Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Schwartz's vs July 4th Celebrations 2011

Well, I didn't really get a decent picture of Sarah in her holiday outfit so I'm hoping our professional family photographer Aunt Melissa snapped one she can send to me.

We had a nice relaxing 4th of July this year.  Sunday evening we drove up to the small local Baptist church in Atoka to enjoy their fireworks show.  We talked about going to the big one at Navy Lake in Millington, but since fireworks are obviously past Sarah's bed time we didn't want to have to deal with parking and packing and corralling a toddler while we waited for the show.  Instead we could just drive 7 minutes up the street from our house and sit in the car at the car wash to see fireworks and the kids running out with the lighters to set them off.  That's how we do it up here in the country.  Sarah really enjoyed the fireworks.  She would say boom and throw up her arms in excitement.  It was neat to see her enjoying them in the side view mirror.  I know at some point a lot of kids get scared of fireworks but I'm really hoping that Sarah skips that stage since I like them so much.

Monday we headed over to the Schwartz's to grill and hang out.  Sarah loves playing with the boys.  First she followed them outside to play in the sand box.  Though the intricacies of sand box play is lost on her; she spent her time trying to fling as much sand out of the box as possible.  Then when they went inside and got out their Batman toys she was right in the mix with them.
She held down Joker's fort for a while, but when she realized all the boys were playing with Batman's cave she decided that must be the cooler toy and got in the middle of that action.

Since I was cake balled out and Chris and I were on dessert duty we went with some simple classics: homemade vanilla ice cream and an apple pie.  When Chris and I were first married I made a ton of apple pies one holiday season.  It must have burned me out because I haven't made one since.  At the time I didn't have an apple peeler-corer so I was doing it all by hand, probably another reason why I got burned out on making them.  We've since gotten one of those handy dandy machines and I think I've used it once before this past holiday weekend.  But it sure does make the process of apple pie making a whole lot easier! 

So here's my lovely creation and it was quite yummy too!  I'm sure it helped me fail my 1 hour glucose test I had to take the next day.  (No worries, I passed the evil 3 hour test later in the week.)  And I was impressed with our little ice cream maker.  It churned out some pretty creamy homemade vanilla to blob on top of the warm apple pie, but I didn't bother taking a picture of that because I mean, it just looked like ice cream.  

We got home well after Sarah's bed time but some neighbors were setting off mortars (I love that you can buy those now to set off at home) so we walked down to the street to be able to see them over the houses.  I don't think Sarah was expecting it because she clung to Chris for dear life at the first boom, but then she realized what they were and relaxed.  When I got to the street to stand with them she jumped over to my arms and laid her head down on my shoulder and looked up at the sky.  Then she did the cutest thing to date: she saw Chris standing behind us and reached her arm out and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in so he was hugging on us and patted around his neck where she could reach.  So sweet!  It's moments like that that just melt your heart.  And even though our neighbors were shooting rockets off well into the night she was so worn out she didn't have any troubles going to sleep.  

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  1. I'm still amazed at the amount of explosives that you can legally buy and set off in your front yard around here.
    I'm only slightly less amazed that your apple pie has star cut outs on the crust!