kids are so stinkin adorable.