Friday, March 23, 2012

The Schwartz's vs New Shoes

 I went to a consignment sale with a friend last night.  She consigns and volunteers so we get to go to the early preview shopping.  The downside is everything is full price since the half price sale is at the end of the weekend.  The upside is everything is there so it's not picked over yet and since the preview shopping is private it's really not crowded at all and you're able to actually look through the racks.

I got some pretty good deals.  I went looking for summer tops and shorts for Sarah since she only has a few warm weather play clothes that her Aunt Elizabeth sent her.  (Thanks Elizabeth!)  And of course I had to get Sarah some shoes.  I found 2 pairs of Stride Rite dress shoes for about $8 each.  Stride Rite shoes are EXPENSIVE but they last and Sarah never complains when she wears them.  She doesn't like certain brands, I guess they hurt her feet.
Um, did I buy enough pink stuff?  I'm not sure.

I did splurge and get Sarah one smocked outfit.  A cute Hula Girl top and capri set.  It was $15 but it was in very excellent condition and normally stuff like that is easily $30-$35.

For Cody I focused on getting him church clothes so there are a lot of nice button ups and collared polos.  I even got him a pair of shoes that were brand new still with tags for only $4, a cute pair of dress shoes (see bottom left corner), and a pair of Stride Rite sneakers.  I can't remember what size Sarah was wearing when she started walking so I guessed and got him a size 4.  I also got him a lot of good deals on outfits, pants that came with one or two shirts for $4.

Anyway, the real point of this post is not me trying to make myself feel better about how much money I spent last night on clothes the kids will outgrow with in a few months but the conversation I had with Sarah this morning.  It went like this.

Sarah came out trying to put her sneakers on.  She loves shoes.  

Mommy: Sarah, I got you new shoes last night.
Sarah: New shoes!
Mommy: Yes, new shoes.  Do you want to try them on?
Sarah: Yes!  Put shoes on!

I get out her new pair of pink and gold strappy sneakers.

Mommy: Here are your new shoes.  Do you like them?
Sarah: Are they squeeky shoes?
Mommy: No, they don't squeek.
Sarah: Not squeeky shoes?  (looks disappointed)
Mommy: No, I'm sorry.  But let's try them ok.
Sarah: ok mommy.
Mommy: Do you like your new shoes.
Sarah: Yes!  Look!  New Shoes!

Sarah showing off her new shoes.

And I had my hands on a pair of squeeky shoes last night at the sale and put them back.  I guess I should have gotten them.


  1. I'm vote for no squeaky shoes, EVER! Hallie McIlvain had to remove the squeaker from Avery's shoes because she started walking on her tip-toes!

    1. Awwww, don't hate on squeeker shoes. Sarah loves them. She knows which pairs squeeks and wants to put them on and then goes to town dancing and stomping and jumping. She also knows to tip toe if she wants to sneak up on someone while wearing her squeeker shoes.

  2. hey there! i copied your pics of your hunger game shirts from facebook and put them onto our blog to give credit to you for the idea. i put your name in the post with a link back to your blog. it wont post to our blog til monday, so let me know if you would rather i not have your name on it and a link to your blog, i can always just say
    "my friend". Thanks for the cute idea!