Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 3 Months Old

Cody you're now 3 months old.  A quarter of a way into your first year.  Wahoo!  I know most people love the newborn phase but I'm not a big fan; so I'm counting down till we get to the fun stuff like sitting up, eating real food, crawling, playing with your sister.  I figure we have about 3 more months before we really hit our stride as a parent/child team.

* You've been on Prevacid for a month now.  It was a little tricky at first.  We started it the week we went out of town for Thanksgiving and whether it was a need to build up in your system or traveling that threw you off you didn't gain any weight that week and in fact you lost 3 ounces which is quite a bit for a little dude like yourself.  Now you seem to be back on track and you weigh 12 lbs.
*  While the prevacid was supposed to increase your appetite, I haven't seen that.  We've started pumping and giving you a bottle at night to help supplement and also to maybe get you to sleep longer in the evening.  When offered 5 ounces, you only drink 2-2.5 of them.  Sometimes you refuse to latch on to me at all and I have to pump and immediately offer you that bottle.  It's frustrating, but as long as you're gaining weight it's worth it.
*  Since we started you on the meds your projectile vomiting as been at a minimum and you seem to cry less.  The evening is still a difficult time for you.  You get cranky around 4, start crying around 5 and typically don't stop until you pass out at 7:30.
*  You smile a lot now and love to coo and talk to anyone who will talk to you.  You are a huge flirt and your favorite person to flirt with at church has to be Annie.  Anytime she comes near you you give her huge smiles and lots of coos.
*  You have finally noticed your sister, Sarah, and you LOVE her.  I'm serious, she lights up your whole face.  It makes me so happy to see that even at this age you guys are already bonding.  One cranky evening while daddy was giving her a bath I walked in there with you crying.  The minute you saw her you stopped mid wail and just smiled at her.
*  You sit pretty well in your bumbo, although you don't like to be in it for an extended period of time.
*  You rolled over for the first time on 12/19.  You rolled from front to back.  It was a complete and total accident but it still counts!
*  You started reaching for your hanging toys on your toy mat for the first time today!

*  You are very alert and love to look around the room, watch people, but most of all you love to watch tv.  
*  You drool a TON and blow bubbles with your spit and are constantly chewing on your hands.

You are a sweet baby boy and everyone loves having you in our family.  We can't wait to see how you grow in this next month.

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