Monday, February 27, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Life Lately

Wow!  I don't understand how February is the shortest month and yet it seems to be the busiest.  I'm really looking forward to life slowing down and becoming less hectic.  When does that happen?  (After the kids are grown and gone!  Ha!)

This month during play time Sarah got some new Legos to add to the ones that she got for Christmas.  Daddy can build wonderfully creative things for Sarah when they play legos.  Mommy can only build tunnels.  So in turn Sarah became obsessed with finding and building tunnels.
We can mark "build a structure out of pillows" of the list of classic things to do with kids.  But does it make it any less cooler when I confess that I tried to build a fort and it collapsed so once again the only thing I could build was a tunnel?  Still, Sarah loved it.

In other news, now that Cody is eating rice cereal and he keeps leaning over in the bumbo we moved him in to high chair.

That meant it was time to get Sarah a big girl seat at the table so she can eat with Mommy and Daddy.
We took her to Walmart and got all the booster seats and put them on the floor for her to look at and pick one.  I was quite surprised at the range of prices these things were.  They went from $12 to almost $40!  Crazy.  I really thought she would pick the Princess one since she loves princesses but in the end she chose:

The $12 green one.  It seems I'm raising a penny pinching miser just like me.  I love it!  But in reality I think she picked it because it was so cheap it didn't come in a box.  So she could actually tell what it was and wanted to sit in it.  I guess the pictures on the boxed booster seats don't really convey what they are to children.  Someone in advertising might want to look into that.  Then again, how many parents really take their kids to the store to pick out a booster seat.  

Does it get any cuter than this!  I'm sure I'll regret this later when it's impossible to break but it seems like Cody is a thumb sucker.  Sometimes when I catch him doing this I'll put his paci in, but he either spits it out or pulls it out and goes for the thumb.  I think it's adorable now, so I'll cross that bridge of when it become a problem later.  


  1. They are growing up so fast!!! And I agree. The thumb sucking is cute.

  2. Love a sweet thumb sucker! AND.. Poor C is definitely the second child- you're sharing pics of big sis in her new booster but not of him sitting big in his high chair taking in his first bites of messy cereal!! You have such a fun blog!