Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Schwartz's vs How We Spent Our Weekend (2/3-2/5)

Friday Night
TV Zombies

We've started a family movie night tradition and have done it for the past 3 weeks.  This was the first time though that Sarah actually got to finish the movie.  The past couple of weeks we got started late, as in pretty much at the time she should be going to bed, so she only got to see half of those movies.  (Despicable Me and Rio)  And we Redboxed those too, so she'll never know the ending, but we'll fill her in later since we finished the movie after we put her to bed.  Ha!  We're such awful parents.  This weekend since Cody can't voice and opinion and Chris got outvoted we watched a Princess movie.  Tangled was already down stairs that's what we popped into the player and settled onto the couch to enjoy together.  Sarah loved it.  When we first bought it she didn't care much for it so I was surprised that she sat through the whole thing.

Saturday Night

Sunday Evening

We headed over to the Comb's house to watch the Super bowl.  I don't really follow football, and while Chris is a Dolphin's fan, I don't think he really follows football either.  But we do always watch the Super bowl.  I mostly like the Super Bowl because it's an excuse to eat a bunch of junk food, but there's also a little nostalgia attached to it.  Super Bowl watching was one of the first times Chris and I hung out.  I was trying to get to know Chris better (even though he had a girlfriend, who was at the event) and he mentioned something about having some friends over to watch the game with his parents.  I weaseled an invitation in by going to watch the game with his friend Scott, who was a mutual friend with the person I just broke up with.  (That was awkward...hey can I go watch the Super bowl with you so I can flirt with your friend and then more than likely never talk to you again.  Thanks.....)  That was also the first time I ever met Chris's brother Adam and his then girlfriend, now wife and mother of 4 boys, Melissa.  I guess that was our first Schwartz Family gathering (with a few extra people that we trimmed out).  Ha!

Anyway, the point is look at the adorable cake balls we made for the party!  I think those are my favorite ones we've done so far.  It took a few to get the hang of the football shape so some of them just look like turds but they were yummy!  (For those of you that want to know, the flavor was Devil's Food cake with vanilla frosting mixed in instead of chocolate, and mini marshmallow filling.)  
Super Bowl Cake Balls

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