Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Twins!

Well, not really, but my mom sure does feel like it.  Apparently, in the past 37 weeks, I have failed to mention this:
Natalie and her sister Emily, both 36 weeks pregnant

It's not because I'm not excited about this situation, it's more because I try to forget about the fact that I'm pregnant so along with that I kind of forgot about this miracle.

So here's the story and yes, it is absolutely a miracle.

About 2 years ago when I was in the hospital having Sarah, Emily was getting results about if she and her husband would be able to have children.  I only know this because the speaker on her cell phone was up too loud when she took the call from her doctor while she was hanging out at the hospital with me.  And over the course of the year, I think each member of my family sorta came to terms with the sad fact that my amazing sister would have to settle for just being awesome Auntie Em.  And while I wouldn't normally admit this to anyone (especially not my sister) I was really sad for her.  Like I cried and prayed multiple times for her to either have the opportunity to have kids or at least be comforted that she couldn't.  (I know that seems really sappy for me.   Who knew having babies would also give you a heart and emotions?)

And life went on in the Schwartz house.  A year later, Chris and I had about a 5 minute conversation that resulted in us deciding we were ready for another and boom wouldn't you know it next month I'm peeing on a stick.  What we didn't know was across the state my sister was doing the same.  

You see, I don't know if it was in how our mom raised us or what, but both of us prescribe to the wait until after 12 weeks or you hear the heart beat to announce your pregnancy.  So the same weekend I'm stuffing envelops and preparing to mail out the cards to family announcing we're pregnant my phone rings.  My sister is calling (we're not big into calling so that's strange in itself) I say "hello" she says in a stern voice "You're pregnant aren't you" to which I say, "NO!" because the cards aren't going in the mail until Monday so she's not going to find out until Tuesday or Wednesday.  She says, "good, cause I am" and much screaming ensues.  

It is nothing short of a miracle that she and David are having a baby so it's ridiculously exciting and I'm didn't want to do anything to steal this moment from her so I keep quite about me while I was on the phone with her.  Until I asked, "so when are you due" and she replies "September 27th".  "CRAP!  Are you kidding me!  Are you freaking kidding me!"  So at that point I had to let Em know that, yes, I am pregnant and according to baby center 9/27 is ALSO MY DUE DATE.  Not only are my sister and I pregnant at the same time, we have the same due date!  

We've been asked a lot, "did you plan this".  And no.  No we didn't plan this.  In fact, if Emily's situation had been normal she and I would have probably planned to NOT be pregnant at the same time.  I would have called and asked if they were trying and then pushed back mine and Chris's timeline if they were.  But based on our information I was the only one in my family capable of popping out kids so I didn't think to consult others.  And thus you have my mom's only 2 daughters with the same due date.

So this has been a lot of fun, and a little stressful at the same time.  I would have loved to go over and visit Em and help after she gave birth but I'll be in the same boat.  I would have loved to driven over for baby showers and other events but now that those things are happening I'm in the stay close to home time frame of my pregnancy.  My poor Mom!  I don't know how she's going to handle it.  Emily, of course, very quickly called dibs on mom for a whole week and I want my Mom to come and help me too so this will be interesting.  She's told her boss that she's taking off 3 weeks for these births so she can stay with each of us for a good about of time and help out.  I guess it'll all just depend on who pops first.  If I pop first mom will come here and leave me when Em goes and if I get shorted on my week I'll have to beg her to come back and finish her time.  =)

But this is a really exciting time for our family.  And luckily its a Smith year for Thanksgiving so we'll be together in November so we can take pictures of the two babies together.  And Em has agreed to come to my town to have dad do the baby blessing so we'll be together then too.  It does make me wish Emily and David lived closer so our kids could grow up together.  Who knows!  David is graduating in a few semesters, perhaps he'll find a job closer to Memphis rather than further away.  (They seem to keep moving more East with each move they make.)

Here are a few more pictures of me and Emily during this pregnancy.  We will also start taking bets on when you think each of us will deliver and the weights of the babies.  Ring in below.  =)

24 Weeks Prego

I'm still rocking my non maternity jeans and tops.  Since Emily is a size nothing she's already had to switch to her maternity shirts.  

36 Weeks Prego (just got home from church)

We both like the other's dress so much we traded after the picture was taken.  Eh, we've only got a few weeks left it'll be nice to have something new in my Sunday attire rotation.


  1. that is SO amazing and awesome!!!! And I'm due the 18th! we're all having babies so soon!

  2. This is an amazing story, and a time that you and Em and Irene will never ever forget. Heck, I don't think I will forget it. I think you will deliver first..... just guessing here. Good Luck!

  3. That is so cool! Congratulations to your sister! (and you too but I see you enough that you already know that). My sister and I have kids only a few weeks apart - but we were in different parts of the country so she had hop a plane and leave my sister to come help me.