Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's Blessing

There's nothing better than blessing your baby.  Well, perhaps blessing 2 babies!  This was just one of the many milestones I hope Cody and Henry are able to share together.  I'm already trying to talk Emily into having Henry's 1st birthday combined with Cody's and then maybe the little guys can share a baptismal date too!  But that's 8 years down the road, so we'll discuss that later.

We had a wonderful gathering for Cody and Henry's blessings.  In fact we took up 2 center pews and 1 side pew.  Chris and Cody both did a great job!  Chris seemed more relaxed while he gave Cody a name and a blessing, which is probably because Cody wasn't screaming the whole time like Sarah did.  In his blessing Cody was promised strength, patience, wisdom, courage, and a steadfastness in Christ.  He also looked very handsome in his blessing outfit that Grandma Smith bought him.

After Sacrament, the Schwartz's were nice enough to offer to host the post blessing luncheon for everyone, and my very talented sister in law took pictures of everyone for us.  (Much better than the quick shots we snapped after Sarah's blessing.)

Smith Grandparents

Schwartz and Smith Grandparents with Cody

Schwartz Grandparents

Our new family of 4

Smith girls with their hubby's and Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Nuckolls and Smith Grandparents picture

My mom's been looking forward to this picture for 9 months!
Cody on the left, Henry on the right.  They are only 13 days apart, but Henry is already like twice the size of Cody.

Everyone keeps saying that Cody has huge hands.  So they were trying to get both the boys to uncurl their hands so they could compare.  Neither of them would cooperate at the same time though so while there was no clear cut winner of whose got bigger hands, from this picture you can definitely tell there is a winner in whose got the bigger head.

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz loving on Cody

Grandpa Nuckolls holding Henry.  

Cody modeling his Brawny Man outfit.

It was a really nice lunch and great to visit with all the Schwartzs, Smiths, and Nuckolls that were able to come.  I always enjoy huge family gatherings.  And this was even more special since so many families were able to be together to celebrate our healthy baby boys.  I really can't explain how wonderful it is to have these two boys so close together.  And as excited as I am to have Cody, somehow Emily having Henry just makes it even better.  I'm looking forward to seeing them both grow and can't wait for Thanksgiving when everyone is together again and Pete's family gets to meet these two guys for the first time.

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