Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Memorial Day Weekend 2011

While Memorial Day weekend is the official summer kick off for most people, in the Schwartz household it's our last hurrah before Chris starts the summer session of school and we never see him again until he emerges for a couple weeks in between summer and fall semesters.  So we hit all of our major traditions like the outdoor pool, the Brooks cook out, and then spend the day Monday with the Schwartz's and their homemade ice cream machine which has been the star of many a memorial day gatherings.

Saturday morning we went to the opening of the outdoor water park at our Y.  Sarah loved it last year when all she could really do was sit and crawl near the end of the summer in the outer edges of the pool. This year she was really enjoying walking around in the deeper parts and going through the sprinklers.  She fell a few time and didn't even cry when her face went under water.  She had a really great time until she noticed the water slides and became distraught over why we kept telling her no.  She really wanted to go down the slides.  So we got out and went over to the for her to slide and run around while she dried off.  Then it was promptly home for lunch and to get dressed and ready for the annual Brooks cookout.
It was hot so Chris and I set up in the shade.  I'm sure we seemed antisocial but every time I went to the table to sit and chit chat I burned up.  So I sat back in the shade to supervise the engineer at work.

The Brooks were nice enough to get out their Geotracks collection.  I think it was a bit too old for Sarah, but it was completely age appropriate for Chris who kept building different track configurations for Sarah.  She just kept picking the trains up off the track or putting buildings down on top of them.  I don't think the other kids appreciated having a little girl trying to help them with the trains.
Here's Sarah hard at work unbuilding whatever Chris was trying to put together for her.

Sunday I was back in the kitchen slaving over more cake balls.  Chris is normally not home for the first few steps of the cake ball process.  He usually just helps me dip them.  So he thought it was hilarious that my palms were stained red with perfect red circles from the ball making processes.  He felt the need to snap a picture.  This was my 3rd batch of cake balls for this weekend.  I took Smore and lemon cake balls to the Brooks, and was making red white and blue cake balls for the Schwartz's. 

Monday we had a great time at the Schwartz's.  But here's my mom fail.  This is the only picture I took of Sarah on memorial day.  And yes, I'm that mom that stripped my child down after the first cookout and washed the romper so she could wear it on Monday.  I mean, I bought this outfit for Memorial Day and the 4th of July so you better believe she is going to wear it to all events surrounding those 2 holidays.  The only reason you can tell the difference is I changed the bow out this time.  (Subtle I know but I thought I was going to be taking a ton more pictures and I wanted a way I could quickly tell the difference between them.)  This was also Sarah's first pony tail.  I could NOT figure out how to use those tiny baby rubber bands so I just used one of mine and looped it about 10 times.  I need to take a class about doing little girl's hair.  

We all had a great time at the Schwartz's.  The 4H's are always so great playing with Sarah.  She LOVES her cousins and wants to follow them around and do whatever they do.  So after dinner when they went back outside she was pretty upset that it was time for her to take a bath and get ready for bed.  (She did not have a great nap that day and so her 7 o'clock bedtime was a must.)  

And of course, the cake balls were a hit.  I also made some chocolate colored strawberries in my red, white, and blue theme since.  So those are the cake balls in the middle.  The rest were in a pyrex dish.  If you ever endeavor to make cake balls just know 1 box of cake = 40+ cake balls.  So be prepared to have a lot of cake balls.  

And here's a picture of a cut open cake ball since I thought I was being so cleaver.  Get it, red velvet cake with blue and white icing.  What?  I'm not that creative so this is about as good as it gets.

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