Monday, June 20, 2011

The Schwartz's vs My Memories Suite 2 Give away!

I am so excited to host my first ever give away on this blog.  I feel sort of like a rock star.

The lovely ladies over at LeeLou Blogs gave me the opportunity to download My Memories Suite 2 for free and then give away a free digital copy to one lucky reader.

My mom kept a meticulous memories book for me and my siblings.  I love getting out what I lovingly call "my life in a box" and look through my history.  It's even more fun to compare what Sarah looks like to me at those ages.  So before Sarah was born we went to the scrapbook store and I bought an expandable book so I could make something special like that for her.  She's almost 18 months old now.  I think I've made all of 6 pages, from her birthday in the hospital.  Mom fail.  I just get so overwhelmed by picking background papers and mat stacks, and embellishments, and then worrying about what to write and how horrible my handwriting looks.  I even went out and bought a cricut to try to make it better.

I know a lot of people print their blogs as their form of baby books, but I think of this more as my family journal.  Then a little while ago I started thinking digital scrapbooking might be a better way to go to create a personal baby book for Sarah.  I started looking at different scrapbooking software choices but didn't want to cough up the money for something I didn't know if I'd be able to use.  I did a free trial of photoshop once and that was so complicated it made me a little gun shy.

Let me tell you My Memories Suite 2 is nothing like some of those other big bulky complicated software packages.  The set up is intuitive and easy to work with.  I love how there are a ton of premade templates and yet it's really easy to go in there under the blank template and create your own page.  There are a ton papers and embellishments that come in the download that coordinate and mix and match to make your pages look just the way you want.  However there are tons of designer kits you can download for free or a small price.  I think that was the only time I've felt overwhelmed--while trying to pick which designer kits I should download.   =)

Here's a page I made today.  Clearly I'm not a fantastic scrapbooker, but that's not the software's paper pages actually look worse.

So now it's your turn.  My Memories is giving one of you lucky readers a free copy of My Memories Suite 2.  So here's how you can enter:

1) MANDATORY: Visit and leave me a comment telling me which digital scrapbook kit is your favorite.  Yes, I'm using you to help me decide which ones I should download.  =) 
2) Optional extra entry: Become a follower.  (What you are already awesome and a follower of my blog, that's cool.  Just leave a comment saying that you are.)

Happy Entering.  This give away will close Monday June 27th and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 28th.  Good luck!


  1. I like the Posh Dots under the Girls tab, it's adorable! And it is perfect for a little girl's scrapbook!

  2. I like the Baby Mine girl pack. Its under the girl's tab.

  3. I am a follower now too :)

  4. I like the Magic Treehouse set. Boy-ish, but I think it's really cute.