Monday, November 28, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving we all gathered at Pete and Elizabeth's in Mason, OH to celebrate.  It was fantastic.  (The 9 hour drive with a colicky 2 month old, not so fantastic.  However, we invested in a dvd player for the car for Sarah and she was great the whole way there and back.)

I think sometimes I get a little bummed that my family moved away from Memphis.  I can't just drop in and see them like I can the Schwartz family.  But this Thanksgiving I realized how lucky we are that we live close enough together that we can gather once a year and spend time with everyone all under the same roof.  Plus, Mason is one cool town so we'll gladly let Pete and Elizabeth host Thanksgiving every year if they want!  (No really, please!)

Pete with his kitchen power tool

Have you ever heard of a Turducen?  We had only heard of it in legends until Pete saw one at his grocery store.  We were amazed to know they actually exsisted!  It's a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.  So we knew we had to try it.  It was pretty good.  Elizabeth also made a huge and amazing traditional turkey.  We had so much food one of their neighbors who was going over to their family's house let us use their oven to do some of our cooking.


Sarah had a really great time!  And Logan was so good to her.  He was patient and sweet.  He shared his toys and crayons and didn't get upset when she ran around claiming all of his stuff as her own.  (She's going through the "mine!" stage.)  She raided his room and immediately fell in love with his Woody and Jessie dolls.  We heard her pulling those strings for at least an hour after we put her in bed.  Then Elizabeth was sweet enough to send Sarah home with a ton of toys that Logan has outgrown.  

Elizabeth even did Sarah's hair while we were there.  It looked adorable!  Of course getting a decent picture of Sarah is pretty much impossible so this feat has gone undocumented. 

Cody is such a handsome little dude.  But there's one thing I've learned at this family gathering.  When given the choice between holding a happy chunky baby, and a crying little guy.  Everyone picks to hold Henry.  Oh well, at least Cody's handsome.  And he'll out grow this right...right?

My new favorite picture of me and my sister.  Us and our twin boys in our Moby Wraps.  We went to walk around Ikea.  That place is AMAZING!  Amazing I tell you!  Good quality stuff for some pretty decent prices.  I went to just walk around and left with an art easel and all the accessories (paper, dry erase markers, regular markers, and chalk) for Sarah, a little step stool, and a soft soccer ball all for $20.  One day, when I have my dream kitchen, it may come from Ikea.  

I'm batman.  No I'm batman.  
What they were on clearance at Old Navy for $0.97 each!  I couldn't resist getting the boys in matching outfits.  

We had the opportunity while we were all together to get some family pictures taken.  Trying to get so many people all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time was definitely an adventure.  Sarah was being pretty ornery when we wanted her in the picture.  Then when we didn't need her in the picture any more she kept trying to jump in.
I think the last time there was a picture of just the 5 of us was 10 years ago.  Maybe I should find it and scan it in for a comparison. And is it just me or does my mom look amazing in this picture!


On the way home we stopped in Nashville to grab some lunch.  We tried to go the the big mall but the only store that is open again is the Bass Pro Shop.  So we headed over to the Opry Hotel and walked around a bit and ate some lunch.  That hotel is just beautiful and they really deck it out for Christmas.  This year they have some sort of Dreamwork Christmas package going on so there were characters there doing meet and greets if you had some sort of card.  However, they had a free Shrek Christmas Spectacular and we happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch the show.  Sarah loved it.  Her eyes were glued on it the whole time.  I'm not quite sure if she blinked for 20 minutes.  

I'm really thankful to have such a wonderful family.  Both branches of it are really amazing.  Our kids are lucky to have such great grandparents and aunts and uncles who love them and spoil them rotten and so many cousins to play with.  

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