Monday, June 13, 2011

The Schwartz's vs My Favorite Vacation Spot

The older I've gotten the more I realize my favorite place to vacation is at my parents house.  Yes, you read that right and I'm not embarrassed about it.  I like it because mom makes dinner and does the dishes; Sarah sleeps in, takes naps without a fight, and still goes to bed on time; it's fun to watch Sarah play with the toys I did when I was a kid; Sarah lays still for all diaper changes and doesn't fight me; and mom splurges and buys the good sandwich bread that I'm too cheap to get.  About the only thing I don't like about visiting my parents is the mattress on the guest bed.  And there are two of them!  Neither of them compare to the temper-pedic I get to sleep on at home.

Sarah pretty much is a flurry of activity from the time we get there until it's time to go home.  She pulls out every toy and book about 3 times a day as well as rearranges the tupperware cabinet as often as mom manages to put everything back in there again.  She loves to play with the old Sesame Street house and Little People house.  Plus this time there were some animal magnets that Aunt Elizabeth gave to mom that Sarah just loved.  She'd pull them out and say what noise they made and put them on the fridge.  After she'd get them all up she'd start singing "clean up" and take them back off the fridge and put them away in their box.  This time we went she was finally big enough to get in and out of the little table and chairs all by herself which she loved!

I think the most fun she had though was when she was playing dress up with grandma.
It started with just a simple headband that I was very surprised Sarah was willing to put on her head.  But with much promptings and telling her she looked so pretty she ran to the bathroom to show her best friend (her reflection).  Once grandma realized she was ok with headbands (something she is NEVER ok with at home) grandma decided to try on the fancy headband she bought for a little girl to wear for her baptism.

But I think my favorite picture from her playing dress up is this one:
She just looks like such a big girl in this picture.  I was going to try to save it for her 18 month picture since shots of her actually looking at the camera and smiling a few and hard to get, but I realized we've still got about 10 days before that event which would make this picture about 3 weeks old so that doesn't seem fair.  

This time around Sarah wasn't the only one getting some attention from grandma and grandpa.  Cody also got his first presents!  Mom likes to give us little gifts each month while we're pregnant.  Nothing big and fancy but nice little things like burp cloths or outfits.  When I was pregnant with Sarah it was often things for me for maternity wear and stuff like that.  This time since I've already got that stuff it's all stuff for Cody.  Look at his haul (the little post it notes denote which month the gift is for and sorry Emily if you open your package and see duplicates)!

I especially like the bibs and onesies mom made for Cody:
Please note she does not have an applique machine so she does that with a regular sewing machine zigzag stitching it on her own.  Pretty neat huh!  She made these in response to the awesome ruffle butt onesies she made for Sarah when she was a newborn.  

Lastly, this was hanging up in the guest bedroom during this visit.  She says it's not for Sarah.  I beg to long as Sarah remains the only granddaughter.  Here's hoping to everyone else continuing to produce boys.  =)  (Just kidding.)

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