Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 22 Months Old

Sarah you are such a big girl now!  There is almost nothing baby about you, even though I still find myself calling you my "baby girl" multiple times throughout the day.

* You can't stand having hair in your face (just like your mom).  So you are constantly pushing your bangs and hair out of the way.  I offer you barrettes or bows but you're so belligerent and won't have anything to do with them now.

* Your favorite word is right now is NO.  You are still 2 months away from the dreaded 2's and yet you've decided now is a fine time to exercise your right to scream "no" about anything and everything. And once you've decided something there is no changing your mind.

* You've started repeating things that we say.  So I'm going to have to stop saying sarcastic things to you or threatening to murder you.  I really don't want you telling some other kid that you're going to murder them.  

* When we were driving home from Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house last weekend the tire blew and scared you to death.  You started yelling "Help!  Help!" and when we pulled over you were still a little shaken by it.  So I told you "daddy's going to fix the car" and that seemed to comfort you.  You kept repeating "daddy fix car".  It was very cute.

* You adore playing with your cousins and have started learning your friends names.  We sat in front of the Combs last Sunday and you leaned over the bench and started calling for Jessie.  When we were driving one day you asked "Jessie house?" and were a little upset when I told you we weren't going there.  And at least once a day you ask "Hawk?  Granma house?" because you want to go over to Grandma Schwartz's house and play with Hawkins.

* Recently you've been very cooperative about naps and bed time.  You've even asked to go night night at nap time and in the evening.  (I'm not saying this happens all the time, but more frequently than it use to.)  Of course it's because you want your paci and you know that's the only place you're allowed to have it, but whatever it takes to get you to bed.  

* You love to play with your Little People, and are really into cars right now too.  The Koelz's gave you a play mat for your cars and you love it.  You love to play with it and we get it out at least twice a day.  

* While I worry about how technologically advanced the world you are growing up in is, there are some things that I love for you.  I love that since you were a baby we've been able to iChat with my parents so they could see you often.  And now that your daddy and I just got new phones you can even video call him while he's at work.  This is especially nice for Tuesdays and Thursdays when you don't get to see him at all.  Last night before bed we video called daddy so you could tell him good night.  You just light up when his face pops up on the screen and you start saying "hi daddy!  hi daddy!" and waving like a fool.  Then you leaned in a gave him a kiss and said "night night".  

* You are a great big sis.  You say hi to Cody all the time and give him kisses.  

* You are a sweet girl and we love you very much!

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