Friday, January 6, 2012

The Schwartz's vs the Budding Artist

While we were at Thanksgiving in Mason we went to Ikea to walk around this magical wonderland.  I had never been to such a place as Ikea.  It was pretty neat and I can see why people who have been there love it.  Anyway, I wasn't planning on getting anything, then Elizabeth mentioned the art easel was on sale for $10 and Logan loves it.  Since Sarah loves coloring I thought "what the heck, it's just 10 bucks" and so I picked it up.  (Well, I actually spent $20 since I got it for 10, the big roll of paper for $5, and then a pack of stamper markers, a pack of dry erase markers, and a pack of chalk.  Which I think is really a lot of stuff for about $20.)

Anyway, we decided to give it to her for Christmas instead of her birthday and she LOVES it.  At first I kept the crayons put away but since she's being good I've left them on the easel tray so that she can color throughout the day.  She'll color in the morning during her cartoons.  Then she'll color while I make her lunch.  She'll randomly stop playing with whatever toy and get up and color sometimes.  She has even discovered the back side and has asked for the dry erase markers.  I've let her play with them a few times and she does a really good job of only using one at a time but in her attempts to uncap them she slings them and gets ink on herself and I just can't handle it.  (I'm trying ok...I really am, look I leave the crayons out...that's really good for me!)  One time when she asked for them I told her I didn't know where they were.  She said, "I'll find them" and went over to the brown box where I got them out of.  I didn't even realize she saw me get them from there the first time.  Anyway, they weren't in there but the pack of stampy markers were so she brought those to me and said, "I found it!  Here!  Open please!"  I really didn't want her playing with those yet so I had to concede to go get the dry erase markers out of their hiding spot.

My only complaint is that I wish that the chalk board was magnetic so that she could play with magnets and I could magnet up coloring sheets instead of using masking tape.  But I think I'm going to use a command hook and ribbon and just hang a cookie sheet on the wall next to it for her to play with magnets.  

Anyway, since she's been coloring more frequently we've hit a pretty big milestone (in my opinion).
Sarah is starting to actually color the pictures instead of just scribbling all over them in random places.  If you look closely at the picture she tried to color the tail stripe green in between two of the purple stripes.  And she started to color the face green too.  Since this picture was taken she colored the nose pink and the eyes blue.  I think it's pretty neat her cognitive development here.  She's starting to understand order and boundaries and the whole concept of this fascinates me.  I never told her to color in the lines.  Whenever she'd show me some scribbled up picture I'd cheer over it and tell her it was beautiful.  

She's probably learned some of it from watching Chris and I color with her, but we never encouraged her to do it.  It's also pretty neat to see how she hold crayons.  She holds them the right way like you should hold a pencil.  She rarely ever fist grabs and colors with them.  I'm pretty sure she learned that from watching us.  And that makes me think about all the little things she's watching us do and copying from us.  If she notices the way Chris and I hold a crayon to color and mimics it, what else will she mimic that we do?  (A bit of a heavy parenting moment just came out of my reflecting over how awesome it is that she's trying to color pictures.  Whoa.)

It's so much fun to watch her color.  She just has an expression of pure joy on her face while she's doing it.  She'll name the colors she's using and announce "draw circle" which is about the only thing she can draw.  Then she'll ask one of us to color with her and draw eyes on her circle, or draw her a fish or a house, or a boat.  When she starts asking for more complicated things I have to defer to Chris since he is the artist in the family.  But I just love watching her imagination and creativity spill out on paper.  

I'm just really not looking forward to the inevitable day when I find her artwork on the wall, couch, cat, and Cody.

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  1. Dry erase markers? Could we soon see Sarah with "Math Hands"?