Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Moose and Squirrel

Remember when Emily and I were pregnant at the same time with the same due date?

Then she had her baby first, but I had a better birth story.

Well since then we've been pretty lucky to see each other once a month almost exactly a month apart even though she lives about 5 hours away from us.  It's been fun to compare the boys and see how much they've changed and grown.  
One month old, 10/23

Two Months Old, Thanksgiving

And finally, here's the best comparison picture yet
3 Months Old, Christmas Day

My sister was in town so we went to the same ward for Christmas and had a little photo shoot with our guys in the mother's room.  Henry is only 9 days older than Cody and he is about twice the size.  Her little man is just adorable and amazing.  He's got the cutest little chunky rolls and is already trying to sit up on his own.  You just barely have to hold his waist and he can hold himself up balanced perfectly.  Cody in this picture only weighs 12 lbs and compared to Henry is a busy little boy.  He kept flailing about while we were trying to take the pictures.  Our dad calls Henry hoss.  I prefer to think of them as Moose and Squirrel.  

As I thought about how great it's been that we've seen each other so much recently I got really excited thinking about the future of these two little guys.  I don't know, perhaps it's because they are wearing their tie onesies that our Mom made them, but I'm really hoping we have another picture like this when they both get baptized at the same time, and then it would be really awesome if we got a third picture of them like this at their Missionary going away party.  

This really is a lot of fun because it feels like twins, but I only have to take care of one of them!  

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  1. Mmmmm? Tie Onesies when they are baptized and again when they leave on their missions. Those would be great pictures. You pull off a lot of amazing things. I can't wait to see you pull off this one.