Friday, September 30, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Cody's Birth--His Story

At 1:30 Wednesday morning, Natalie wake's me up and says that her contractions are getting close together. She says that one is coming and she wants me to time then.  I say, "sure baby," and promptly fall asleep.  She shakes my shoulder and says that another one is coming.  I look at the clock and 5, 6, 7 minutes have passed... I'm still asleep.  we go thru this 3 or 4 more times and I'm starting to notice that they are getting closer so I decide to get up and get my watch so I can track the contractions a little better.  Now we start to see that they are a little jumpy in their timing -- 4, 10, 8, 5, 6, 6... So Natalie decides to take a bath to see if the contractions will calm down.  We also watch a video that goes through the stages of birth, we felt like we needed a refresher.

So we get finished with the video and the bath and the contractions seemed to have slowed but are steady enough that we think getting ready to go to the hospital is a good idea.  She gets in the shower and I start gathering our packed bags and other items that we are planning to take.  She finishes and it's my turn.  She goes straight to the bed and asks me to get her cell phone for her.  So I do and I hop in the shower.  Next thing I know I hear, "My water just broke!"

I open the shower door and I can see her on the bed.  I try to focus on her but I don't have contacts in... I finally focus and.... YES, her water did break!  I finish, dry and dress.  She is on the phone with Amy, our doula, and they are trying to figure out if we're gonna have the baby at home.  I am not up for that so I load the car and put a towel in the front seat.  I then go to get Sarah. I turn on her light and she stands up and says, "Hi Daddy."  I say, "Hi Sweetie.  We've gotta go get in the car, ok?"  She says, "OK Daddy."  I scoop her and her bag up and head to the car.  She tells the cat, the bananas, the phone, the fridge and mommy's bike "bye-bye" and I put her in her car seat.  I then go and see how Natalie is doing.  She is scared to move and debating on the phone with Amy about leaving.  Amy convinces her and we get a towel and night gown for Natalie and we make our way to the car.
Now the fun begins.  We get on the road and I drive... fast.  Natalie is on the phone with Amy still and she is helping keep her calm and being her focus letting me concentrate on driving.  We fly down the highway thru the first set of red lights that I ran.  Our picture was taken... we didn't have plates on the car :)  So, I'm flying through town 20-25 mph over the limit.  Taking turns much faster than our car is made to do.  Natalie still on the phone and Amy is telling her that she is doing ok.  Then I hear a voice from the back seat saying, "Mommy ok.  OK Mommy."  It seems as though Sarah is encouraging her mother.  She is just an angel.

We make it to the street that the hospital is on and Natalie says, "Amy! The head is out!"  And as we pass under a street light I look over and see and then say, "Oh my gosh the head is out!"
We almost miss the turn into the hospital and take the turn a bit fast.  Natalie is basically standing up in the front seat of the car.  We pull under the awning of the drop off area and I throw the car into park.  I run around the car and open her door the kneel down and catch Cody as he comes out.  He is blue and slippery.  I turn him over in my hands and rub his back until he cries.  There is something indescribable about holding your baby while he takes his first breath.  It is amazing.  Awesome.  I wrap him in a towel and put him on Natalie's chest.  The only folks down at the car at this time are Amy and a security guard.  The security guard is on her radio explaining the situation to the folks upstairs and I hear, "Did someone mark the time?" I check my watch and see that it is 4:19.  We left at about 7 til 4.  We live 40 minutes away from the hospital.  I made good time.
Amy asks about the camera and I snap a few pictures as the hospital staff come down to cut the cord and check on baby and mom.  I call my mother and ask her to come to the hospital to get Sarah.

I will never forget that day.  It was amazing.  My heart still races when I think about it and I get jazzed up when I tell the story to someone.  Just the thought of him taking his first breath in my hands.  And then, the intense new love that comes.  Don't get me wrong, I loved him before he was born, but it increased 1000 fold the minute I held him.

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