Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Schwartz's vs the Worst Mother's Day Ever

As I'm sure it has been well noticed, I'm about two weeks behind in journaling current events.  And the reason from this draught all goes back to mother's day.  It has taken me this long to 1) come to terms with the events of that day and 2) be willing to take pictures of my daughter again.

My husband, dear sweet husband, is a problem solver.  I guess he's like Vanilla Ice where in, "if you have a problem, yo I solve it" seems to be his motto.  So mother's day morning while he's doing his best to make it a wonderful day, tells me to go ahead and shower and start getting ready while he feeds Sarah.  Now, he's been complaining about her bangs for a little while.  And I know I need to trim them, but it's just very nerve wracking.  I mean, we all remember the outcome when I asked my mom to do it for me.  It took months for it to grow out!  Since then, I've trimmed her bangs once.  It took me all day coming back to it multiple times and the end result was a minimal trim that you really couldn't tell happened.

However, while I was getting ready for my shower, Chris on the other hand, from what I can guess, grabbed a handful of Sarah's bangs, twirled it in his finger and without hesitation whacked her bangs off to her hair line.  I happened to come out right after the travesty had occurred and found Chris with a large lock of Sarah's bangs in his hand.  It is all a blur now, but I'm pretty sure I screamed as I ran to Sarah to see the damage.  Then I cried most of the way through the shower not looking forward to all the comments and explaining I would have to endure at church, and the gym the next morning, and anywhere I went on a regular basis because this was a train wreck of a hair cut.

Once again, we have no pictures of me and my child on mother's day.  (We didn't get any last year because Chris was at the house working on flood recovery.)  And I was resolved not to talk about it on the blog.  But I can't wait 3 months to take pictures of Sarah again, and believe me, you'd notice it if I just started putting pictures up without talking about what happened.  I actually came to terms with it last week when we went to eat lunch with Chris at work and his friends all gave him a hard time.   Plus, now that we've been almost everywhere we normally go I don't have to explain so much any more.  (That's right, we've skipped church for the past 2 weeks while this has been growing.  But only because on Mother's day after being scarred for life, Sarah wasn't feeling well so she wanted to take a nap when we were supposed to be leaving.  And last Sunday I chose sanity over wrestling a 16 month old through a 2 hour long broadcast.)

So here you go, the moment you've all been waiting for a picture of Sarah.  Please note, this is after letting it grow out for 2 weeks!


  1. No hair cut in this world could make Sarah look anything other than adorable. She's is soooo much cuter than just what her hair makes her. I can see the trauma though and I think you're coping well! Seriously, she's cuter than a button and you have NOTHING to worry about.

  2. Hahahahaha. She is still so adorable. And on a bright note, at least you don't have to worry about trimming her bangs for a while.

  3. Oh My! Kamrie did that to herself at about 2 1/2, so it may not be the last time she look like that!