Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 23rd Month

You definitely did not want to take your birthday picture this month!

Dear Sarah, you are almost 2 now and you are every bit of your age and then some.  You're having some issues right now with tantrums, whining, toy snatching, and general 2 year old charms.  But you also give the best kisses, sweetest hugs, and still pat us on the back while we're carrying you.  You've had to sit in time out a few times.  I'm not quite sure if you understand what's going on but I make you sit there for a minute, plus however long it takes for you to stop kicking and calm down.  After you come out of time out you always want a hug and then ask for some toy or a book or to go night night.  It's hard to watch you sit there crying, but I know how important it is to set boundaries and you'll never remember this and thank me for it one day if you do.

You're vocabulary has taken off in a huge spurt.  It's often that daddy and I turn to each other stunned that you just said something and wondering when you learned it.  Some of your favorite phrases right now are "come on, follow me", "be nice!, no you be nice!", and "ta-da!".  You say bless you when someone sneezes, and the other day you said excuse me after you burped.  You have a hilarious fake laugh and after you do something you'll announce, "ha!  I'm funny!"  You're such a silly girl.  You entered nursery after getting your diaper changed and shouted "Ta da!"  You had Grandpa Schwartz help your baby doll do a puzzle and when ever they'd put a piece in you'd cheer for them like we do for you.  

You still love to take baths, but HATE to get your hair washed.  You seem quite distraught that your hair is wet.  You also refuse to wear hair bows, barrettes, and hats.  You still like to brush your teeth, but really you just suck the tooth paste off the brush and then ask for more.  

Little Einsteins is still your favorite show, but you also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Winnie the Pooh.  Your favorite movie is Madagascar and I don't mind letting you watch it because there are no scary parts and no bad guys.  You interact with shows now, answering questions and trying to do the actions they ask you to do.  After one episode of Little Einsteins you learned how to march and tiptoe and like to do that around the house.  You also love to jump right now and will tell me to watch you jump high.

You still love it when we sing songs and you sing to yourself now.  You can't sing complete songs but you fill in the words or just sing the lines you know.  There is a song about crocodiles and monkeys and I hear you many times throughout the day singing "snap that monkey right out of the tree".  You also have started singing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" but you stop when he comes in the room so he hasn't gotten to see you do it yet.  

You can count to ten and do it frequently.  It doesn't really mean anything but it's adorable.  Many times you're just randomly moving your pointing finger around in the air while you count but you have tried to count using your fingers too.  You know many colors and can correctly identify (more often than not) blue, green, pink, purple, black, and orange.  You also know your shapes names and we're working on recognizing them outside of your puzzles.  

You've started telling us when you've gone in your diaper.  It took some time to realize what sounds like doctor actually means diaper.  I hope to start potty training you in about 4 months but we'll see.  Even though you tell us after you've pooped, when we catch you in the act doing it if we ask you "are you pooping" you say no.  So I'm not sure if you're ready to potty train or not, but I can tell you I'm definitely not ready to do it.  

You really are a funny little girl and I enjoy all the giggle and tickles that fill our day.

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  1. I find it awesome that Sarah can now march. Today with the Little Einsteins, tomorrow with an instrument in her hands. Yes!!!