Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Ringing in the New Year

We spent New Year's at my parents house to do our  Christmas celebrations with them.  The kids of course had a blast!  I thought the adults did too, until Mom got up at the pulpit at church and announced having us over is work!  Ha!  Guess I should stop going on vacation as soon as I get to my parents house.  I let her do all the hard work like feed Sarah dinner and give her a bath.  But I never ask her to change a diaper.  She'll hand those kids off lickity split if they need a change. 
Reading books with Grandma

Playing with Grandpa (before the great diaper blow out)

This being our 3rd Christmas celebration Sarah was finally getting the hang of presents and was excited to open them and pass them out to others.  However, since her birthday falls so close to Christmas she hasn't quite gotten the grasp on the holiday and therefore thought it was Grandpa's birthday.  She and Chris had an interesting conversation about it a few days ago.  We went out to buy my dad's gift and told Sarah that's what we were going to do, "go buy grandpa a present".  Later that evening she told Chris, "Grandpa's birthday!"  And Chris said, "why do you think it's grandpa's birthday?"  Sarah replied in a very manner of fact manner, "presents".  She had yet another very nice Christmas and got her own nativity set to play with and a beautiful dress and new red shoes that she was very excited about.  Cody got a few things also that he's excited about: a Snoopy dog and a wipe warmer. 

Saturday the weather was fantastic!  I think it got up to 70 degrees.  At the front of my parents neighborhood is a nice park and play ground but we've never been able to let Sarah play on it because of age or weather or time.  But this day was too perfect not to pop over to the park. 
Sarah had a great time climbing up into the little fort at the top of the slide.

Cody got plenty of cuddle time with grandma while Chris and I played with Sarah.

Climbing up to the top of the slide like a big girl!

They didn't have bucket swings so Sarah and I got to swing together.  

Cody enjoyed the nice weather and strolled around with grandma when he wasn't being snuggled.

Sarah tickling Cody.  They are already such good friends.

Speaking of letting Grandma feed Sarah dinner.  She stuffed her so full of spaghetti-os and yogurt one night that Sarah was drooling Oreos in the bath (look at her chin):
Her belly was so full it was distended!

Here is Sarah showing off the gorgeous dress that Grandma bought her for Christmas and her new red shoes.  She loved those shoes and kept putting them on and talking about them.  When she couldn't find someone to help her put them on Monday she even did it herself.  They were on the wrong feet but she was able to walk and was happily showing them off.

The other thing I love about this pictures is the headband she's wearing.  She was so consumed with the magnets she was playing with she didn't notice when Grandma slid it into her hair.  We managed to get all of the pictures I wanted taken and just as soon as we were done she touched her head, said, "What's this!" and pulled it out and wouldn't let us put it back in.  But it does give me an idea.  I think I'm going to buy her some cheap headbands and let her play with them like toys and see if we can transition that into being our new hair accessory since she won't let me put bows in her hair anymore.  

It's been a fun holiday season this year.  I'm glad we got to kick it off with Thanksgiving with everyone at Pete's house, have a wonderful Christmas celebration with all of the Schwartz family, and end it with New Year's at my folk's house.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, Sarah and Cody

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  1. Ok- the picture of Sarah nose to nose with Cody in the stroller- she looks exactly like you! I see the holidays were so good to y'all! I can't believe how big Cody is already getting.. He has a killer handsome smile!