Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 4 Months Old

4 Month Old Stats:
* Head: 16", 10th percentile
* Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz, 25th percentile
* Height: 25.5", 50th percentile

Cody Man, you're 4 months old now and here's what you've got going on:

* You laugh when you're tickled.  
* You smile real big when you see your sister.
* You reach for toys that are near by when you are on your tummy.
* You throw yourself forward and lean real hard to get things that are on the table when you sit in your bumbo.  (We have to put the tray on it for safety reasons.)
* You think it's hilarious when daddy's holding you and mommy sways forward into your face and says "boo" and tickles your tummy.  So much so that all I have to do is make the tickle claw hand and you start to laugh.
* You love to chew on hands, especially the hands of the person holding you and you will get quite mad if they don't let you.
* You are a slobbery drool machine.  I thought perhaps you were teething by Dr. Catherine checked and said she didn't see anything yet.  (But, Sarah was an early teether so perhaps you will be too.)
* You are a stripper and love to get naked.  As soon as we start to unbutton you for a diaper change you give us a huge smile and sometimes laugh when your diaper comes off.  
* You still don't have a good routine so we're still guessing though out the day when you might be hungry or tired.
* You still don't sleep though the night and it's driving us nuts.  Dr. Catherine says it's because you keep nursing yourself to sleep in the evening so you don't know how to self soothe and put yourself back to sleep when you wake up throughout the night.  
* You like to kick and that turns you in circles when you're laying down.  
* You are a handsome boy.  You have a beautiful face, a sweet smile, and your eyes just light up when you're happy.

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  1. He's so pretty! His coloring is beautiful and those eyes! It was tough for us to get Daniel (#2) into a routine, too. I hope you guys get some sleep soon!