Monday, April 9, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Easter 2012 Wrap Up

We had a fantastic Easter weekend!  A few years ago Chris's company started giving everyone Good Friday off so we were able to spend it together doing fun family things. 

We got up and had a nice big breakfast then headed over to Annie's where she helped me make most of Chris's bowtie for our Easter outfits.
But after I broke her machine about 8 times in 5 minutes she decided it would be best for her sanity to finish the project for me.  So she finished Chris's bow tie and made all of Cody's.  She left it for me to finish a small seam by hand and then put the velco on the back.  Instead I just said, forget it!  The straps are covered by the collars so the guys ties are held on by safety pins.  I'm that awesome!

Then we came home and put Cody down for his morning nap and took Sarah outside to dye her legs even though she was supposed to be dyeing Easter eggs.
She was so cute!  She did try to put the eggs in the bowls with her spoon but didn't quite grasp the concept so she instead slung most of them in or dropped them on the way.  I think about 5 of the eggs got cracked in the process.  Later after her nap we tried to put the finishing touches on the eggs by applying the "tatoos" the kit came with. They didn't work and the dye started coming off the eggs.  But it was still fun.  Then Sarah and I ran over to the local bakery to pick up some treats and enjoyed a pettifore that was decorated like an Easter egg.  

On the way home we noticed one of the local churches had up on their sign something about a "flashlight Easter egg hunt" that evening.  So I came home and looked it up.  It also included dinner and other entertainment so I was sold on the idea!  We called the Joiners and asked if they'd like to join us.  Sarah and ET had a great time watching the puppet show while we waited until dusk for the egg hunt to begin.  It was a well organized event and the kids were split up by age groups so that bigger kids didn't run over the little ones.  Sarah was excited to fun the eggs and ran around having a great time.

Saturday we celebrated Easter with the Schwartz's.  So the morning was spent grocery shopping and of course, having breakfast at Chic-fil-a!  Sarah and I both love that place.  I made my mom's glazed baby carrots, the Keller's Mustard Relish, and Grandma Coelho's cream cheese rolls for my part of the meal.  (Chris later let the secret out that when I make the cream cheese rolls I just use store bought dough.  I hate it when he undermines my awesomeness.  LET PEOPLE THINK I CAN DO SOMETHING IN THE KITCHEN!  Come on!)

We had a great time with the family.  We always do.  Melissa was sweet enough to take some family pictures for us so we wouldn't have to worry about it before church.

Then I buzzed everyone into the house to change before anyone started sweating in their church clothes for Sunday.  Ha!  The kids played while we got dinner together.  Then while Melissa took care of her boy's Easter pictures we played in the golf course narrowly avoiding being hit by a golfer with a bad hook.  His ball actually hit the tree we were all hiding under.  During that time I took the BEST PICTURE EVER!  But it deserves it's own page so check back tomorrow for it.

After photos it was time for another egg hunt!
 Uncle Adam was nice enough to keep to joy going for Sarah but taking a few eggs out of her basket and tossing them behind her while she put some in.  I think they did that for about 10 minutes and Sarah could have done it for longer.  She just kept turning around excitedly shouting, "look!  More eggs.  We have to get them!"
This year she learned there was stuff in the eggs.  A secret I kept from her last year.  We put marshmallows and jelly beans in them for her.  She likes the marshmallows.  She spits out the jelly beans. 

Sunday we went to church.  Sarah and I talked about the Easter story.  I asked her if sometimes she had to go to time out.  She said yes.  And I explained she goes to timeout when she's been bad.  Then we talked about Jesus and I showed her an awesome video and she was so sweet about it.  She pointed at Jesus and said, "Jesus sad".  And to explain it to a little to year old I told her that Jesus died for us so that we wouldn't have to go to eternal timeout.  Chris laughed.  But I thought it was a good way of watering it down for Sarah.

After her nap we hunted the same eggs again.  Chris put them in the back yard.  Then she still wanted to find more so he put the eggs out for her one more time, this time in the front yard.  

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with plenty of time with family and friends.  Next year I think I'll start a tradition one of my friends Bekah does with her family for Holy Week.  Each night they have a lesson, craft, whatever to talk about the Easter story.  I'm looking forward to doing that with my family.

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