Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Our 1st Trip out on Horseshoe Lake

I know a lot of people who grew up in the Memphis area spent a lot of time at the various lakes that are near by.  However, the first time I've ever been out on a lake in a boat was 2 summers ago when I went to Greers Ferry with a friend to her dad's lake house.  We had a really great time just riding around out the boat.  I even tried to water ski (and failed miserably).  So when Chris's parents said they were looking at getting a lake house we were excited for the opportunity to spend time with his family hanging out at the lake house and making lots of memories of the cousins playing together while the adults play cards and taking the kids out on the lake to go tubing.  It'll be a great place to gather for weekends and holidays.  But for right now, it's a work in progress.  A couple of weeks ago, Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz decided it was time to go ahead and invest in a boat so they could actually enjoy some time out on the lake.  So today was Sarah's first time out on a boat in a lake.

Cami has actually asked a few times when I want to bring Sarah over to her dad's lake house but I've been pretty nervous about the idea of Sarah on a boat.  I didn't know how she'd handle it and I definitely didn't want to get out on the lake for the day only to realize my child hates it and makes everyone miserable.  So it was a good sign how excited Sarah was while daddy and grandpa got the boat uncovered and ready.  She kept pointing and saying "a boat!  a boat!  Daddy-boat!  Pipaw-boat!"  And kept trying to slip away from me to try and get on the boat.  I had to take her inside the house and have a chat with her about how she has to hold hands while we're on the dock and wear her jacket when she's on the boat.  She just kept shaking her head and saying "Yes!  yes!" so I'd hurry up and finish and she could go back out and look at the boat.  

She loved the boat!  She had a huge smile the whole time we were riding around.  She really liked standing on the seats and looking at the wake.  Then she wanted to look around and peak out from the various doors.  
She was fearless sticking her head through the gate to peer down at the water.  Daddy was loving it.  Mommy was a wreck.  Anytime she was near me I had a hand firmly grasped on her life jacket.  

But I think her favorite part was when Grandpa let her help drive the boat.

She kept taking Grandpa's hands off the wheel.  She insisted on driving the boat herself.  She thinks she such a big girl.  We're definitely entering the little miss independent I can do it myself stage.  

After weighing anchor and enjoying a nice lunch, Sarah and Chris were dying to get into the water for a swim.  

Chris did a great job swimming with her and everyone was pretty patient with her constantly wanting to get in and out at our first swimming stop.  I think her in and out activity was probably my fault.  I stayed on the boat so she kept wanting to get in to be with me and then get back out to swim with daddy and grandma and grandpa.  So at the second swimming stop I popped into the lake for a little bit.  However, I have water issues so it didn't help Sarah for me to be in the water because I couldn't hold her like she wanted.  (I really don't like to swim in water that I can't see to the bottom of so I basically tuck into a ball and try to keep all my parts close so nothing touches me.  And my life jacket would bob up to my ears if I didn't hold it down so I really couldn't hold Sarah.)  So she got back on the boat to run around with grandpa.  

Swimming with Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy

Sarah really did a good job, but by the end you could tell she was getting tired and cranky so we headed back to the house to get changed and get on the road back home.  3 minutes down the road, Sarah had already passed out in the car seat.  So she took a little nap on the ride back to our house and ended up going to bed early since she was still so wiped out.  If she sleeps in tomorrow morning the lake may be my new favorite place!

Having a great time riding around the lake!  Maybe next summer she'll get to go tubing.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz for a fun day!  We can't wait until the place is ready for us all to spend the night there.  But until then we hope you get to enjoy spending more time on the boat because it's too darn hot to be working on or inside the house in the summer.  That's what the cooler weather months are for.  =)

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 19 Month Old

Sarah, you are 19 months old now.  Here's how you've grown:

* You have quite the personality!  You laugh and giggle all the time.  You talk to your little people and your stuffed animals and I think you do voices and have them talk to you.
* The other day at a restaurant you were turning around and talking up a storm to no one.  There was no one around!  So I asked you, "do you have an imaginary friend" and you said, "Yes!".  What a goober!
* You've developed a number of "cute-but" habits.  For example, you think it's hilarious to be chased around the house and run the opposite direction when I call you.  Which is cute, but you now try to run away in parking lots when I'm trying to get you in the car.  A dangerous and frustrating game.
* You are still a pretty good eater, but we've entered the dip stage.  I don't give in too often but when you aren't eating your meat I'll put a little bit of honey mustard on your plate for you dip it into.  It works like a charm and you'll clean your plate.
* You still love to sing and listen to music.  Some of your favorite songs: If You're Happy and You Know It, 5 Little Ducks, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, and the ABC song.
* We've been listening to the Disney Channel on Pandora recently and having dance parties.  You think it's hilarious when I scoop you up and spin you around the room while singing along at the top of my lungs.
* You're still obsessed with the tv.  You get to watch an hour in the morning while mommy wakes up and gets your breakfast ready.  But I hear about it the rest of the day.  I'll tell you it's time for a nap, you'll run to the living room chanting "show, show, show!".  We've started letting you watch a Disney movie on the weekend before bed.  We watch about 30 minutes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and have it finished by then.  So far you've seen The Little Mermaid and Aladdin while cuddling on the couch with mommy and daddy.
* You love Mr. Potato Head.  He's your favorite toy right now.  (Which is another cute-but because I'm tired of finding Potato Head pieces all over the house.)
* You love to go to nursery now.  Daddy drops you off and you head right in without any complaint.  You actually get upset when the bring you out for a diaper change.
* Your favorite books right now is Roar of a Snore that you got from the Dolly Parton book club.  You will have me read it 3 or 4 times in a row then run around the house saying "Roar!".  It's not a very menacing roar, but it's stinkin' adorable.  
* You call your lion lovey roar now.  The other night when it was time to finish our movie for the weekend I asked you if you wanted your lion and you ran off to your room saying "roar! roar! roar!" and came back very excited to have him
* You like to play with Sophie (she tolerates it for the most part) and want to help feed her in the morning.  Then you'll sit next to her and try to talk to her while she eats.

You seem to be getting bigger every day and it's a joy to watch you grow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Overcoming McDonald's Play Place

So I think I have a bit of a rep for being a little uptight amongst my other mommy friends.  I avoid giving Sarah cookies, suckers, and other sugary treats.  (In fact I offered her a cupcake the other day and she actually said no and didn't eat any of it.  She didn't even lick the icing off the top.)  She has yet to have french fries (unless you count the one she pilfered from me today before I could snatch it back).  I still cut her grapes in half.  I'm distraught over the amount of tv she incidentally watches through out the day.  And before today she had yet to play in an indoor play place like McDonalds.

But I have my reasons for each of these occurances that I feel explains my behavior.  I'm not anti-sugar heavens knows I have a huge sweet tooth which I why I don't keep cookies and other treats in the house.  Suckers, well, suckers are just gross.  They are messy and I don't want to deal with that.  I get frustrated enough that Sarah manages to rub yogurt and fruit juice through her hair at every meal.  Our friend Adam told us once that by the age of 2, potatoes are the most consumed vegetable of toddlers and it's because of the french fry so 1) I'm trying to avoid that statistic and 2) I love french fries and I don't want to share.  As soon as Sarah realizes how yummy they are,well, that's the last time I'll ever get to enjoy my own dadgum french fries!  Call me selfish but considering you get very little to yourself when you're a mom I'm going to hold on to what I can for as long as I can.  Right!  As for the grapes,Sarah chocked on an apple bite once which scared the death out of me so I still cut her grapes because I just don't want to have to hold her over the sink and pound on her back and scoop out her mouth again.  The time it takes to cut the grapes is well worth the time avoided worried my child is about to die.  The TV turns her into a zombie.  She stops whatever she's doing and just stares at it without blinking.  And ball pits at play places---come on, you know kids pee in those.

But it's ridiculously hot here in the summer.  So it was time to brave the play place.  I've tried to the play place once before with Sarah.  But we were at the Chick-fli-a and the play room is very VERY tiny and after Sarah and I got in there it filled up quick with big kids and it overwhelmed me so I scooped Sarah out of there and we headed home.  This time I needed a partner, so I called one of the bravest mom friends I have and asked her to take me and Sarah to McDonalds for her first play place experience.  It also helps that Annie has 4 kids, 1 Sarah's age and 3 older so Sarah would see from Jessie what the play place protocol is, and Addison, the oldest, could help get Sarah around the tubes because heaven's knows my pregnant butt isn't fitting through those tight nooks and crannies to fish Sarah out if she gets stuck.  I love going places with Annie because she is just so laid back and it's very reassuring.  We went to the pool with them once and Jessie was jumping off the edge of the pool into Annie's arms and Annie was dunking Jessie underwater.  Sarah and I had been to the pool a million times before then and I never once thought of dunking Sarah to get her use to going under.  So I learn cool things from Annie.  (On the plus, Sarah is doing great when she accidently goes under water while we're at the outdoor pool in the toddler area.  She just pops back up like it's no big deal.)

We had an awesome time!  Sarah downed her McDouble (Annie only slightly laughed at the fact that I brought a knife from home to cut it up for her).  And then hit the play land like a pro with the help of Addison.  She was such a flurry of activity it was hard to get a picture of her, mostly because the shutter speed on my camera is too slow.  As Sarah climbed up the steps she'd stop at the windows to wave to me and yell, "hi mommy!"  Then she'd disappear in the tubes for a while before I see her crossing the bottom holding Addison's hand on the way to climb back up the stairs after going down the slide.  Every now and then I'd see her pop into a bubble up top.  But I'm sure she kept Addison busy up there going across the tubes to get to the slide to come down and then start all over again.  We both had such a good time we may have to make this a regular occurrence as long as I can talk Annie into it!

And now she's down for what I hope to be a nice, long, productive nap.  I've got a lot of stuff to get done in the nursery because we're hoping to get the new crib set up between today and tomorrow.  Then it's time to start getting ready for Cody.  Only 10 more weeks now before my life changes from being a mom of 1 to a mom of 2.

Oh, and as an added bonus to the play place trip--there was no ball pit so I didn't have to worry about the disgusting things that Sarah was bound to put in her mouth.  Or Sheldon popping out of them, "Bazinga!"
Hi Mommy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's "1st Hair Cut"

So we all know this isn't Sarah's 1st hair cut, but it is the first one I've had to pay for.  I've been waiting forever for Chris's Mother's Day Massacre to grow out enough to make an appointment with a professional to try to fix it.  The more it grew out though, the worse it looked.  If I didn't know any better, I would have swore that Chris was sneaking in and cutting it just to tick me off.  The more it grew, the more obvious the crookedness of the cut became and also as her hair grew in the back it began to take on a look of Chris's that I don't approve of: the mullet.  (Did y'all know Chris had a mullet in high school?  I've often told him it was a good thing we didn't meet then.  For one reason because I would have been 12 when he was 18 and for another because mullets are gross.)  So today, I'd had enough and I made the call.  I called Sweet and Sassy, a place that specializes in little girl hair styling.  It's more expensive than just taking her to some place like Fantastic Sams but it was well worth it.  There was a movie playing at each chair and in this case it was Finding Nemo.  Sarah loves Nemo thanks to Grandma Schwartz.  It was perfect!  She was a little scared when we put her up in the chair so she held daddy's hand and then just zoned out watching the movie letting Heather  do her job.

I asked her to go ahead and trim the back a little so the short bangs wouldn't make the back look so mullet-like and I swear she must have cut off about 1.5 to 2 inches.  It was starting to make me nervous as it does look considerably shorter to me now.  But it will grow back out and now at least it's even.  The bangs look much better now too!  You can't even tell what daddy did those many months ago.  Thank goodness!  And since we were at Sweet and Sassy after they were done cutting her hair they sprayed some stuff in it to make it smell like cupcakes and spritzed her with glitter.  I turned down the lolly pop.  Sarah still hasn't had one yet and I don't want to make her aware of them because I don't want to deal with telling her no at all the various places she could be offered one from the Y to the chiropractor.  However, we paid for the "baby's 1st hair cut" package so they gave us a lock of Sarah's hair in a little organza pouch, and took a picture of her and gave us a certificate.
The finished product.  She's still watching Nemo so there was no chance to get her to look at the camera.  Poor Heather had a heck of the time trying to get Sarah to look at the camera for the picture for Sarah's certificate.

Since Sarah was such a good girl we decided she needed a special treat for this momentous occasion.  We took her over to the mall to go to the Disney store to pick out a toy.  She took a while and at first it was looking like she was going to pick a lunch box.  She loves bags and was quite enamored with them, but we eventually made it over to the stuffed animals.  At first she seemed thrilled with 2 small plush dolls--Nemo and Mike Wazowski (I know we said she could have 1 thing, but those 2 cost less than one large plush so it seemed like a deal).  However she soon made her way around the round display that held the large stuffed animals and quickly put the little Nemo and Mike down.
Finding Giant Nemo

Pulling out all the Nemos

Selecting Nemo

"This one here!"

And yes, as soon as she picked one she started singing "clean up, clean up" and put the rest of the Nemos back.  
Celebrating our new hair cut with our new Nemo.

Sarah loves her new Nemo.  On the way home she was clapping his little belly fins together while singing "if you're happy and you know it clap you hands".  When we got home we iChatted Grandma and Grandpa Smith to show them Sarah's new look and she immediately held Nemo up to the camera and announced "Nemo!"  And of course, Nemo has earned a place in Sarah's crib for night night time.  So it was good day for all: mommy's happy Sarah's hair looks better finally; Sarah's happy she has a giant Nemo to love on; and daddy's happy he finally doesn't have to explain his actions anymore since the traces of his momentary insanity are now gone.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Schwartz's vs July 4th Celebrations 2011

Well, I didn't really get a decent picture of Sarah in her holiday outfit so I'm hoping our professional family photographer Aunt Melissa snapped one she can send to me.

We had a nice relaxing 4th of July this year.  Sunday evening we drove up to the small local Baptist church in Atoka to enjoy their fireworks show.  We talked about going to the big one at Navy Lake in Millington, but since fireworks are obviously past Sarah's bed time we didn't want to have to deal with parking and packing and corralling a toddler while we waited for the show.  Instead we could just drive 7 minutes up the street from our house and sit in the car at the car wash to see fireworks and the kids running out with the lighters to set them off.  That's how we do it up here in the country.  Sarah really enjoyed the fireworks.  She would say boom and throw up her arms in excitement.  It was neat to see her enjoying them in the side view mirror.  I know at some point a lot of kids get scared of fireworks but I'm really hoping that Sarah skips that stage since I like them so much.

Monday we headed over to the Schwartz's to grill and hang out.  Sarah loves playing with the boys.  First she followed them outside to play in the sand box.  Though the intricacies of sand box play is lost on her; she spent her time trying to fling as much sand out of the box as possible.  Then when they went inside and got out their Batman toys she was right in the mix with them.
She held down Joker's fort for a while, but when she realized all the boys were playing with Batman's cave she decided that must be the cooler toy and got in the middle of that action.

Since I was cake balled out and Chris and I were on dessert duty we went with some simple classics: homemade vanilla ice cream and an apple pie.  When Chris and I were first married I made a ton of apple pies one holiday season.  It must have burned me out because I haven't made one since.  At the time I didn't have an apple peeler-corer so I was doing it all by hand, probably another reason why I got burned out on making them.  We've since gotten one of those handy dandy machines and I think I've used it once before this past holiday weekend.  But it sure does make the process of apple pie making a whole lot easier! 

So here's my lovely creation and it was quite yummy too!  I'm sure it helped me fail my 1 hour glucose test I had to take the next day.  (No worries, I passed the evil 3 hour test later in the week.)  And I was impressed with our little ice cream maker.  It churned out some pretty creamy homemade vanilla to blob on top of the warm apple pie, but I didn't bother taking a picture of that because I mean, it just looked like ice cream.  

We got home well after Sarah's bed time but some neighbors were setting off mortars (I love that you can buy those now to set off at home) so we walked down to the street to be able to see them over the houses.  I don't think Sarah was expecting it because she clung to Chris for dear life at the first boom, but then she realized what they were and relaxed.  When I got to the street to stand with them she jumped over to my arms and laid her head down on my shoulder and looked up at the sky.  Then she did the cutest thing to date: she saw Chris standing behind us and reached her arm out and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in so he was hugging on us and patted around his neck where she could reach.  So sweet!  It's moments like that that just melt your heart.  And even though our neighbors were shooting rockets off well into the night she was so worn out she didn't have any troubles going to sleep.