Monday, November 28, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving we all gathered at Pete and Elizabeth's in Mason, OH to celebrate.  It was fantastic.  (The 9 hour drive with a colicky 2 month old, not so fantastic.  However, we invested in a dvd player for the car for Sarah and she was great the whole way there and back.)

I think sometimes I get a little bummed that my family moved away from Memphis.  I can't just drop in and see them like I can the Schwartz family.  But this Thanksgiving I realized how lucky we are that we live close enough together that we can gather once a year and spend time with everyone all under the same roof.  Plus, Mason is one cool town so we'll gladly let Pete and Elizabeth host Thanksgiving every year if they want!  (No really, please!)

Pete with his kitchen power tool

Have you ever heard of a Turducen?  We had only heard of it in legends until Pete saw one at his grocery store.  We were amazed to know they actually exsisted!  It's a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.  So we knew we had to try it.  It was pretty good.  Elizabeth also made a huge and amazing traditional turkey.  We had so much food one of their neighbors who was going over to their family's house let us use their oven to do some of our cooking.


Sarah had a really great time!  And Logan was so good to her.  He was patient and sweet.  He shared his toys and crayons and didn't get upset when she ran around claiming all of his stuff as her own.  (She's going through the "mine!" stage.)  She raided his room and immediately fell in love with his Woody and Jessie dolls.  We heard her pulling those strings for at least an hour after we put her in bed.  Then Elizabeth was sweet enough to send Sarah home with a ton of toys that Logan has outgrown.  

Elizabeth even did Sarah's hair while we were there.  It looked adorable!  Of course getting a decent picture of Sarah is pretty much impossible so this feat has gone undocumented. 

Cody is such a handsome little dude.  But there's one thing I've learned at this family gathering.  When given the choice between holding a happy chunky baby, and a crying little guy.  Everyone picks to hold Henry.  Oh well, at least Cody's handsome.  And he'll out grow this right...right?

My new favorite picture of me and my sister.  Us and our twin boys in our Moby Wraps.  We went to walk around Ikea.  That place is AMAZING!  Amazing I tell you!  Good quality stuff for some pretty decent prices.  I went to just walk around and left with an art easel and all the accessories (paper, dry erase markers, regular markers, and chalk) for Sarah, a little step stool, and a soft soccer ball all for $20.  One day, when I have my dream kitchen, it may come from Ikea.  

I'm batman.  No I'm batman.  
What they were on clearance at Old Navy for $0.97 each!  I couldn't resist getting the boys in matching outfits.  

We had the opportunity while we were all together to get some family pictures taken.  Trying to get so many people all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time was definitely an adventure.  Sarah was being pretty ornery when we wanted her in the picture.  Then when we didn't need her in the picture any more she kept trying to jump in.
I think the last time there was a picture of just the 5 of us was 10 years ago.  Maybe I should find it and scan it in for a comparison. And is it just me or does my mom look amazing in this picture!


On the way home we stopped in Nashville to grab some lunch.  We tried to go the the big mall but the only store that is open again is the Bass Pro Shop.  So we headed over to the Opry Hotel and walked around a bit and ate some lunch.  That hotel is just beautiful and they really deck it out for Christmas.  This year they have some sort of Dreamwork Christmas package going on so there were characters there doing meet and greets if you had some sort of card.  However, they had a free Shrek Christmas Spectacular and we happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch the show.  Sarah loved it.  Her eyes were glued on it the whole time.  I'm not quite sure if she blinked for 20 minutes.  

I'm really thankful to have such a wonderful family.  Both branches of it are really amazing.  Our kids are lucky to have such great grandparents and aunts and uncles who love them and spoil them rotten and so many cousins to play with.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sibling Relations

Sarah has been handling her big sister transition pretty well.  And there are a few funny or cute things that I want to remember from this time.  So here is a collection of random things I've witnessed or heard as these two have interacted.
*  Whenever Cody is crying Sarah feels the need to alert me.  She'll announce "Cody cry".  If I'm not in the room she'll tell me "Cody cry!  Com' on, follow me."  And lead me to him.*  She likes to pat his head and say "hi cody!"  Then she picks up his arm or hand and tries to make him wave back like she does with her dolls.*  When we're all in her room playing she'll hand him a toy.  However, it doesn't seem to last long because then she takes it right back and looks at him like she can't believe he would take her toys.*  If Cody is in the swing, she feels the swing should be doing the opposite of what it is.  If I leave it off, she turns it on full swing and the music full blast.  If I have it on, she turns it off.*  When Cody cries, aside from alerting me to it, she also tries to solve the problem herself.  She'll announce that he needs a paci and then go on a mission to find one.  This is probably why I can never find the pacis where I left them.  
*  In the early days she was a little jealous of Cody's paci.  She often times would take it out of his mouth.  I had to buy him some that looked different to help her understand what Cody's pacis look like and what hers look like.  Though, it shouldn't have been hard; she's only allowed to have hers in bed.*  One time she leaned in like she was going to give Cody a kiss and she snatched his paci right out of his mouth and took off running with it.*  The other day when Cody was crying she went and found every paci she could and put it in the swing with him.  When that didn't make him stop crying she went and found every thing of mylicon that she could reach and also put those in the swing with him.* If she gets up from her nap and she doesn't see Cody she'll ask "Where Cody go?  Let's find him."
* She insists on giving Cody a good night kiss when she's passing kisses for the evening.
* One time, when Cody was on the couch in the Boppy pillow I saw her carefully tucking a blanket over him.  Just as she got fixed the way she liked it she snatched it off of him and yelled "no, mine!"
* Cody had just gotten up from his nap one day and was crying and I casually told her, "Cody's hungry".  She looked at me like she was processing this information, then pointed to my boob and said, "Eat, Cody, Eat!"
* The other day I came out to hear Cody crying and found her plugging Cody's nose shut!  I was pretty upset and told her no! you can't touch Cody's nose!  I was worried I was raising some lunatic who might actually kill her brother.  Later when we were playing in her room she grabbed my nose in a similar fashion and said, "I got your nose."  She had been playing with Cody.  Of course, I still explain to her that she has to be gentle with Cody.

I love to see her interact with her brother and am looking forward to when he can actually play with her too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 23rd Month

You definitely did not want to take your birthday picture this month!

Dear Sarah, you are almost 2 now and you are every bit of your age and then some.  You're having some issues right now with tantrums, whining, toy snatching, and general 2 year old charms.  But you also give the best kisses, sweetest hugs, and still pat us on the back while we're carrying you.  You've had to sit in time out a few times.  I'm not quite sure if you understand what's going on but I make you sit there for a minute, plus however long it takes for you to stop kicking and calm down.  After you come out of time out you always want a hug and then ask for some toy or a book or to go night night.  It's hard to watch you sit there crying, but I know how important it is to set boundaries and you'll never remember this and thank me for it one day if you do.

You're vocabulary has taken off in a huge spurt.  It's often that daddy and I turn to each other stunned that you just said something and wondering when you learned it.  Some of your favorite phrases right now are "come on, follow me", "be nice!, no you be nice!", and "ta-da!".  You say bless you when someone sneezes, and the other day you said excuse me after you burped.  You have a hilarious fake laugh and after you do something you'll announce, "ha!  I'm funny!"  You're such a silly girl.  You entered nursery after getting your diaper changed and shouted "Ta da!"  You had Grandpa Schwartz help your baby doll do a puzzle and when ever they'd put a piece in you'd cheer for them like we do for you.  

You still love to take baths, but HATE to get your hair washed.  You seem quite distraught that your hair is wet.  You also refuse to wear hair bows, barrettes, and hats.  You still like to brush your teeth, but really you just suck the tooth paste off the brush and then ask for more.  

Little Einsteins is still your favorite show, but you also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Winnie the Pooh.  Your favorite movie is Madagascar and I don't mind letting you watch it because there are no scary parts and no bad guys.  You interact with shows now, answering questions and trying to do the actions they ask you to do.  After one episode of Little Einsteins you learned how to march and tiptoe and like to do that around the house.  You also love to jump right now and will tell me to watch you jump high.

You still love it when we sing songs and you sing to yourself now.  You can't sing complete songs but you fill in the words or just sing the lines you know.  There is a song about crocodiles and monkeys and I hear you many times throughout the day singing "snap that monkey right out of the tree".  You also have started singing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home" but you stop when he comes in the room so he hasn't gotten to see you do it yet.  

You can count to ten and do it frequently.  It doesn't really mean anything but it's adorable.  Many times you're just randomly moving your pointing finger around in the air while you count but you have tried to count using your fingers too.  You know many colors and can correctly identify (more often than not) blue, green, pink, purple, black, and orange.  You also know your shapes names and we're working on recognizing them outside of your puzzles.  

You've started telling us when you've gone in your diaper.  It took some time to realize what sounds like doctor actually means diaper.  I hope to start potty training you in about 4 months but we'll see.  Even though you tell us after you've pooped, when we catch you in the act doing it if we ask you "are you pooping" you say no.  So I'm not sure if you're ready to potty train or not, but I can tell you I'm definitely not ready to do it.  

You really are a funny little girl and I enjoy all the giggle and tickles that fill our day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 2nd Month

My dear sweet baby boy, you've had a rough month.

Just one week into this month of your life you started projectile vomiting.  After one morning where you weren't keeping anything down we went to the pediatrician who couldn't hear normal bowel sounds.  Fearing there was something blocking your intestines we were sent to Lebonhur Children's Hospital where we spent the whole day having various tests run on you.  12 hours later we were released without knowing what was wrong with you.  The nurse on the way out said it seemed like you may have GERD. That same day you started crying uncontrollably and haven't really stopped since.  If you are awake, you are generally crying.  We are doing everything we can to keep you comfortable but sometimes you just seem to be in a lot of pain.  However, the good news is whether this is GERD or colic, it's not life threatening and you will grow out of it.  And there seems to be a little sun shining through your cloudy days.  Yesterday, you had a great day and didn't have a melt down until about 7 pm.  Plus, you were smiling and happy while you were awake.  You cooed and made all those cute baby noises that we love to hear.  It gives me hope that you'll outgrow whatever it is that is affecting you soon.  And it makes me happy to see that your cheerful and laid back personality that we saw the first month of your life hasn't completely disappeared.

Yesterday I started trying to put you on the "3 hour EASY" schedule that I read about when Sarah was a little girl.  I'm not quite sure if it was why you had such a great day but I sure hope so.  (EASY= Eat, Activity, Sleep).  You ate really well, interacted with us, and then when you started to get fussy we swaddled you up and put you down for a nap.  I hope to get you good and settled into this routine soon, but we're going on your first long car ride this week to visit everyone at Uncle Pete's for Thanksgiving so we may have to work on your routine after that.

Night time is getting a little better.  When you wake up I offer you the paci first.  Sometimes you take it and go back to sleep, other times you're serious about being hungry.  For the most part you go back to your bed ok after you're done eating.  But sometimes you don't want to and instead think it's play time.  It's hard to be mad at you when you smile and coo at me even though I am super tired, sleep deprived, and would prefer you go back to bed.

You like to be held and don't care much for the swing so I find myself having to Moby you to me so I can get some things done like cooking and dishes.  Whenever both you and Sarah are awake I try to bring you into her room to play with us.  You like to look up and stare at the light and the fan.  You ride well in the car, but don't like to linger in your car seat.  You want out of it the minute we get home.

You love to cuddle and we love to cuddle with you.  We love you Cody and are glad you are apart of our family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Some Play Time Pictures

I know everyone says that you don't take as many pictures of the second baby as you do the first.  And I really thought I'd beat that.  But the truth is I don't.  And that makes me sad so I thought about it and I came to this conclusion.  1.  It's hard to stop to take pictures when you're chasing around a 2 year old.  And 2.  I took pictures of Sarah all the time because we were constantly playing dress up.  I mean I changed her all the time just to take a picture of her in a different cute outfit.  Cody's a boy, he doesn't have any cute outfits.  He lives in sleep and play's because let's face it, with 2 kids we're not going anywhere that he needs to be dressed cute for.  (I use to dress Sarah up and take her over to friends houses to chat, and up to work to visit.  Because I was only wrangling one kid.)  But I'll try to do better when he's older and can do more things than just model is various "outfits".

So anyway, here's a few pictures I've been able to snap.
Can you guess what he's doing in this picture?

Hello ladies!  (About 2 seconds after this picture was taken he barfed up EVERYTHING he just ate.  Glad he waited long enough for me to snap this.)

Sarah wanted to go outside to play with "Sarah's pink car".  That's what she calls it, every time.  

Cody chillin' in the umbrella stroller.  I put his camo blanket on him to butch it up a little bit.  He seems less than impressed.

Really mom?  

Sarah is long enough to reach the pedals on the tricycle Megan gave us but she refuses to try to ride it.  I bribed her with graham crackers to get her to sit on it long enough to take a picture.

Normal Sarah face when I ask if I can take her picture.

Playing together.

She was crawling over to try to grab the camera.  I'm lucky her hand isn't in the way.

Play time traffic jam!  Some horrible parent left a baby in the road!

Chris let me sleep in last Saturday.  This is how I found them.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Shoe Diva

I know this picture isn't great, but I've got a 2 year old kid and a regular old point and shoot digital camera, the fact that she is more than just a blur is a miracle.  

Doesn't Sarah look adorable!  I got the dress and shoes at a consignment sale and the funny part was they had different consignor numbers.  It was meant to be!  She was in a mood though Sunday morning so putting this outfit on her drove her to tears and if I was a lesser woman, me to drink.  But as we all know, daddy can fix anything and after going to show him her outfit she decided she loved it.  Of course, it probably had more to do with the walk to go show Daddy her outfit because she discovered her shoes were squeaker shoes.  She LOVES squeaker shoes and hasn't had a pair since she was younger and borrowed some of ET's shoes.  (For those of you not in the know look at the heel of the foot up in the air.  See that little white circle, it's the squeaker insert.)

After she realized they squeaked she was in love and danced around the house and stomped and played until it was time for church.  Now, we learned with the last pair of shoes that squeakers during a pot luck after church, AWESOME! we always knew where she was.  However, squeakers during the reverent Sacrament meeting...embarrassing.  So Chris casually slipped the squeaker insert out as he was unbuckling her and getting her out of the car.  (At least that's when I assumed he did it, because I never noticed.)  Sarah didn't notice either until the sacrament was being passed and the room is dead silent and she starts stomping her foot.  Then she looks down and realizes no noise is coming out.  She looks up and me and says, "They're broken!  Look!" and then she starts stomping her feet, "See!  They're broken." as she held her foot up to me.  I just about died from laughing over how distraught she was.  She was telling everyone about it on the way to nursery.  One of my good friends, Eliza, told me she had a detailed conversation with Sarah about her shoes.  Sarah told her all about how they were broken and demonstrated the lack of noise when she walked.  Luckily, after church Daddy fixed them and slipped the squeaker back in.  She was elated.  "I fixed it!" she exclaimed and proceeded to stomp and dance and make all kids of noise.  

Later we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz's house to say goodbye to GG and GP Wright and she had a whole new audience to demonstrate her awesome shoes for.  The best quote of the night was from Uncle Adam after Sarah had been chasing the older boys around with her baby dolls when he told H1 and H2 "do you hear any squeaking?  Then you're safe and she's not coming to get you."  Which Sarah must have realized that her shoes were giving her away because later when she was playing hide and go seek with Grandpa she got down on her knees and started crawling so he wouldn't know where to find her.  Of course, her giggle because she thinks she's hilarious gave her away.

I just love her fun personality!

And because he shouldn't be left out.  Here's my little lady's (bug) man.  Just relaxing in Sissy's room while everyone is trying to get ready for church.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Budding Artist

Sarah can chew and presents a relatively low chocking hazard during meals now, so I use her time eating to accomplish a few things around the house: sweeping, moping, dishes.  You know, general housekeeping that is easier to do without Sarah trying to "help".

Well, recently Sarah took the opportunity of being unsupervised to practice a little talent she hopes to develop.  Face painting.

She's a pretty messy eater so at first we really thought she somehow did that on accident.  But then I watched her pick up a piece of turkey, dip it and then proceed to draw the stripe on her nose.  I had to turn not to laugh because it was so ridiculous!  This girl is a mess!

In other news, these 2 are adorable.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Halloween 2011

I was super excited for Halloween this year since Sarah is old enough to walk around and beg for candy that I won't let her eat from our neighbors.  I tried to follow my mother's foot steps of crafting a wonderful costume for my daughter but since I can't sew I had to go with what I know--tutus.  I don't have many skills but I can make a mean tutu.  So when I saw this costume idea on Pinterest I decided to go with it and with some help from Eliza who painted the shirt for me Sarah was a ghost for Halloween.  She even walked around saying "Boo!".  Our dry run of the costume was pretty tragic she bawled hysterically when I tried to put her tutu on her.  I finally bribed her into it by letting her watch a show as long as she had it on.  

But thankfully we both have our Knight in shinning armor who convinced Sarah to put her costume on and be happy about it.  She loved her ghost costume and wore it all around the various Halloween festivities we went to.

Cody and I spent Trunk or Treat just hanging out.  Regardless of the fact that he got mistaken for a cow and a horse, Cody was a giraffe for Halloween.

Here's Sarah playing games at Trunk or Treat.  She really didn't get the concept of any of the games but still seamed to have a good time.  Her favorite part was getting to decorate a pumpkin.  Well, she didn't actually understand decorating it with stickers but she loved the pumpkin and carried it around the house for the rest of the week. 

The next Halloween festivity was trick or treating in the exercise classes at the Y.  I'm glad I was done with my class and got to help walk her around the Silver Sneakers class so I could actually see her trick or treat.  (We had already decided that Chris would take Sarah around the neighborhood.)  She was so cute!  At first she was a little confused but eventually she got the hang of it and would walk up to the people and say "treat please" and then hold out her hand.  Her favorite part was putting the candy into her pumpkin bucket.  What was great was the side effect of her early trick or treating.  For the rest of the day she kept saying "Happy Halloween Mommy!" and handing me candy out of the bowl because that's what the old people in the silver sneakers class kept doing.  It was adorable!

Here's our attempt at the obligatory picture in their costumes.  My favorite is the last one there where they've both just completely had it.

Ok, I guess we'll call this one good.

While we were 1 of 3 houses on our street that participated in trick or treating, apparently the two other streets had more lights on.  Sarah wanted to ride in her wagon over to the other streets but when she saw the other kids Chris said she got out and walked a lot.  

Apparently the ghost costume wasn't obvious because Chris said he kept hearing people say she was a pretty little ballerina.  But at least she liked her tutu!  Chris said she kept pointing it out to people while she was getting candy.  She was a good little girl and knocked nicely on the door and said "treat please" and "thank you".  I love her little manners.  It's so sweet to hear her say "thank you mommy" when I help her with something or give her something.  She even says "bless you" now when someone sneezes.  She's so adorable!

So we had a great time with Halloween this year.  I'm looking forward to when the kids are both old enough to be dressed up and walk around on their own.  I've got some ideas for costumes.
It's gonna happen one day!