Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Christmas 2011, Schwartz Style

Our Schwartz family tradition is for everyone to gather at Ma and Pa Schwartz's house on whatever our Schwartzmas Eve is, have dinner, play, dawn our Christmas jammies and watch a Christmas movie together, then everyone stays the night so we can get up and open presents in the morning.  This year, Sarah was old enough to sleep in the rec room with the boys.  I didn't have high hopes for these sleeping arrangements, especially when Ma Schwartz excitedly showed me the adorable princess sleeping bag she bought for Sarah to use.  (Sarah still sleeps in a crib.  Freedom and mobility at bed time is the last milestone I want to get to.)  So we pragmatically rolled the pack and play into the rec room also.  After watching Elf (and Sarah repeatedly asking to "watch a pat pat show" instead) it was time for bed.  The moment of truth.  Chris and I took her up to the rec room and showed her the sleeping bag and asked if she wanted to sleep there.  She pointed to the pack and play and said "I want this".  That's my girl!  So we plopped her in and laid her down.  I think she could sense the boys were still down stairs having fun so Grandma had to go up and reassure her.  After that she quickly fell asleep and later the boys snuck in without waking her so it actually turned out ok.  I really thought she would stay up all night trying to play with her boys.  Sarah's had a cold so in the morning H1 said the funniest thing.  He told Grandma that "Sarah sure is cute during the day, but she snores at night."  Love it!
H1, H2, and H4 with Cody and Grandma showing off their Christmas jammies

In the morning, I think everyone was up by 7:30 and ready to open presents.  The boys played Santa and passed out the gifts.  Sarah was very excited, though I think she was more excited about all the commotion rather than the prospect of getting presents.

In standard Schwartz style the kids were spoiled to death.  Sarah got a new doll that has outfits she can change into.  Some adorable shirts and jammies, and while the box was labeled for Sarah, I'm pretty sure the Duplo legos she got were actually for Chris.

Cody also got some pretty handsome outfits, cute new jammies, and an adorable rattler tool set.  

Tuckered out from all the good times.

The big boys, and by big boys I mean the grown men, not the Hs, got RC helicopters for Christmas.  They had a blast trying to figure out how to fly those things.  Sarah was having a great time watching them zip around the room.  Until one crash landed in her hair.
Luckily grandpa saved the day and got the helicopter out of Sarah's hair.  

We all had a great time, but I think the MVP of Schwartz Christmas this year was the Coco-latte Machine I borrowed from Annie.  It was AMAZING!  It made the creamiest, most delicious hot chocolate I've ever had.  And it kept it warm and fresh all day as it continually churned it every so often.  Plus it had a froth and dispense button so you could choose if you wanted your hot cocoa frothy at the top or not.  We're definitely going to have to invest in one of those for all future cold weather gatherings.  

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