Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sibling Relations

Sarah has been handling her big sister transition pretty well.  And there are a few funny or cute things that I want to remember from this time.  So here is a collection of random things I've witnessed or heard as these two have interacted.
*  Whenever Cody is crying Sarah feels the need to alert me.  She'll announce "Cody cry".  If I'm not in the room she'll tell me "Cody cry!  Com' on, follow me."  And lead me to him.*  She likes to pat his head and say "hi cody!"  Then she picks up his arm or hand and tries to make him wave back like she does with her dolls.*  When we're all in her room playing she'll hand him a toy.  However, it doesn't seem to last long because then she takes it right back and looks at him like she can't believe he would take her toys.*  If Cody is in the swing, she feels the swing should be doing the opposite of what it is.  If I leave it off, she turns it on full swing and the music full blast.  If I have it on, she turns it off.*  When Cody cries, aside from alerting me to it, she also tries to solve the problem herself.  She'll announce that he needs a paci and then go on a mission to find one.  This is probably why I can never find the pacis where I left them.  
*  In the early days she was a little jealous of Cody's paci.  She often times would take it out of his mouth.  I had to buy him some that looked different to help her understand what Cody's pacis look like and what hers look like.  Though, it shouldn't have been hard; she's only allowed to have hers in bed.*  One time she leaned in like she was going to give Cody a kiss and she snatched his paci right out of his mouth and took off running with it.*  The other day when Cody was crying she went and found every paci she could and put it in the swing with him.  When that didn't make him stop crying she went and found every thing of mylicon that she could reach and also put those in the swing with him.* If she gets up from her nap and she doesn't see Cody she'll ask "Where Cody go?  Let's find him."
* She insists on giving Cody a good night kiss when she's passing kisses for the evening.
* One time, when Cody was on the couch in the Boppy pillow I saw her carefully tucking a blanket over him.  Just as she got fixed the way she liked it she snatched it off of him and yelled "no, mine!"
* Cody had just gotten up from his nap one day and was crying and I casually told her, "Cody's hungry".  She looked at me like she was processing this information, then pointed to my boob and said, "Eat, Cody, Eat!"
* The other day I came out to hear Cody crying and found her plugging Cody's nose shut!  I was pretty upset and told her no! you can't touch Cody's nose!  I was worried I was raising some lunatic who might actually kill her brother.  Later when we were playing in her room she grabbed my nose in a similar fashion and said, "I got your nose."  She had been playing with Cody.  Of course, I still explain to her that she has to be gentle with Cody.

I love to see her interact with her brother and am looking forward to when he can actually play with her too.

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