Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the 18 Month Old

My dear, sweet Sarah...we made it.  You're at the age where you can officially go into nursery at church.  Thank heavens!  Life on Sundays is about to get infinitely better for both of us...that is as soon as you stop screaming bloody murder when I try to peel you off of me to go into the nursery, but we'll get there.  Either that or I'll start running the other direction and leaving this responsibility to your father.  

I had high aspirations of starting potty training with you this month, you know because I said things before we got to this point like "I'm going to start potty training at 18 months so we can be done before we get to the terrible 2s."  Now that we're here I realize that was another BC (before children) delusion.  But there have been a few times when you've told me you've pooped and have willingly headed towards the changing table.  However, that's where your cooperation ends.  You still scream and kick and wail on your changing table.  

You have a wonderful and active imagination.  You love to get the tupperware out and a spoon and feed your baby Belle.  You also offer her drinks from your sippy cup before you down it yourself.  You make her clap her hands and pat her legs if you're watching Little Einsteins together.  You like to push her around in the stroller.  You talk to your Little People and make them have conversations with one another.  When you put one of the Little People to bed in the house you turn to me and put your finger over your mouth and say "shhhh".

Your memory amazes me sometimes.  For example, the other day we were playing in the kitchen and I put an oven mitt on one of your arms.  You thought it was funny so I opened the drawer and got another one out.  We played for a few minutes and then I said, "ok we need to put those away, clean up and get ready to go".  I turned away from you to get something off the counter and when I looked back you and reached up, opened the cabinet, put both of the oven mitts in and were trying to close the drawer.  I was just super impressed that you remembered that's where one of them came from, generalized that the other must go there too, and attempted to do it on your own.  

We've been working on sequence of events recently, partly to reduce meltdowns, but really because I think you truly understand what I'm saying.  So, for example, in the morning when it's time to get ready to go to the Y I'll tell you "first we need to go get dressed, next we need to put shoes and a bow on, then we'll go brush our teeth."  Every now and then you try to head for our bedroom to brush teeth, and I remind you "first we get dressed" and I point to your room and then you begrudgingly walk to your room, and proceed to ask to "brush".  I think going through our order of operations has made nap time easier for you.  We haven't fought about a nap in a while.  I tell you as we drive home from the Y "we're going to go home, have lunch, then go night night" and during lunch I remind you "as soon as you're all done, it's time for night night".  So when I get you out of the high chair you say, "night night", grab whatever random toy catches your eye in the living room and head to your bedroom.  Now, I'm not saying you go straight to sleep, but you don't cry and we don't fight about it.  (You generally take a 1.5 to 2 hour nap everyday.)

Grandma Schwartz taught you who Nemo is.  You apparently watched the whole movie with her last week.  A few days ago you brought me a swim diaper and pointed and said "Nemo".  Then you proceeded to say nemo over and over until I said, "do you want to watch nemo?" and you said "Yes!".  So we watched a little bit together.  I'm not pleased with this development.  But only because we had a couple of tv tantrums this past month so I've been trying to limit how much you get to watch to in the morning 1 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and 1 Jake and the Neverland pirates only.  

Sometimes though, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do so I let you watch a Little Einsteins after your nap yesterday.  You are one sassy little girl.  I was finished washing the dishes and ran the disposal.  I guess it was too loud and interrupting your show because you came in the kitchen waggled your finger at me while you said "no! no! no!" and then pointed towards the living room and said "show" as in, I can't hear my show woman, keep it down in here.  

You still love to "colcol" (color) and now recognize pens as a way of coloring.  You like to color with the physical therapist at the chiropractor's office while mommy is doing her PT.  

You like to wear daddy's hat.  You'll put your hand on top of your head and say "hat" if he's wearing it because you want it.  Sometimes you'll toddle off and come back with it and proudly announce "hat".

You're big into pointing out everyone's noses right now.  As soon as someone picks you up, you point to it and announce "nose".  Followed by pointing to their ears and saying "eyes".  We're working on that.  

You're very curious and the most common thing I hear you say right now is "what's that?"  You'll even ask it when you know what it is, but if I say "you tell me" you just say "noooo".  

You've tried nutella, and loved it!  I was a little worried because of your peanut allergy, but you had no problems with it.  What can I say, you're my little girl, of course you love nutella.  

You definitely keep your mommy and daddy on their toes and we love for it!


  1. She has really grown in the past month. She looks like such a big girl in that first picture! Save yourself your sanity and don't even THINK about potty training yet. I love how she told you to hush so she could hear her show.. hilarious!

  2. I've been looking for an update. Thanks for posting it. See you in a week or so!