Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 7 Months Old

My Dear Sweet Handsome Boy, you are 7 months old now and here's how you've grown.

* You weigh 15 lbs 13 ounces.
* You wear 6-9 month clothes.  The pants are usually a little baggy on you but they look oh so adorable.
* You wear a size 2 diaper because we bought a big box at Costco and so I keep cramming you into them. I promise next week when it's time to buy diapers I'll move you up to a 3.
* You LOVE, and I mean LOVE food.  Not nursing, not bottles.  You want to be fed purees.  You make the funniest sounds while you are eating like you are savoring every bite.
* You've pretty much mastered the pincer grasp and no longer just slam your hand on a bunch of cheerios and eat whatever sticks.
* You love Multigrain Cheerios and that's one of the benefits of being baby #2.  We made Sarah eat the plain stuff until she was probably 18 months old.  But since the slightly sweetened multi grain is what is in the house now you get to eat that.  Lucky you!
* You like Gerber puffs better than cheerios.
* You have mastered mobility and can army crawl your way out of whatever room I put you in.
* You find every bit of whatever on the floor and immediately put it in your mouth.
* And you are fascinated by the cool air return vent.  You will often crawl out of Sarah's room to play with it.
* You love your Mommy and get quite insulted when she doesn't pick you up straight away after coming into the nursery at the gym.
* You are so full of energy and would rather be jumping, bouncing, turning, and looking around instead of just sitting still on someone's lap.
* You still are a horrible, HORRIBLE napper.  We just can't get a day routine down for you.  But you do go to bed at 7 pm and generally sleep until about 6:30 am.  You still get your dream feed bottle around 10-10:30 each night.
* You love to explore and are fascinated by your environment.
Instead of just staying on the blanket you like to crawl to the edge and play with/eat the grass.

* You've been to the zoo for the first time and thought the double stroller was great.  Your face just lit up when we put you in it because you could see so much stuff.
* You like music and smile when mommy sings to you and think her dance moves are hilarious.  
* You love to play with toys and think that whatever your sister is playing with must be the best toy so you will immediately crawl over and start to play with her stuff.  You guys actually do play well together unless it's the Princess toys.  Sarah doesn't like to share those.  And you keep putting the little rubber shirts in your mouth.  Big chocking hazard no no.  Still you get pretty mad and refuse to be distracted by any other toy when those are out to be eaten.  
* You can sit up in the bathtub all by yourself as long as it's very shallow.  You think it's great and splash and chew on all the toys.  

* You are a happy, smiley baby and we are all thoroughly enjoying watching you grow, learn and explore.

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