Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Schwartz's vs Father's Day 2011

Remember this?

It has somehow grown into this:
(Yes we had to stage the photo a few days later, Sarah doesn't always feel like cooperating for the camera.)

And just think, next year he'll be having to juggle 2 kids for his father's day photo!  

Chris is such a great dad!  I love watching him play with Sarah and listen to them both giggle.  He's extremely patient with her, especially when I'm losing mine, and always seems to find the joy in every little aspect of Sarah, even when I can't.  Chris has to turn his head sometimes when Sarah puts her hand on her hip and tells me no because he still thinks it's cute.  Chris will let her dump out her crayons and scribble for 2 seconds just to start singing "clean up, clean up" and start putting them away to turn around and dump them out as soon as she's finished and start the process over again for an eternity.  (Mommy makes her put the crayons away for good after the 3rd time.)  Chris will lay on the floor and play Little People long after preggo mommy has had to get up before she gets stuck.  And there is just something about their daddy/daughter bonding time at bath time that I just don't get.  Sarah has refused to get in the bath tub for me before because I told her when daddy got home he was going to give her a bath, then he wound up running late so I needed to get started and she just wouldn't go for it.  The second he walked in the door she grabbed his hand then went to the bathroom and giggles could be heard for miles.  

There's no doubt about it; Sarah loves her daddy.  She squeals with delight the second he walks through the door.  She asks about him from the minute she gets up from her nap until I start singing the "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" song, and bolts straight to the front door when I start because she knows that means he'll be walking in any second.  And heaven's forbid I tell her we're going somewhere to see daddy...she talks about it the whole way there in the car.  

I know there's a special bond between dads and their sons and everyone is so excited for Chris to be getting his boy (it must be a man thing) but I don't think anything is sweeter than seeing Sarah cuddle with Chris on the couch every Saturday morning, or the night night kisses that he always gets even when I get denied for the request.  And while I'm sure we'll have moments of "that's my boy" for Cody, Sarah will always be his little girl.

Sarah made Chris this artwork for Father's Day.  Mommy got it framed for his office.

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