Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Sophie's Outing

It's early.  I'm up before Sarah.  Why?  Because of Sophie.

You've met Sophie before.  I've posted about her a few times like how she tried to help us pack for the hospital, and when she came back after staying with Cam during flood recovery.  But all in all I don't post much about the cat because really, what do cats do that is entertaining?  For the most part, Sophie sleeps all day and if she isn't sleeping she's complaining about wanting to be fed (she's on a diet).

This morning Chris comes in the room at 6:15 am and starts looking under the bed.  He normally leaves for work at 6:00 am.  I asked him what he was looking for that would bring him back to the house and he says, "last night we left the door open.  Not just unlocked, but open."  (Our house was built by a ridiculously crappy snake of a builder and so if you don't have the deadbolt on a breeze can blow the door open.)  With my crazy paranoia, my first thought is he was checking under all the beds for bad guys, my second thought was oh no what if someone stole Sarah, but the monitor was on and I could hear her breathing so no worries there.  Never did my mind go to what Chris said next "Sophie's missing.  I think she got out."  Our dumb cat is terrified of the outdoors.  She NEVER leaves the house.  If you so much as step out onto the front porch while you're holding her she will practically claw you to death as she climbs up over your shoulder and darts back into the house.

So I get up and start looking in all of her favorite hiding places inside while Chris is looking around the house outside.  By 6:40, Chris needs to leave for work.  So I put on a brave face, prepared myself for the worst, and told him to go to work that she's either dead or she'll come home because really...who would take in out cat.  I said, there's no point in putting up lost cat posters.  Then we both laughed because we remember this joke: Missing Missy the Cat which I guess I could have used if we needed to since Sophie and Missy look so similar.

So Chris left and I went back to my bedroom checking under the bed and in the closets again, starting to tear up.  I really didn't think Sophie was coming back.  I figured I was going to see her dead on the side of the road when I went to the gym later today.  About 5 minutes later I hear Chris again.  He's bringing Sophie back into the house and she sounds grumpy.  Chris caught something moving under our neighbors black truck out of the corner of his eye so he got out of the car to investigate and, sure enough there was our stupid cat trying to get comfortable against the truck's tire.  She's lucky Chris is so observant.  I don't think I would have noticed a black cat under a black truck.  I thought she might come in and cower because of her stupidity.  But no, she marched around the house complaining for the first 10 minutes she was back.  No doubt she's blaming us for her getting out and having to sleep under a truck.  She's also probably not going to like me later today because Chris said she needs a bath.  So after the gym when I shower, guess who's getting a shower too...  I can't tell you the last time one of us bathed her.  I'm not even sure we have pet shampoo anymore.

I'm glad Sophie's safe and back home.  I know others who have met my cat may disagree (Cam who watched her during the flood and Susan who got bit by her for making the mistake of going outside when Chris was grilling) but we think she's a good cat with a sweet disposition.  She graces us with her presence and sometimes even wants to sit with us.  I think Sarah actually enjoys her company though I'm not sure the feeling is mutual, but Sophie tolerates Sarah.

So all in all it was a scary morning with a happy ending.  And I'll have to add pictures later because blogger won't let me add them right now.


  1. I get this text from David one day, "Are we cat sitting?" Apparently, when David had left the house, he left the door open, too. A little while later, a neighbor closed it for us. Instead of one of our cats getting out, a neighborhood cat got in!