Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Daddy Fix It

Sarah LOVES her daddy!  She talks about him all day.  I often hear her muttering "daddy at work" while we're playing.  She'll pick up the phone and pretend to call him.  She runs to the window when she hears his car pull up.  There is no denying that she's a daddy's girl.

When we were driving home from visiting my parents a few weekends ago the tire blew and it scared Sarah.  She started screaming "help!".  We pulled off the road and Chris started getting the spare out while I calmed her down.  I said, "Sarah, the car's broke right now but it's ok because daddy's gonna fix it."  To which she replied very calmly, "ok.  Daddy fix car."  Then I rolled down her window so we could talk to her while I held the flashlight for Chris to change the tire.  She sat there talking to us and every now and then said, "daddy fix car".  The next day when we were playing cars on her mat she even brought it up again, "car broke.  Daddy fix it."  Such a goober.

I mention all that to tell you this story.  Thursday night we went to meet Chris for dinner after work.  We were out longer than I anticipated and Cody was hungry.  As Chris is loading the kids into the car for me, Cody's crying and Chris says casually, "it's ok, daddy'll fix it." and pops Cody's paci into his mouth.  And Sarah lovingly repeated, "daddy fix it".  We get on the road, and Cody is starving so the paci wasn't going to solve his problems so he spits it out and is screaming bloody murder.  So Sarah tells me, "Cody cry".  I say, "is Cody crying, Sarah?"  She says, "Yes, need paci".  So I tell her, "I know baby but mommy can't reach it right now so we'll have to wait."  This did not appease her, so she says, "Cody cry.  Need paci.  Mommy fix it."  My reply, "I know Cody's crying sweetie, but right now Mommy can't fix it."

Then with all the attitude that a two year old can muster she says in a snarky voice, "Daddy fix it".

That's right, my sweet, beautiful wonderful daughter just basically told me that I suck compared to daddy. Daddy can fix cars, and daddy can make Cody stop crying.  So thank goodness we have daddy.  I just can't compete with him.  =)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's Blessing

There's nothing better than blessing your baby.  Well, perhaps blessing 2 babies!  This was just one of the many milestones I hope Cody and Henry are able to share together.  I'm already trying to talk Emily into having Henry's 1st birthday combined with Cody's and then maybe the little guys can share a baptismal date too!  But that's 8 years down the road, so we'll discuss that later.

We had a wonderful gathering for Cody and Henry's blessings.  In fact we took up 2 center pews and 1 side pew.  Chris and Cody both did a great job!  Chris seemed more relaxed while he gave Cody a name and a blessing, which is probably because Cody wasn't screaming the whole time like Sarah did.  In his blessing Cody was promised strength, patience, wisdom, courage, and a steadfastness in Christ.  He also looked very handsome in his blessing outfit that Grandma Smith bought him.

After Sacrament, the Schwartz's were nice enough to offer to host the post blessing luncheon for everyone, and my very talented sister in law took pictures of everyone for us.  (Much better than the quick shots we snapped after Sarah's blessing.)

Smith Grandparents

Schwartz and Smith Grandparents with Cody

Schwartz Grandparents

Our new family of 4

Smith girls with their hubby's and Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Nuckolls and Smith Grandparents picture

My mom's been looking forward to this picture for 9 months!
Cody on the left, Henry on the right.  They are only 13 days apart, but Henry is already like twice the size of Cody.

Everyone keeps saying that Cody has huge hands.  So they were trying to get both the boys to uncurl their hands so they could compare.  Neither of them would cooperate at the same time though so while there was no clear cut winner of whose got bigger hands, from this picture you can definitely tell there is a winner in whose got the bigger head.

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz loving on Cody

Grandpa Nuckolls holding Henry.  

Cody modeling his Brawny Man outfit.

It was a really nice lunch and great to visit with all the Schwartzs, Smiths, and Nuckolls that were able to come.  I always enjoy huge family gatherings.  And this was even more special since so many families were able to be together to celebrate our healthy baby boys.  I really can't explain how wonderful it is to have these two boys so close together.  And as excited as I am to have Cody, somehow Emily having Henry just makes it even better.  I'm looking forward to seeing them both grow and can't wait for Thanksgiving when everyone is together again and Pete's family gets to meet these two guys for the first time.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 22 Months Old

Sarah you are such a big girl now!  There is almost nothing baby about you, even though I still find myself calling you my "baby girl" multiple times throughout the day.

* You can't stand having hair in your face (just like your mom).  So you are constantly pushing your bangs and hair out of the way.  I offer you barrettes or bows but you're so belligerent and won't have anything to do with them now.

* Your favorite word is right now is NO.  You are still 2 months away from the dreaded 2's and yet you've decided now is a fine time to exercise your right to scream "no" about anything and everything. And once you've decided something there is no changing your mind.

* You've started repeating things that we say.  So I'm going to have to stop saying sarcastic things to you or threatening to murder you.  I really don't want you telling some other kid that you're going to murder them.  

* When we were driving home from Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house last weekend the tire blew and scared you to death.  You started yelling "Help!  Help!" and when we pulled over you were still a little shaken by it.  So I told you "daddy's going to fix the car" and that seemed to comfort you.  You kept repeating "daddy fix car".  It was very cute.

* You adore playing with your cousins and have started learning your friends names.  We sat in front of the Combs last Sunday and you leaned over the bench and started calling for Jessie.  When we were driving one day you asked "Jessie house?" and were a little upset when I told you we weren't going there.  And at least once a day you ask "Hawk?  Granma house?" because you want to go over to Grandma Schwartz's house and play with Hawkins.

* Recently you've been very cooperative about naps and bed time.  You've even asked to go night night at nap time and in the evening.  (I'm not saying this happens all the time, but more frequently than it use to.)  Of course it's because you want your paci and you know that's the only place you're allowed to have it, but whatever it takes to get you to bed.  

* You love to play with your Little People, and are really into cars right now too.  The Koelz's gave you a play mat for your cars and you love it.  You love to play with it and we get it out at least twice a day.  

* While I worry about how technologically advanced the world you are growing up in is, there are some things that I love for you.  I love that since you were a baby we've been able to iChat with my parents so they could see you often.  And now that your daddy and I just got new phones you can even video call him while he's at work.  This is especially nice for Tuesdays and Thursdays when you don't get to see him at all.  Last night before bed we video called daddy so you could tell him good night.  You just light up when his face pops up on the screen and you start saying "hi daddy!  hi daddy!" and waving like a fool.  Then you leaned in a gave him a kiss and said "night night".  

* You are a great big sis.  You say hi to Cody all the time and give him kisses.  

* You are a sweet girl and we love you very much!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 1 Month Old

Cody, you're 1 month old now and here's what we've learned about you:

* You are a very calm little dude, most of the time.  You seem to have found your voice and use it for your nightly scream-fest between 7 and 9 pm.  
* You are still nursing pretty good in my opinion.  We rented a scale so that we can fight with the dr if necessary and that has helped me try to figure out your eating habits.  Plus it's just been fun to see various things.  For example, you eat anywhere from 2-4 ounces (you're still snacking more often then I like) and can poop 6 ounces out.  
* That being said you weigh 9 lbs 3 ounces.  Since you weighed 8 lbs at your 2 week check up, so you are gaining the appropriate average of 7 ounces a week.  
* You haven't settled on a schedule yet.  I'm waiting until 6 weeks, or 10 lbs to start you on a structured routine like I had Sarah on.  I hope once we put you on a schedule you'll stop snacking and start sleeping better in the night.
* You are all over the place in the evenings.  Sometimes you only wake up once or twice, other times it's every 1.5 to 2 hours.  Those nights are pretty tough for us.
* We have nick named you Sir Grunts-A-Lot because you seriously grunt all the time.  For about 20 to 30 minutes after you're done eating you just sit around grunting, farting, and burping.
* I think you are having a hard time processing gas which would explain the snacking and grunting.  We've been trying to use gas drops after you finish eating but they don't seem to be helping.  I'm tried to analyze my diet but I can't figure out what it could be.  I think you're just a gassy little man.
* You are definitely a cuddle bug.  You don't really like to hang out in the swing or the car seat, and during the day it seems the minute I try to put you in the pack and play you wake up.  Thankfully, you do sleep quite well in your basinet during the night.
* We love your relaxed personality and how you just seem to exude love.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Remembering Sometimes It Could Have Been Worse

I dared to take a shower the other day before the kids were down for their afternoon naps.  I came out to hear Cody awake and crying and Sarah announcing "I colcol" (colored).

She was mad at me and wouldn't cooperate for a picture since I ripped the pen out of her hand.  So you can't really see what a wonderful job she did.  There was blue pen from the bottom of her feet to the top of her thighs--both legs.

So let me count the ways it could have been worse:
     1.  She could have colored all over the couch.  (It was only on her and a little on the top of the arm of the couch).
     2.  She could have colored all over Cody.  
     3.  She could have colored all over the walls.
But most importantly:
     4.  It could have been a sharpie.

I'm sure this is only the first time she'll color on herself, or something else I'd prefer she didn't color on.  I only pray it's always with and on something that's washable.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Adjusting to Being Out Numbered

Yes, I realize we're not technically outnumbered since we only have 2 kids right now.  But let's get real folks, as a stay at home mom, I was out numbered the minute my mom left and Chris went back to work.  For the most part, we're doing pretty good.  Sure we have our moments when all 3 of us are curled up on the floor crying.  But really, that's the exception more than the norm.  And Sarah has had her fair share of melt downs but she really is handling it quite well.  

So here's the break down of how everyone is adjusting to our new family:

Well Cody's pretty much only good for 3 things and has settled into the newborn eat, sleep, poop routine.  He is absolutely the polar opposite of Sarah.  He is a calm, cool, little dude.  When he's awake he's perfectly content to just look around.  Sometimes he wants to hang out in the swing, or lay on the couch, but for the most part he likes to be held and snuggled.  He's doing pretty good sleeping at night, I usually get a least 3 hour stretches.  But there are some nights when he's up every hour.  He's a snacker when it comes to eating so we're really working on getting him to go longer stretches so he'll eat more, and I've tried pumping off the foremilk to make sure he gets the good fatty stuff.  About the only time he really uses his voice is during diaper changes or when he's having a gas attack.  Poor little man actually gets gas often, but I'm trying to figure out what it is that I'm eating that's causing it.  


Sarah's working hard at keeping busy.  She's had a few melt downs that have been tough.  It seems like the Tuesday after my mom left she realized that Cody was permanent and took up a lot of my time and that was a really hard day.  By the end of the night I was just in tears thinking that she hated me.  It seemed like every time I sat down to nurse Cody she wanted me to get up and "come on" somewhere and she'd pull at my hand.  Or whenever Cody was crying she'd start crying too.  So we're really focusing on making sure she gets 1 on 1 time with each of us, and I've tried to get to at least 1 play date a week for her.  However, the main thing that I think has helped her has been sticking to her routine.  We go to the gym at least 4 times a week just like we've done for as long as she can remember so she can play with Mrs. Christa and Mrs. Sherry and the other kids at the Y.  

This week it seems like she's really started to grow into her big sister role.  She'll ask "where baby go" when she gets up from her nap if he's not with me.  She'll check the pack and play for him.  If he starts to cry she'll tell me "baby cry".  And now that he has pacis she'll go and get one for him.  This morning he was in his bassinet and started to cry and Sarah said "mommy, baby cry."  Then she peaked in and saw he didn't have his paci so she held her arms up and said "paci?  There it is.  I get it."  And went and got it and threw it in the paci the bassinet and said "there you go.  Or the other morning I put him in the swing but didn't turn it on, and so she went over and turned the swing and the music on for him.  I'm surprised that she'll ask to hold him every now and then.  It doesn't last long and of course I'm the one really holding him but it's sweet that she's interested.  She's even obsessed with the boppy pillow.  So I gave her my old, flat, unfluffy one and she'll carry it around and put her baby dolls in it.  Or she'll wrap it around herself and then ask to hold the baby.  She does know his name and can say it, but for the most part she just calls Cody "baby".  


Sophie could care less.  She'll have an opinion when he starts crawling.  But the weather is changing so she's getting more cuddly.  She's a heat seeker in the winter.  I could pretend like she's more cuddly because she wants attention since we bought another baby home, but I know that's not true.
(Hey mom, sorry I cropped you out of the picture.  But your eyes were half closed and you looked kind of crazy and I knew you wouldn't want me posting that on the blog.)


Chris is just amazing!  He is such a wonderful father and the best husband in the world.  I think the whole reason why I'm surviving is because I have him as a partner.  As soon as he gets home he asks if I want him to do dinner or play with Sarah.  And I always have him play with Sarah.  She just loves the one on one time she gets with her daddy.  As soon as I start singing the "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" song she runs to the window to look for his car and then to the door to find him.  He's been taking her to the zoo on Saturday mornings so I can stay home and rest.  And he's even been getting her up, fed, and dressed all without waking me on Sunday mornings and taking her to church.  I'm just so amazed by him.  He works full time, goes to school part time, and then comes home and wants to play with the kids and wants to help in the kitchen.  If I had his schedule, I'd just want to lay on the couch.  He's been so great.  After Sarah goes to bed he'll even take Cody and tell me to go take a bath or lay down for a little and try to get some rest before I'm up all night.  I'm really grateful for Chris.


I'm doing a whole lot better than I thought I would be, probably because of Chris, my mom, his mom, and the amazing friends and family we have.  Keeping to the routine has helped ground Sarah and me.  And going to play dates at Annie's or grandma's has given Sarah time to play with her friends, and me time to chat with other adults or take a nap even.  And to the detriment of my house keeping I am trying to nap when both of them are napping in the afternoon.  Sometimes it's only 30 minutes after I finally get them both to sleep and grab myself some lunch and a shower, but it's enough to keep me going in the afternoon.  And as previously mentioned, Chris makes sure I get extra sleep on the weekends.  I've been walking 2-3 miles pushing Cody in the stroller while Sarah plays in the nursery at the Y at least 4 days a week.  I don't even bother taking my iPod.  I just enjoy the great weather and the quiet.  I'm really hoping I feel good enough to get back to yoga and pilates next week.  And desperately hoping to be back in my regular jeans soon!  But most of all, I'm just loving cuddling with Cody and playing with Sarah.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Disney on Ice

I am so thankful that we have such great friends (with great connections).  Last year, Sarah was able to go to Disney on Ice with Elsie Tate and this year, she was invited to go with Jessie.  Which of course called for another adorable Disney on Ice outfit!  Last year she wore her first tutu to the show and of course she was adorable.  This year, Annie and I had more time to plan and more creative resources at our fingertips, thank you Pinterest for the ideas and Jen and Laura to help us pull them together!

Disney on Ice 2010

So since we worked so hard on their outfits to wear to the show, I kept joking that Cody couldn't be born until after Disney on Ice because I wasn't going to miss it.  She's old enough this time that she could really watch and enjoy the show and I didn't want to miss out on seeing her light up.  However, we should all know how that turned out.  Luckily, my mom came to town a couple days early so that Sarah wouldn't have to miss the show.  Both of them had a great time!  Mom said she was absolutely mesmerized by the skaters and the lights and music.  She sat with a big smile on her face for the entire first act.  Of course during the intermission she discovered the joy of the stairs in the suite so those kept her occupied during the second act.  But she came and sat with Grandma during the big finale when the all the characters came out.

Glued to the show.  (pig tails gone, but at least she still has her ears in.)

Jessie is much better at cooperating for pictures so I wanted to show the whole outfit put together.  Isn't she the cutest little girl!

Grandma said she heard lots of ooohs and ahhhs from passers by as they headed to the suite.  She said them both being dressed in the same outfit just doubled the cuteness.  

Before the show, trying to get her to stop and look at the camera for a picture.