Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 2

Sarah, you are 2 years old now and have become so grown up.  It is crazy to think that 12 months ago you wouldn't walk without holding our hands and now I have to wrestle with you to get you to hold my hand when we're walking in a parking lot.  You amaze me every single day!

You're quite the chatter box and you talk all the time.  It seems like every day you have new words in your vocabulary and have started repeating things we say to you.  Not all of your words are intelligible but everything you say means something to you.

You have an active imagination and are so much fun to play with.  You're little people have conversations.  They go on adventures and need to look out of the windows.  Your bath toys hop and splash.  You hide things under cups and ask "where did it go" so you can unveil whatever it is and announce "ta da!".

You've begun to play with friends instead of just in the same room as them.  You recognize your friends houses like Jessie and Elsie Tate and Grandma's house where you want to play with your boys.  When we pull up you announce whose house it is and say "yea!"

Your appetite comes and goes.  Some days you eat really well, others you don't eat at all.  I don't really stress about it.  However we seem to be in a bit of a rut which I've created for you on my own.  Daddy and I still eat after you go to bed so you're not learning to eat what we eat for dinner.  We're going to try really hard this next year to break that habit.  Right now your favorite foods are pizza and crackers.  You ask for those all the time.  Yogurt is also another popular choice.  You like to ask for yogurt or applesauce after you finish your lunch and/or dinner.

You watch more tv then I really like for you to but with a fussy little brother sometimes it's just easier that way.  You're constantly asking to "watch show.  what a pat pat show." and then will ask "where's the white remote" because you've learned that's the one that controls the tv (as opposed to the black one for the dvd player.)

Since you love tv so much for your birthday we took you to your first movie in the theater.  We saw the Muppet Movie.  It's been out for a little while and we went to a matinee so we had the theater all to ourselves.  You did a really good job and seemed to enjoy it.  It was a nice special treat for your special day.

You are a good, sweet, funny girl.  You like to give hugs and kisses and when you want to cuddle you say, "I hold you".  You think tickling and being tickled is the funniest thing in the entire world.  You are sweet to your brother and include him in our tickle fests.

You had another great year and I'm so excited to see how you grow in this upcoming year.  We've got a lot of big things to tackle like potty training and moving into a big girl bed.  You'll be able to play more with the best friend we made for you.  You're vocabulary is going to continue growing!  And by the end of this year you'll be out of nursery and start 2013 off in Primary!  Just thinking about how much you're going to grow this year is a mixed bag of missing my baby girl and being so proud of my big girl who just keeps getting bigger.  We love you Sarah!

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