Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Daddy Fix It

Sarah LOVES her daddy!  She talks about him all day.  I often hear her muttering "daddy at work" while we're playing.  She'll pick up the phone and pretend to call him.  She runs to the window when she hears his car pull up.  There is no denying that she's a daddy's girl.

When we were driving home from visiting my parents a few weekends ago the tire blew and it scared Sarah.  She started screaming "help!".  We pulled off the road and Chris started getting the spare out while I calmed her down.  I said, "Sarah, the car's broke right now but it's ok because daddy's gonna fix it."  To which she replied very calmly, "ok.  Daddy fix car."  Then I rolled down her window so we could talk to her while I held the flashlight for Chris to change the tire.  She sat there talking to us and every now and then said, "daddy fix car".  The next day when we were playing cars on her mat she even brought it up again, "car broke.  Daddy fix it."  Such a goober.

I mention all that to tell you this story.  Thursday night we went to meet Chris for dinner after work.  We were out longer than I anticipated and Cody was hungry.  As Chris is loading the kids into the car for me, Cody's crying and Chris says casually, "it's ok, daddy'll fix it." and pops Cody's paci into his mouth.  And Sarah lovingly repeated, "daddy fix it".  We get on the road, and Cody is starving so the paci wasn't going to solve his problems so he spits it out and is screaming bloody murder.  So Sarah tells me, "Cody cry".  I say, "is Cody crying, Sarah?"  She says, "Yes, need paci".  So I tell her, "I know baby but mommy can't reach it right now so we'll have to wait."  This did not appease her, so she says, "Cody cry.  Need paci.  Mommy fix it."  My reply, "I know Cody's crying sweetie, but right now Mommy can't fix it."

Then with all the attitude that a two year old can muster she says in a snarky voice, "Daddy fix it".

That's right, my sweet, beautiful wonderful daughter just basically told me that I suck compared to daddy. Daddy can fix cars, and daddy can make Cody stop crying.  So thank goodness we have daddy.  I just can't compete with him.  =)

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